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Carlinhos Maya Jewelry: A thief says he used social media to plan the burglary; See how to protect yourself – Brazil – Estadao

The prime suspect in masterminding the influencer’s jewelry theft Carlinhos Maya, Eliabio Custódio Nepomuceno was recently arrested in Campina Grande, Paraíba, and has confessed to committing the crime to the police. In a testimonial video released by NiceGive Globo TVHe even revealed that he used the victim’s posts to… social networks to plan the theft. Expert warns to be careful with what is disclosed on the Internet.

Carlinhos Maya was a victim of crime at the end of May: after his apartment in Maceió, the capital of Alagoas, was broken into, Thieves stole a safe and took away jewelry and a luxury watch. At the time, the damage was estimated at R$5 million. After months of investigation, the civil police arrested the main suspect and Some of the stolen items have been recovered.

“It was I who committed the crime along with two of my friends,” Eliabio said during a police statement. To carry out the theft, criminals entered the building where the influencer lives, in Maceió, on a day when Carlinhos Maya and her husband were not at home. The information was confirmed by posting on social media.

“I was already getting a glimpse into Carlinhos’ Bey’s life through his social network, from what he posted, well. Iliabio said while I was testifying and I saw I could get a chance there. According to the Alagoas Civil Police, who conducted the investigations, the group was going to study crime for about a month.

When they found the perfect opportunity, the criminals entered the Carlinhos Maia building and went to the influencer’s apartment. Upon entering the place, they found a safe, which they thought was a luxury watch exposed on social media, and quickly took it to the car used for the escape.

Inside the car that continued its journey to Campina Grande, the group broke into the safe and discovered dozens of diamonds and a luxury watch. The estimated value was high: about 5 million Brazilian Real. Police said this in turn made it difficult to send stolen items to recipients.

Carlinhos Maya even displayed the watch and the diamond necklace on social media before the crime, a report also published in Nice The month following the crime. However, the influencer said he did not regret revealing himself on the Internet, as it is part of his profession.

“You started making my money and getting a bad reputation after you started showing my life, so how do you stop showing your life?” , he asked during an interview. But he stated that “The message is to introduce yourself a little less“.

The expert says that the more visible the profile, the higher the risk of its use by the criminal

In general, the higher the visibility of a profile on a social network, the higher the risk that a person will use what is exposed to harmful practices. Thus, in the case of digital influencers, who generally tend to reveal more details of their personal lives on networks, security measures must be doubled in the physical world. that’s what Director of the Institute of Technology and Society in Rio de Janeiro (ITS-Rio), Carlos Afonso Souza.

The expert explains that for the general public, the initial advice is always to consider leaving an Instagram account private, for example, which could prevent the information from being used to implement crimes. “In the case of Carlinhos Maya, this does not apply, because he is a celebrity on the network,” says the expert.

In light of this, a tip for influencers who already have many followers, or for people who don’t plan to leave their profile private, is to use the platforms’ built-in security features, Souza says. “Most posts can remain public, but some posts that convey personal information, which may be sensitive and lead to a crime or violent situation, can be shared privately with a circle of friends,” he said.

Remember that Instagram only allows the user to post to a smaller circle of people. “Posts don’t necessarily have to be public. The more information you carry, the better for the audience that actually needs to receive that information,” Souza says. He points out that, of course, victims cannot be blamed for crimes, but he emphasizes that they can reduce the chances of them occurring.

“The more people access the information, the higher the risk that someone will use that information for illegal practices,” the expert says. When Carlinhos Maya’s home was robbed, the influencer was undergoing surgery. The husband was on a business trip.

“The more influencers make Instagram and social media networks a channel to transmit their life communications as a whole, and there is pressure to produce daily content, when the influencer stops posting (…) the lack of content on the channel leads to more diverse guesswork,” Souza said. Naturally, when he undergoes a health procedure, the influencer warns that he will pass, that he will be absent from the networks.”

“But it is important to remember that when you know where this influencer lives, and if there is a possibility that this house is unoccupied, this opens a window for a criminal practice to occur,” the expert explained. Given this scenario, it is important that influencers, or even people who post a lot about their personal lives, double their security practices into the physical world.

The expert offers 5 tips for using social networks more safely; paying off

For the general public in particular, who do not necessarily want to produce regular content on the Internet, Carlos Afonso Souza also offers the following tips to increase protection when using social networks:

  1. evaluation of making a profile on social networks private, especially when a lot of personal information is disclosed on it;
  2. If this is not possible, limit the most sensitive information to a certain group of people closest to you;
  3. Avoid situations that display routine, especially when children and teens are depicted in publications;
  4. Not identifying pathways and/or situations that may favor an approach by a criminal or malicious agent;
  5. Before publishing, think about what a criminal could do with the information being disclosed.

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