Management and Finance CT Shares Status of PROADI-SUS Projects in the States |

Management and Finance CT Shares Status of PROADI-SUS Projects in the States |

The Kunass Technical Chamber of Management and Finance almost met on Monday (22). The meeting was conducted by the technical advisors of CONAS, Teresa Cristina Amaral and Rita Cattanelli, and the meeting was attended by about 70 people, including members of the Technical Chamber of Management and Finance and government interlocutors for projects within the scope of the Institutional Development Support Program for the Unified Health System (PROADI-SUS) of the Ministry of Health.

The meeting aims to present the current panorama of PROADI-SUS projects: “Strengthening State Administration in SUS” and “Strengthening the Governance, Regulation and Integration Processes of the Healthcare Network – Localization”, in order to promote the sharing of progress and challenges observed in the development of these projects in the countries that have joined the proposal .

In her opening remarks, Cristina Amaral highlighted the importance of information sharing between state administrations, as a way to identify and disseminate good practices and administrative challenges.

Paula Campos, of Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Hospital (HAOC), presented the current panorama of the PROADI-SUS project: Strengthening the State Administration of SUS, developed with SES by HAOC, in partnership with Conass and the Ministry of Health. The presentation included objectives, adhesions, products and activities, expected results, and progress on projects, as well as challenges and perspectives.

State Administration Strengthening Project for SUS

Started in 2018, the overall project objective for the 2021-2023 triennium is to strengthen the strategic state management of SUS, providing technical and methodological support to support: Monitoring and evaluation of State Health Plans (PES); improve SES team management processes; And building the state’s four-year health plan 2024-2027.

In 2021, 26 SES joined the project. Among the products and activities developed to date are: a data collection flow for monitoring of the Annual Health Program (PAS) and State Health Plan (PES); Technical Papers for PES Indicators; Matrix for monitoring and evaluating indicators.

According to Paula Campos, in 2023 the support cycle of the planning process will begin, with the aim of preparing PES 24-27, based on the health needs of the territory. During this period, SES will receive support to develop a situation analysis, identify major problems, and develop tools such as the SWOT matrix, strategic map and action plan.

Regarding the current status of the project, working groups for monitoring and evaluation of PES have already been formed; Workshops were held to support the crystallization of the data collection flow for monitoring payments for environmental services to build or revise technical data sheets for the indicators; In addition to completing Curriculum Units 1 and 2, which dealt, respectively, with the topics: Monitoring and Evaluation of PES. Budget implementation with PES, as an integral part of the permanent education strategy expected in the project, is demonstrated through the Digital Learning Platform (PDA).

Regarding perceived challenges, Paula Campos highlighted the reconciliation of agendas; centralization of the strategic planning process, which is still present in some SES; high turnover of managers and work groups; Epidemic and delay in PES preparation and integrated regional planning.

Regarding good practices, the following were highlighted: bringing the SES domains closer, between planning, budgeting and financing; improving the monitoring and evaluation system; holding workshops to agree on indicators; Conduct face-to-face workshops using active methodologies; Deploy and use monitoring and evaluation tools such as the SWOT Matrix and 5W2H.

Project Strengthening Governance, Regulation and Integration of the Healthcare Network – Regionalization

Then, the current panorama of the PROADI-SUS project was presented: Strengthening the Governance, Regulatory and Integration Processes of the Healthcare Network – Localization, which aims to strengthen the tripartite strategic management of SUS, in order to implement the integration process. Regional planning and improvement of macro regional management SUS.

The project consists of six phases:

The first stage: planning structuring works; Phase 2: Diagnostics and analysis of the regional situation and PRI in the holistic health districts; Phase 3: Analysis of the health situation and identification of health priorities in the macro health districts; Stage 4: Analysis and organization of SAN points of interest; Stage 5: preparation of the regional plan for the macro-district of health; Stage 6: Monitoring of the regional macro-regional health plan.

Regarding the challenges encountered in the development of the project, the following were highlighted: continuous alignment of the actors involved to facilitate the process flow; interruption of regional activities due to the electoral period; Inclusion and integration of the project into the processes currently being developed in the regions; ensuring the participation of actors from outlying municipalities; Synergy between projects in the territory; and planning agendas for the medium term.

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