Fluminense found that Flamengo is at the top with a third of the budget, but still strives for the same regularity

Fluminense found that Flamengo is at the top with a third of the budget, but still strives for the same regularity

Flamengo’s dominance on the national scene has left local rivals behind in recent years, but the discomfort that Fluminense has caused in the regional context is now also visible in the row over key rivalries. With less than a third of the Flamengo’s billionaire budget, and less contentious competition, the tricolor team challenges the red and black protagonist in Copa do Brasil, a rivalry both in the semi-finals, and in Brazil, where he is the runner-up, leader, in front of Flamengo, but behind Palmeiras.

Since Botafogo reached the quarter-finals of the Libertadores in 2017, Flamengo has been the best Carioca in all national and international competitions. More than winning titles, the Robro-Negro began with a basic philosophy to conquer each season. And even without the related achievements in 2021, it added over R$1 billion in revenue, including huge prizes to campaigns in the three major competitions, which also benefited from box office revenue, fan partner and sponsorship.

The success of Flamengo, as it is known, happened after the club organized itself financially and invested heavily in 2019, from years of debt repayment and later with the millionaire sale of some players, such as Vinicius Junior, Paqueta and many other players in the past years. The second part, Fluminense is already doing well, but it’s not a big buyer yet. Nor is it a constant presence in property disputes. Therefore, I changed the strategy of using the Xerém youth to form a stronger team in 2022. Under the leadership of Fernando Diniz, I combined performance and results this year.

Off the field, the club has generated significant revenue growth under President Mario Bettencourt. About 276 million Brazilian reals of debt were paid in three years. The sales of Luis Henrique to Real Betis and the possible departure of Matthews Martins to Watford remain essential to offset the tight cash flow, from a team that has a payroll 20% more expensive than it was in the previous season. The higher volume of marketing revenue is also calculated in his favour. In 2019, Fluminense had 31 commercial contracts, totaling R$9 million. In 2022, it has 28 commercial contracts with a total value of R$35 million.

At Flamengo, the brakes on investments were strong in the critical period of the epidemic, which when a truce was given, was at a time when the club faced the prospect of withholding about 140 million Brazilian reals from the central bank. After a storm and legal victories to reduce the value to R$10 million, the board returned to the market and spent nearly R$90 million in four international contracts. The most important of them are Everton Cipollinha, who cost Benfica 16 million euros, in addition to Pulgar, Varela and Vidal. Forming a more experienced team has been key since 2019, but there are spaces for youngsters to develop. Off the pitch, marketing contributed R$623 million to the club in 2019, R$410 million in 2020 and R$766 million in 2021.

The point is that since 2017, when he started fighting for all competitions, Flamengo have had 13 coaches. Even in his best moments, as with Jorge Jesus, he could not get two seasons in the same job. The betting on foreigners also got out of hand, with Dom and Paulo Sousa, and the solution is not only the arrival of a coach who is able to read the team better, but also the reconfiguration of the group, which has been taking place gradually from the start. from this season.

Correction on the way with the arrival of Dorival Júnior and the end of some cycles, especially Diegos, Alves and Ribas, set the tone Flamengo would like to cut in his body to resume the path of conquests. In Fluminense, there have been ten works in the same six-year period, but there are two passages by Abel Braga, and two by Fernando Dinez, including the present one. Two coaches have been associated with the club, but differing views on the game’s model. There is no foreigner or fashion coach among the well-known names, but most of the less modern names, such as Marcelo Oliveira, Oswaldo de Oliveira, and other newer names such as Deniz himself, Oder Hellmann, Roger Machado, and even Marcao, who follows him as an assistant.

After a package, Fluminense returns to the field tomorrow in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, in the first match against Corinthians, in the Maracana. Andrei, who has a fever, inspires care, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Denise. In Flamengo, which faces Sao Paulo tomorrow in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Cup, the team returned after a draw between the reserves against Palmeiras, and is marching in full force to the duel with the Sao Paulo club. The main changes will be the return of the attacking quartet made up of Everton Ribeiro, Arascaeta, Gabi and Pedro. Midfielders Thiago Maia and Joao Gomez, who played against Palmeiras, should also be retained. On the sides, Rodini and Felipe Lewis are also back. David Luiz, who played for Brazil due to suspension in the knockout stage, is now in the squad and will once again keep Leo Pereira, over the weekend.

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