INTERVIEW - CIDA GOMES: Launched this morning, a former Head of Health has admitted to interfering with her work at the head of the portfolio at Niquelândia - Excellence News

INTERVIEW – CIDA GOMES: Launched this morning, a former Head of Health has admitted to interfering with her work at the head of the portfolio at Niquelândia – Excellence News

MAria Aparecida Gomez Machado is no longer the Minister of Health of New Zealand. Cida Gomes, as she is more known, was informed of her dismissal on the morning of this Monday 22nd in a telephone call made by the Minister of Government, Nubiana de Fátima Nolasco. Nubiana and the municipal control of communications confirmed the resignation, but they did not explain the reasons for the departure of the health portfolio holder at the time. A decree to that effect will still be signed this afternoon by Mayor Fernando Carneiro (PSD). However, what is known thus far is that the former secretary will suffer, presumably, from direct interference in the direction of her portfolio by a member of the political group of the current head of the executive branch, who wields significant power in shaping decisions. They, in theory, should belong to the mayor of the North City. Seda Gomez talk to Excellence portal news Over the phone around 11:30 a.m. about his resignation. Follow what she said below:

Excellence portal newsWe have just received information about the dismissal of the lady from the post of Minister of Health in Nicklandia. Do you continue?

Maria Aparecida Gomez Machado – yes. I received this news over the phone that I will not be part of the Municipal Administration staff, nor as Nicklandia’s Minister of Health.

Excellence NewsYou are not a professional municipal employee, but you have already been in charge of the municipal health service for four years. Given your experience in the position, what could have gone wrong with this decision by the executive?

Seda Gomez – Yes, I have always been nominated. I was Minister of Health in 2016 [último ano da gestão do então prefeito Luiz Teixeira]. In 2017, with a change of management at Valdetto [Ferreira Rodrigues] He took over the mayor of Nicklandia, and in February of the same year, I was called in to help the then Minister of Health, Joao Dias [Guerreiro]. When did Dr. Fernando come in? [assumiu a prefeitura, via eleição suplementar, em junho de 2018] I worked in the procurement district of Niquelândia City Hall and took over the health department in 2019, where I was until yesterday, because today I was dismissed from the position, despite the decision [decreto municipal] Not yet published.

Excellence NewsWere there problems in the relationship between you and the current mayor’s political group, any kind of internal wear and tear in the management of the Municipal Health Service? What can you tell us about this?

Seda Gomez – Look, I know of a survey that was conducted – apparently by several MPs – in which it was said that health had the approval of 96% of the population of Nickelandia. I don’t think I played this role on my own. This was the result of the work done by the entire health team, and I can only commend it. Everyone embraced the cause and did a good job. However, unfortunately, today I was called to be acquitted. They didn’t tell me anything. We didn’t have any conversations. Mayor [Fernando Carneiro] He didn’t call me. I just got a call from the government minister [Nubiana Nolasco] He tells me that I am no longer part of the municipal staff.

Excellence NewsHas the municipality ever considered this case of your dismissal, now confirmed?

Seda Gomez “If that happened, he would never have caught my attention. They hadn’t told me anything about her. [a possiblidade de exoneração]. I just did my job, and I always try to do my best. Now if there is this meeting of them [do grupo político do prefeito de Niquelândia] Looking at the acquittal, he never said this to me. But I am calm, I have done my best, within my reach, given the financial difficulties of our municipality. During the epidemic, for example, it was not easy to manage health, but we got new equipment, new furniture. I’m leaving the health folder with my head held high. I believe that in everything in this life there is always God’s will.

Excellence NewsI’ll insist on the question, again: What has always been said, behind the scenes of Nickelland politics, is that you have experienced significant interference with your job as Secretary of Health. During your time in the portfolio, did anyone close to Mayor Fernando Carneiro make any decisions about the direction of health management that you, as the incumbent at the time, were unhappy with?

Seda Gomez – Since January, we have always worked together when Hyder [Braz de Lima, fisioterapeuta] To work with me in coordinating health. But then I started noticing a few things that just wouldn’t work. That’s just. I cannot say, for sure, if that was the real reason for my acquittal.

Excellence NewsOfficially, according to Decree 02/2021, signed by Mayor Fernando Carneiro on January 1, 2021, the physical therapist you mentioned has held the position of Executive Supervisor of the Office of the Mayor of Nickelandia, ever since. Was there, then, a certain incompatibility in professional positions between you and the supervisor concerned, who would serve as coordinator in health?

Seda Gomez – yes. Because, as they say, two bosses do not work. but me and him [Heider] We’ve always worked in partnership, and all in all, things have been going well. Now, I am very upset about this information being turned away. It’s abuse, because they were exposed to it [o grupo político] She sat down to talk to me, at least out of respect. I just got a call from the government secretary. No one called me, neither from the political coordinator, nor from the mayor or the first lady [Juliana Campos] to talk. Not yet.

Excellence NewsTo be more specific in the question, was this supposed coordinator of the health field giving orders to you, on matters that would be your responsibility to decide, while you were in charge of the health file?

Seda Gomez – yes.

Excellence News In which way? Can you tell us?

Seda Gomez – So there are many things. There were difficult moments when we talked, discussed and solved problems. Sometimes there were opinions that I did not accept, saying that a certain thing would not work and that it should be done in another way. When you hold a position in public administration, you must have experience and vision of how SUS works [Sistema Único de Saúde]. Next, this person wanted to give commands without knowing SUS well. Sometimes, in fact, there was this “minimal interference”. But we agree. However, as I’ve already told you in our conversation, I’m upset that I’m not looking for me to say “Look, I worked with us, but now it’s not possible anymore and we’ll put someone else in”. Everything can be talked about better, right? The way we got in… Didn’t they call me to take over the secretariat? So, you should have called me in person now as well, to thank you for what we’ve done and to say that from today onwards I won’t be working in this position. That’s all I have to say.

“We have always worked together, in partnership. However, with two people in power at the same time, it just doesn’t work,” former Health Minister Seda Gomez explained, without going into too many details about her dismissal. [Foto: Reprodução/Facebook/Prefeitura de Niquelândia]

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