'Shy, Dedicated, Strong, Golden Girl': Find Out Who Was Pietra Medeiros, the Futsal Champion Who Died in SP

‘Shy, Dedicated, Strong, Golden Girl’: Find Out Who Was Pietra Medeiros, the Futsal Champion Who Died in SP

A member of Taboão Magnus, in Taboão da Serra, the metropolitan area of ​​São Paulo, Petra began playing football at the age of seven, after her younger brother attended a local school. From there, he moved to the basic classes of Magnus, which was created in 2009, and only grew: at the age of 16, he was already part of the club’s professional team.

Petra Medeiros, the futsal champion who died at the age of 20, at the age of 7. Photo: personal archive

“At the age of 16, he started playing professionally, playing with professional girls. Their last title was Libertadores in Bolivia. [Ela] The player’s mother, Patricia Medeiros Dominguez, said to g 1.

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Describing “Petra has always been so dedicated, true and fair in the things she does – she arrived before training and left after. She had this very strong dedication.”

Futsal champion Petra Medeiros, who died Friday (19), at the age of 20, with the Libertadores Cup. Photo: personal archive

Described by her mother as shy but endearing and with a “lyrical smile”, the young woman loved futsal and wanted to promote both sports and women’s sports. Her parents said that in the popular categories alone, she had 15 titles.

“As a player, we don’t have much to say about her: she has always been a talent, since she was 10, and has always played above the average of all girls. At 16, she has already stepped up to play at the professional level. Imagine in the base class: Under 13 , 15, 16, 17, 18 – won all competitions,” Taboão Magnus coordinator, Priscilla Silva, told g 1.

Futsal champion Petra Medeiros, 20, with Taboão Magnus coordinator, Priscilla Silva, in Sao Paulo’s first title on Taboão Magnus. Photo: personal archive

In the adult professional team, there were no less than nine other titles: two Super Cups, two Copa Brasil, Novo Futsal Feminino Brasil (NFFB), Libertadores, and three other championships in São Paulo.

“She fought for the sport, for women’s futsal, which isn’t much publicized, and doesn’t have much motivation. That’s a legacy I think she really wanted to leave. She fought so hard for it, because it was what I loved doing.” Petra’s father, Adriano Perez, reports.

Despite his shyness, Adriano also mentioned that his daughter always helped her court colleagues with words of support. And the frequent trips did not frighten her either: she missed her pets the most, which Petra called “children”. Off the field, the young woman studied psychology.

Petra and Luna the dog “her daughter”. Photo: personal archive

“She loved the girls so much, her clubmates, the coaches, they were always the same from the start, they saw the whole track. We knew she loved being in that place,” says Patricia.

No wonder – Taboão Magnus’ story blends in with Pietra’s: Team 27 arrived young for training, still changing their teeth.

Taboão Magnus, Libertadores champion 2022 – Photo: personal archive

Priscilla, the club’s coordinator and former coach of Pietra, says the player “hates” when training or matches are canceled, and he lives the world of futsal 24 hours a day.

She transformed her family to live [o futsal] Also — her family wasn’t her family, it was her family,” she says. Each training session was accompanied by someone – grandfather and grandmother. Until the age of 16, her grandmother would go to the dressing room to tie her hair. Turns out Grandma stopped tying her hair up because we were joking [fazia brincadeiras]Priscilla reports.

Petra Medeiros with her family on the return of Futsal Libertadores. Photo: personal archive

“She arrived smiling, with that smile of hers. Everything was good. If she had to enter the game in 5 degrees Celsius, she would come in without crying. She did everything we asked. She was always the example of a daughter, the example of a student. Ten years she has been with us, I don’t remember once having to stop scolding her for doing something wrong at school or something with her parents. Never, ever.”

Patricia, Petra’s mother, says the messages, prayers, and honors have strengthened the family.

Petra with her parents and brother – Photo: personal archive

“We believe that God honored her life so much. That’s what we believe in, in the absolute will of God. What I loved was futsal, and we hope you will leave this legacy, which is growing every day, this legacy of compassion.”

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