Cuca convocou uma coletiva. Só deixou o clima mais desanimador no decepcionante Atlético

Coca left the atmosphere even more frustrating at Atletico. It did not announce its renewal. The year ended without the Libertadores and the Brazilian

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The disappointment at Atletico Mineiro is frightening.

The return of Koca, which he celebrated, the place of Turku Mehmet, became a great disappointment.

With him, the team was eliminated from the Dream Libertadores, along with other players, against Palmeiras.

The coach was booed from the crowd in Saturday’s defeat, against Goiás, in the heart of Mineirão. The result that left the club in seventh place in the Brazilian.

14 points behind leader Palmeiras in round 23.

Sponsors who keep the expensive representation, and Cuca, for R$24m a month, are at a loss.

The audience’s response has already been observed on Saturday.

“Only” 31 thousand fans.

Half of Minerao.

Until the elimination of the Libertadores, the enthusiasm was reflected in the crowded stadium.

The council fears that frustration will also affect the arrival of new supporters.

In 2023, Atlético will open its new arena.

And it needs massive financial support from the masses.

The board requires a classification of at least next year’s Libertadores.

Players were booed and insulted after the confrontation with Goias.

Mostly the structure.

The Minas Gerais press does not condone the club’s early elimination in Copa de Brazil, particularly in the Libertadores.

Feeling the club “melting”, Coca decided to call a press conference today, in Belo Horizonte.

Journalists of Minas Gerais believe that he will announce an early renewal for 2023.

They made a big mistake.

His intention was only to try to lighten the mood of disappointment.

Confirm that your team managed to make 121 shots.

This scored only five goals.

The coach made things worse.

The interview turned out to be a way the technician found to soften his position.

He showed that the movement of the team since its arrival is very offensive. This allowed the team to hit 121 times into the opponent’s goal.

And if Atlético does not score more, it is because of the failures in the players’ shots.

To make matters worse, Coca refused to guarantee his continuation at Atlético Mineiro in 2023.

His contract runs until the end of the Brazilian, which expires on November 13.

He wants it to be free, light and loose, so that if there’s a call to take the pick, instead of Tite, it won’t be a problem.

Only if he is not called can he pursue Atlético Mineiro.

His comments showed that Coca was about to “do him a favor” by returning to the club.

“When I came to Gallo, I didn’t bring myself.

“For Coca, he stayed at home, he wasn’t revealing himself. He was still what he planned and he was still the Brazilian and Copa del Rey champion, but I knew Roster needed me at that moment.”

But he will not be the Brazilian Cup champion anymore.

As well as the Brazilian.

If Coca wanted to cheer an Atletico fan, he made a mistake.

It only managed to bring more anxiety.

Coca noticed the reaction of the reporters, and tried to convince everyone that his club could be a “great start” and be a champion of Brazil.


“You said I came here to try to help. You’re not sure you come here and make things change overnight, but I come. I’m here to get slapped in the face. We don’t get results and I take responsibility.”

There was no other director for Cuca, who wanted to take over the choice.

Since his arrival, the club has scored only one win. Two draws. And three defeats.

Disappointment is more than justified…

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