Gramado launches Natal Luz programming;  The cost of the attractions can reach up to 450 BRL

Gramado launches Natal Luz programming; The cost of the attractions can reach up to 450 BRL

The City of Gramado has released a schedule for the 37th edition of Natal Luz, a classic Serra Gaúcha event that draws tourists to concerts and tours around the city fully lit to celebrate the end of the year. In 2022, the event will take place from October 27, 2022 to January 29, 2023.

After a limited-capacity release in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event returns this year with an extended schedule – upon request, attractions will open to the public half an hour earlier, at 8:30 p.m. so visitors can have more fun and with greater peace of mind for both offers.

Among the highlights for 2022, according to the organization, is Nativitaten, better known as the Lake Show in Natal Luz de Gramado, which will have a new stage: the lake at the center of Serra Park events.

Another announced attraction is the Fantastic Christmas Factory, which is back on the calendar. After a hiatus, the Lights Lighting Show, in front of the Palácio dos Festivais, also returns to the program, a very popular show among Natal Luz regulars.

Tickets for both attractions are now available on the Natal Luz website. Check out some of the leading companies on the agenda and their prices:

Great Christmas Parade

An hour-long parade with Christmas figures and objects, separated by themed wings as in a carnival parade. The Pavilion of Holy Light, which gives birth to the Baby Jesus, is followed by the Pavilion of Christmas Celebrations – which honors decorations of the season – and sweet decorations, with references to the joys of Christmas dinner. After the White Pavilion, with the Court of the Snow Queen, there is the much-awaited Santa Claus Pavilion, where it lights up and ends the show.

place: Expo Gramado Events Complex.

days: Sunday and Thursday at 8:30 pm. From October 30.

Ticket price (full): R$250 (for wheelchair users) and R$275 (for the general public).

Eligible for Half Price: Students, children ages 4 to 15, seniors over 60, people with disabilities and their companion, low-income youth, blood donors.

The lights are on

This democratic and lovable show harkens back to the traditional Christmas Luz, which charms not only for its midnight glow, but for the presence of Santa Claus and his lieutenants with the right to an animated soundtrack.

place: In front of the Festival Palace

days: Every day at 8 pm.

Income values: free

Wonderful Christmas Factory

The musical performance by 50 landscape artists tells the story of a child who is taken by an angel to a wonderful Christmas factory and there he learns the power of “belief”. In the ring, as in the movie that inspired them, dolls come to life, little soldiers dance, trains run, and elves walk upside down as part of a choreography with acrobatics.

In the end, Santa Claus and his reindeer arrive for departure on a sleigh to deliver gifts and affection to children around the world.

place: Expo Gramado Events Complex.

days: Tuesday and Friday at 8:30 pm. From October 28.

Ticket price (full): Wheelchair users: traditional – R$250; Premium Lounge – R$450; General Audience: Listed – R$250; bronze – 275 Brazilian real; silver – 300 Brazilian real; gold – 350 Brazilian reais; Distinctive lounge – 450 Brazilian riyals.


In this show, an orchestra accompanied by a tenor star and star soprano in a water ballet reenacts the beginning of the world with the Big Bang and the voice of God narrating the creation of the earth. Light displays, sorcery games, and fireworks help tell the biblical Christmas story from the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary to the introduction of the Baby Jesus to the Three Wise Men. The musical plot is one of its strengths.

place: Sierra Park Lake Center Events

days: Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 pm. From October 29.

Ticket price (full): Wheelchair users: Bronze – R$275; silver – 300 Brazilian real; gold – 350 Brazilian reais; General Audience: Bronze – R$275; silver – 300 Brazilian real; gold – 350 Brazilian reais; Hall: 450 Brazilian riyals.

Christmas kingdom

The 3000 square meter building hosts 60 daily performances in which the audience moves to follow the thematic areas: Jardim do Retiro, Vilarejo do Reino, Ateliê do Reino, Floresta do Reino and Vila Branca do Reino. The route lasts for 70 minutes, and showcases the history of the city that has become known as the Christmas Kingdom, an enchanting place full of adventures with shows of light, snow, effects, and air shows.

place: Expo Gramado Events Complex.

days: from the fourth to the second, From 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm. From October 28.

Entry fee (full): 140 BRL per person

Christmas Village

Praça das Etnias, next to the city’s bus station, hosts a Christmas craft fair, which, along with the typical decor, makes up the Christmas Village. It is lively all day long by the Christmas band and visits by Santa Claus who listens to children’s requests, and it is also the stage for surprise performances.

place: race arena

days: Daily from 9 am to 9 pm

entry fee: Free Shipping.

Natal Luz 2022 will also resume the traditional Tannenbaumfest, a live pine tree-decorating competition held on the second weekend of the event, Noel Race and Walk, which attracts athletes who love year-end festivities on November 27. And more variety shows at Palco Rua Coberta, downtown, daily at 7 pm. More details on the website and nataluzoficial.

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