Author of '365 Days': 'I'm Beautiful and Good in Bed'

Author of ‘365 Days’: ‘I’m Beautiful and Good in Bed’

The “365 Days” movie series is a hit on Netflix: the three-part saga that follows the sexual adventures of Massimo Torricelli (Michelle Morrone) and Laura (Anna Maria Siclock) are among the most-watched films of all time. Platform. The story of the couple is based on the trilogy of books of the same name created by Polish writer Blanka. Lipinska, 37.

The author was in Brazil to promote the title “365 Days: Finals,” released by Editora Buzz, which inspired the film released last Friday on the streaming platform. in conversation with splashThe inspiration for the erotic narrative, Lipinska said, was her sexuality. In fact, one absence.

“I created the first book because my ex-boyfriend didn’t want to have sex with me,” she said. “And I am so beautiful and good in bed, after all to write such a book you have to be good in bed.”

The writer said that she consulted specialists to understand why her ex-partner did not want to have sex with her.

“For me, when he started loving me, he had never loved anyone before, and had never had a girlfriend. What he knew about love was only his mother and his sister. And when he started loving me, he put me in the same place in her heart that they were in, so I stopped Feeling lust for me.”

“It’s called ‘white love’ and it’s a condition that exists. There are people who have been in relationships like this for years, but it only works if they want to, and I don’t. I was 29, a healthy, beautiful woman. I wanted to feel like a woman” , Says.

Empty Lipinska She told that, due to the unwillingness of her boyfriend at the time, she began to get angry. “I didn’t feel attractive enough for him.”

Blanca Lipinska, author of “365 Dias” came to Brazil to participate in the Book Biennale in São Paulo

Image: disclosure

To compensate for the lack of sex, Polish women began to read many erotic books. “It was just one day a day, and it was big, because I wanted to find that kind of emotion in my life. But all those headlines were horrible, with a weird story and shameful sex.”

I watched porn and kept going, but women would love to know every detail: What was she thinking at that moment? Where did he put his hand?
Empty Lipinska

It made him want to find a job that would satisfy him Lipinska He wrote a racy story about an Italian gangster who kidnaps a young Polish girl and promises to make her fall in love with him within 365 days. The combo had the rights purchased by Netflix and today it is one of the biggest hits on the platform.

And what about the former?

When asked if she would talk to her ex-boyfriend after the release of “365 Days”, Blanca Lipinska laughed and replied, “I learned recently that he was proud that he was the reason for the books. But I also found out he was lying to the girls he was dating.”

“I tell them I was inspired to write from him. And yes, I was inspired to talk about Martin, Laura’s bald friend, who has been since the beginning of the movie, when she was in a boring relationship and wanted something new. Very similar to the actor [Mateusz Lisowski] So they look similar. So he was an inspiration, but not to Massimo, as he likes to say.”


‘365 Days Final’ ends controversial Netflix trilogy

Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

sex scenes

The intention to change the sexual scenario does not stop there, and according to splashThe author also intends to start creating pornographic films – with explicit sex – aimed at female audiences. “I have this idea that, after all, women like it too, but often prefer different things than men like. So, maybe I’ll venture down that path yet.”

until the desire is fulfilled, Lipinska She is the director of the sex scenes in the movies, which may not be explicit, but it is very challenging. “Imaging something and putting it in a book is no longer easy. Putting it in a movie is even more difficult, because you can’t just let your imagination take you.”

To get all the sexual sequences imagined, the author trained on positions with Thomas Mendes. “There are up to 30 people on set, so we show exactly what the actors will look like. Hence, the person in charge of the microphone already knows where it is, as well as the camera and cinematographer. That’s the trick from the movie, it has to be done really well.”

“Then, with the actors on set, everyone is very focused and with as few people as possible, because they have to feel comfortable. They wear some protection, but at the same time they are naked. Also, they are there to show the most special thing. in their life, which is sex.”

The third book

Initially, literary works were divided into only two parts, the first and second. However, under the influence of one of her best friends, Lipinska changed the course of history.

“End of the second title, 365 Days: Today, it was completely different. At last, Laura woke up and everything she lived through was a dream. And when my girlfriend, Anna, read the book a few years ago, she called me at 4 a.m. to curse me. I answered her screaming, I was worried. She said she hates me and won’t talk to me again if I end the story like that.”

The day after the call, the writer called her friend again, and when they talked about the script, she realized that it was necessary to change the course of the narration. “That’s why, at the beginning of the book, I thank my parents and Anna.”

Laura and Massimo marry at the start of the second 365 Days movie - Carolina Graboska / Netflix - Carolina Graboska / Netflix

Laura and Massimo get married at the beginning of the second movie “365 Days”

Photo: Carolina Graboska/Netflix

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