Vítor Pereira tries to ease one day of rest for Corinthians against Fluminense

Vítor Pereira tries to ease one day of rest for Corinthians against Fluminense

Corinthians coach Vitor Pereira continues to rotate the cast to keep the team always “refreshing,” he says. Against Fortaleza, in the 1-0 loss to Brazil, it was no different. The coach saved the defending champion in Wednesday’s semi-final, at 7:30 p.m., against Fluminense, in the Copa de Brazil.

At Sunday’s press conference, Vitor highlighted the fact that Fluminense, Timao’s semi-final opponents, were given an extra day of rest. Rio de Janeiro played against Curitiba on Saturday.

– The next opponent with an extra day of rest from us, so here we have to prioritize and today (Sunday), in fact, we give priority – he said.

Indeed, Corinthians may become more tired if the coach chooses the starting lineup. Unlike Timão, who had six matches in August, Fluminense had five. As a result, the plans were different. See the reasons:

Vitor Pereira in training with Corinthians on Friday – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Agência Corinthians

Fluminense has more matches than Corinthians this year. There are 54 against 53. But as they round out, in August, Timão has another game. Sao Paulo will complete eight matches at the end of this month, while Rio de Janeiro will play seven matches.

In this sequence, people from São Paulo became more tired from the trips. After facing Flamengo at home, he went for the Libertadores to Florianópolis to face Avai for Brazil.

After that, he made a quick stop in Sao Paulo to fly to Rio de Janeiro, for the rematch against the red-black team. Then, two home games were preceded by another trip, this time to Fortaleza.

Brazilian football is that, for lack of time, it is not possible to work. Travel, travel and more travel. Today (Monday) we arrived at dawn, the rest will not be perfect, but we will prepare for an important qualifying match – said Vitor Pereira.

Fluminense made two trips at these five games in August. He started by going to Santos, came back to Rio against Cuiaba and traveled to Porto Alegre for the match against Inter. Now, he has arrived in a series of two home matches, against Fortaleza, for the Copa del Rey, and Curitiba, in Brazil.

Vitor Pereira played more in the starting line-up, while Fernando Diniz kept key parts from the flu. However, some players from both teams arrive with the same amount of time they play. under the General Electric He shows how the Portuguese have dominated potential players’ minutes in the five matches this month:

  • Casio: 96, 101, 95, 96, 97, 102 (total: 587)
  • Wagner: 96, 0, 95, 37, 97 and 0 (325)
  • generation: 0, 101, 0, 0, 97 and 0 (198)
  • Balbuena: 96, 101, 24, 96, 97 and 0 (414)
  • Fabio Santos: 0, 48, 95, 0, 97, 0 (240)
  • De Queiroz: 81, 21, 95, 96, 67, 53 (413)
  • Fausto Vera: 79, 33, 46, 70, 97, 49 (374)
  • Renato Augusto: 0, 33, 49, 96, 76, 36 (290)
  • addition: 47, 0, 71, 26, 76 and 23 (243)
  • Roger Geddes: 49, 101, 36, 96, 86, 49 (417)
  • Yuri Alberto: 96, 53, 59, 96, 66, 53 (423)

Caio analyzes Corinthians against Fortaleza: ‘No team’

On the other hand, for comparison, striker Kano has played 420 minutes in his last five matches. Yuri Alberto has 423. Gansu, who saved in the last match, has 305 to 290 for Renato Augusto.

The main difference lies in the defensive clothing of each team. Nino and Manuel, in the last five matches, survived for 45 minutes in just one match. And so they arrive with a cumulative 405 minutes. Jill and Balbuena with 198 and 414 respectively.

On the side, the same, Caio Paulista and Samuel Xavier played the entire month of August, with around 450 minutes. Wagner, who saved in two, and Fabio Santos, arrived in three, with 325 and 240 minutes each, respectively.

Vítor Pereira in Fortaleza x Corinthians – Photo: Lucas Emanuel / AGIF

Vitor Pereira knows he needs to manage (rescue) his key players if he wants them in one piece in key matches. Against Fortaleza, the coach confirmed this:

I hope Renato plays all the games at his level. For Renato to be fit for the next match, in the semi-finals, I had to rest him today. I know his ability. They played back-to-back games, came from a break and will be fresh in play on Wednesday. If you play (from the start) today, we’ll see Renato tired, out of rhythm… He’s important to the team, when he’s good, he makes a difference – he commented.

Arrival of the coach with players in the medical department: Rafael Ramos (beginning of the transition), Raúl Gustavo (pain in the adductor muscle of the right thigh), Maicon (strength and gym exercises) and Junior Moraes and Rooney (pain in the right knee).

Corinthians are still training on Tuesday morning before traveling to Rio de Janeiro, where they face Fluminense, at 7:30 p.m. this Wednesday, in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final.

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