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Check your horoscope for all the signs of the zodiac this Tuesday 23

It’s time to reap the best rewards and do it with distinction! This Tuesday, the 23rd, the Sun enters Virgo. When our astral king passes through this point in the sky, we are in complete transition from summer to autumn, in the northern hemisphere, and from winter to spring, in the southern hemisphere.

Since it represents the transition between different climatic seasons, Virgo, in astrology, receives the classification of the variable sign, in the same way as Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, which belong to the same group. Thus, among the mutable signs, Virgo is the one who directs the properties of the element a land, and thus represents the tangible character of this element, along with its ability to transform. Therefore, among the Earth signs – the group that also includes Taurus and Capricorn – Virgo is the most dynamic.

The symbolism of Virgo is associated with the perfect time of the harvest, in the Northern Hemisphere, where we have the Greco-Roman cultural roots of Western astrology. In this way, following this symbolic and agricultural agenda, Virgo represents the moment of choosing the best fruit, analyzing the details, in a meticulous way, to distinguish what is ripe enough. Thus this sign has become a reference to talk about all the basic activities that are done carefully. And this is precisely why we should avoid stereotypes, as the symbolism of Virgo goes well beyond naming the zodiac “ideal”.

Unlike the signs of the zodiac, which divide the celestial ocean through which we see the sun pass into 12 equal parts, the moon and other planets visible to the naked eyeMercuryAnd the VenusAnd the MarsAnd the Jupiter And the Saturn), the constellations have very different dimensions from each other. The constellation Virgo It is certainly one of the most comprehensive of the zodiac, especially among the group of 13 zodiac signs that characterize the zodiac. Thus, although minimal issues that make a big difference in everyday life are represented as a sign, Virgo as a constellation has been the stage of greatness since ancient times.

In addition to the fact that her body is decorated with a large number of stars and colossal dimensions in the sky, the constellation Virgo displays in the hand of the collector girl, bluish and abundant. Spica, the alpha star of this star cluster. spica It is one of the brightest points in the sky, and is easily recognizable. Its name means “ear,” as it represents wealth, abundance, and ornaments harvested with effort and distinction.

With the progress of science and the advent of the era of space telescopes, the constellation Virgo, once again, surprised us with its greatness: we were able to observe a large number of galaxies in this direction from the acquaintance with Virgo. Mass, and wow Milky Way has been entered. This, in turn, is part of the Virgo Supercluster, with about 100 different clusters and groups of galaxies, and an estimated diameter of about 200 million light-years. In the face of these numbers, we must simply salute the Virgo man who realizes that within what seems insignificant, we can find infinite true treasures in her fortune!

Watch: The waning moon It will only be visible to early risers, as it will ascend to the east with less than 10% of the light, before 5 a.m. on Wednesday 24. Due to its blocking of sunlight after a short time, the Queen of the Night will be in the middle of the night. Cancer constellation as well as the same length prokionthe star alpha Give Canis minor constellation.

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Aries: My star is still raving about you, Aries. Therefore, it is important to maintain your emotional balance, without neglecting your intimate needs.

ox: Try to be more confident about the information you receive as well as the information you post, Taurus. Heaven demands responsibility.

twins: It’s time to organize finances and avoid unplanned spending, Gemini. Avoid giving in to the impulse.

cancer: Avoid emotional swings throughout the day, Cancer. The day promises strong feelings, but with the possibility of instability.

Lion: Find out how to apply your intuition in everyday life, Leo. It’s time to take care of yourself and take care of your most special needs.

Bakr: Think long term, Virgo. Take advantage of the arrival of the sun in your sign to think about what you want to do and who you want to be with.

pound: Today calls for more action, Libra. But avoid acting in a disorganized manner, because it is necessary to bear the consequences of your actions.

Scorpio: Take the day to dedicate yourself to intellectual themes, Scorpio. The mind is full of ideas, but it is necessary to know how to put everything in its place.

Sagittarius: Pay attention to the people with whom you share intimate topics, Sagittarius. Heaven asks for more trust.

Capricorn: Be diplomatic, Capricorn, even with regard to the most complex issues. It’s time to learn how to dialogue.

Fishbowl: Take better care of your health and food, Aquarius. It’s time to appreciate the details that can improve your routine and mood.

fish: It’s time to look for new solutions to old problems, Pisces. With this, you can keep your mood and creativity high.

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