Quem vê mansões e 90 mil seguidores, nem imagina que corretora escondia Biz dos clientes

No one who sees the shortcomings and 90,000 followers can even imagine any brokerage that hid Biz from customers

Just play any video you don’t know where to look: imposing mansions doors that open and reveal views of paradise, a realtor whose elegant gait and clothes draw you at every step or the impeccable architecture of the luxury estates of a great realm. Knowing this, from Grazi to Grazi, I went straight to the point: How did you become an expert in this field, reaching the 90k followers mark?

The initial response is that cliché that many people use: “The story is too long.” But, in just over two hours of conversation, details were revealed and a highlight of a professional who arrived at Mato Grosso do Sul without money, without work, and gone through several trials to become the professional she is today.

Can you imagine that Graziele Fialho, 39, went hungry? That he got so sick that he wrote a letter to his mother saying he was giving up everything? Who bought a business and left it hidden from customers or paid an extra change to an app driver to accompany it while I offered 4-5 homes in a condominium? All this in a suit and high heels.

The brokerage at the entrance to the client’s home in Campo Grande. Photo: Graziele Fialho / Personal Archive

However, in six years, the professional turned around and now has her own office and apartment furnished exactly as she wants, the car of her dreams and a team that helps her sell mansions, prepares and publishes videos on social networks, chooses audio clips and agility with all documents for clients.

“I came from the interior of São Paulo, in 2003. There, many times, I heard people say that Campo Grande is a good city and decided to come here. There was no specific reason, I know it stuck in my head. My mother said I was crazy at That time, but I took my things, when I was 17 and came to try my hand here. I stayed in a hotel near the old bus station and went to look for opportunities in the trade,” he recalls.

The work of the broker in trade and health before the discovery of the profession

Already employed, rented Grazi kitnet near Praça das Araras. I spent about four years in the trade and then went to the health district, in a hospital clinic. I stayed at reception until I became a physician assistant. The Doctor was a father to me, mainly because I arrived wrong, and I spoke and I mistyped. He left me the way he wanted, he was methodical Japanese and then joked that I was his shadow,” he commented.

At the time, Graziele said she learned a lot about the health field, to the point of knowing the test result just by looking into the doctor’s eye. “We already had a connection there. I sympathized with him a lot. I lost my dad very early, at 15, so I don’t have any references anymore and that reference became mine. But I had gastritis at the time and went back to Presidente Epitacio. I went Back and forth to Campo Grande three times, always starting from scratch.My family knew I would come back every time.

The brokerage makes daily postings of homes and high-end buildings in Campo Grande.  Photo: social networking / reproduction
The brokerage makes daily postings of homes and high-end buildings in Campo Grande. Photo: social networking / reproduction

On one of the trips, Grazie says she also went with her mother to Portugal. “It didn’t work there either and my mum went back to SP and me to MS. This last time I didn’t even have the money to buy a ticket and a friend of mine from Ireland helped me out. I’ve stayed in boarding schools and republics. Altogether, I’ve lived for 8 years with 4 friends, until two graduated and that was me and someone else,” he said.

When she left Open Doors, the young woman sought a new opportunity in the hospital clinic where she worked. “The doctor accepted me again, and this time, I started the nursing technician course. I was affected by the environment I lived in, but ended up not graduating and switched to the hostess. I finished this, however, I never practiced,” he explained.

When the doctor left the clinic, Grazie also left and went in search of new opportunities. “I worked in two hospitals, and finally I was in the hospital audit. This is where I issued the examinations, notes and medications, and I knew the entire patient’s routine. During this period I met someone because of these procedures. Everyone was affected by his situation and after a few months we started talking.”

Corretor is always stylish and shows off the dream car he conquered in MS.  Photo: social networking / reproduction
The Corretora is always in style and shows off the dream car you captured in MS. Photo: social networking / reproduction

The boy, who would be her future boyfriend, was a realtor. “I was always very religious, I actually came to church there in Epitacio, and when we started working together, I was baptized in his church too. But no one accepted me, I had prejudice as soon as we met and that made me sick, with depression, I wanted to This acceptance from the people,” he recalls.

Grazie says she gained 72 to 54 kg during this period and cried, dreaming of a “normal life”. “I was having panic disorder too, until I left the hospital. A colleague even called my mom saying, ‘Come and get your daughter, she’s not okay.’” She commented, “So not to just stay home, her boyfriend said she was supposed to stay in an office.” real estate during the day.

By helping her ex-boyfriend with real estate, Grazi sold an apartment

There, the young woman felt accepted by others. “I was helping take care of my friend’s son, so, at least, I felt accepted. They knew I was helping. That’s when I wanted to train as a realtor too. Before finishing, I actually created a profile on social media and posted the properties there. That’s when a friend stopped me about buying an apartment from a broker to buy it with me.

A broker during orientation in São Paulo, along with colleagues and a broker who asked to meet her.  Photo: Graziele Fialho / Personal Archive
A broker during orientation in São Paulo, along with colleagues and a broker who asked to meet her. Photo: Graziele Fialho / Personal Archive

The first sale was a huge catalyst. “Soon after I got a letter from someone asking me to sell a house in her blood. I sold my first luxury property in 3 months. The funniest thing was when I received it. My friends laugh to this day when I tell this story. I wasn’t used to this money, so I told My manager at the time that something was wrong,” he joked.

Grazie and her boyfriend have already graduated from a realtor and a higher salary, and have taken a trip to Fortaleza. It was just me, he and his son, whom I’ve always loved. Aunt Gaga called me. On the way back, we started talking about marriage and building our story, until everything changed and he ended the relationship, saying he thought well, it wasn’t the case,” he commented.

“It was hard, I felt like a piece of me had ripped off. I kept working, only in the home office. Occasionally, I only showed up to the office because of documents. Chances were, I sold a top class property, closed concierge, in less than 15 One day, he remembers that he was the right customer at the right time.

At the same time, mixing emotions with moments of joy and sadness, the realtor began to study theology. “I realized I was ready to be the professional that I am today. I stayed three years in obedience, resolute in my goal. I had no relationship and I’m still looking for that old friend to ask for forgiveness. Something was telling me to go and talk to him” .

The meeting took place between the two on the condominium sales shift. “I went to apologize, but he was actually the one who wanted to make this request to me. He cried, we had a long, liberating conversation, and we forgave each other. I felt relieved that my life would really start to move from there. I went to speak with a photographer friend too and decided to invest a lot in my career” , He said.

“I Spent 15 Years Walking Around Until I Found a Trend” Realtor Says

Recovering from depression, Grazie considered that she had spent 15 years “walking around” until she found a direction in life. “I’ve been in the area for a little over six years, and I think in the last four years, I’ve had a boom. Now, in the pandemic, I’ve specialized in closed condominiums. It was a time when people were on the verge of collapse, with children locked up in apartments and without No free time at all,” he said.

Then the broker creates his own office. For two months, she was at a new address, in a famous commercial building in the city. “I created my team and all of this made a movie going on in my head. From that girl who fought so much, who would brush up on her colleagues for 10 BRL, at lunchtime in the clinic and odd jobs as a party and model. Today I receive letters from people all over the country and stories Wonderful, from those who inspired me and even dreamed of meeting me,” he said.

The broker account that receives messages from fans daily

In February of this year, Grazi went to a meeting of mediators and fulfilled the dream of another woman, who is also a realtor, who wanted to meet with her and ask for a photo. “A few years ago, I taught her step by step and years later she came to me saying that her life had changed and that she was so grateful for mine. It was such a special moment that she even bought the same car as mine, highlighting how much an inspiration I was to her,” he said.

The broker displays some of the messages he receives from the janitor and construction staff.  Photo: social networking / reproduction
The broker displays some of the messages he receives from the janitor and construction staff. Photo: social networking / reproduction

For her and her other friends, Grazie remembers when she arrived at the apartment complexes. “I always arrive before the customers. A lot of the doormen know my story. Leave the bike away and walk. In the concierge, I would ride with customers or call Uber and have them take me to the last house. It’s funny how some customers asked me how I left and I said someone was waiting for me.” ‘, he remembers.

Currently, many gatekeepers send messages to her directly. “I’m no longer looking for clients. They call me, a lot of people talk about my name, and say I’m a reference. I know there are many doormen who help me too, so I respect their lives, I have friendship, I buy gifts at the end of the year and I remember how excited they were when they saw my first car “, He said.

On social media, when she opens question boxes for her followers, Grazie receives questions about whether she has a personal hairdresser, whether she is a Christian and how she deals with her husbands’ jealousy, for example. “I answer everything. I say that I choose the clothes myself, I arrange shooting sets for recording videos, and in 90% of cases it is the woman who decides, and the hammer hits, so I direct my speech to her. There is no secret, professionalism all the time “, He said.

When asked if she still had a dream, Grazie asserted, “Yes, being a mother. This desire arose a lot, but I don’t know. Time passes, but I think nothing is impossible for God. Some men are afraid when they meet a free and independent woman. If It didn’t happen, that’s okay either. A career takes a lot of time and I think it’s not easy to raise a child these days. In fact, I work with dreams. This is my brand: making dreams come true. And I’m really happy with all this transformation in my life and my family” , concluded.

See one of the properties sold by the brokerage:

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