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Danton Melo and Juliana Paes get emotional at ‘Predestinado’ press conference – OFuxico

Danton Milo, Juliana Paes, Carlos Messini And the Joao SignorelliIn addition to the director Gustavo Fernandezand screenwriter Jacqueline VargasAnd the Roberto DavilaProducer.

“Predestinado” is a powerful film about the story of a Brazilian mediator, from Minas Gerais, known as José Arigó, who performed miraculous healing procedures through a spiritual gift, the so-called spiritual surgeries. At that time, the fact that a simple man abandoned his physical side and devoted himself to healing, and worked only for this, caught everyone’s attention. The embodied soul is the soul of the famous German physician Dr. Fritz, who died in 1918, and is considered one of the most impressive cases of parapsychology and mediation.

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Roberto Davila, the film’s producer and screenwriter, was asked about the special effects and how they left it real without looking like something fancy, because it’s a true story with real cases:

We discussed a lot. There were suggestions like ‘Arigo sees a black cross’, meaning the person is going to die. We went a route, since the special effects got frivolous (citing effects from superhero movies), which we thought might be story hype. And it makes the audience think it was a fantasy. So, the same suggested cross is there, but on the clothesline, and the shade, and the sun, with tenderness and delicacy”

Jacqueline Vargas, the film’s screenwriter, spoke about the research process, and how important it is to connect with the people around the medium.

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“When Roberto called me, I knew Fritz more than Arrigo, and that was the research process, including the book The Rusty Knife Surgeon. I spoke to the family who had the story and the experience.”

The screenwriter also mentioned that every week there was an article about him at the time, and that he was one of the most talked-about names, followed by Pele and JK. And one of the motives that gave birth to the research is how it fell into a kind of oblivion or only oblivion.

“He had such a magnitude. How could he have become so dark? And through research, I discovered the cures he provided. He just wouldn’t heal if that person wasn’t healed, and he didn’t hurt anyone.”

Juliana Paes, who plays Arlete, wife of José Arigó, was asked about Maria Marruá de Pantanal, and how she relates to the one in the feature film, as both are strong and emotional in their own way:

“She came before Maria Marois. It was a happy coincidence that people met the two characters, one after the other. The power of character has to do with the maturation process. I’m growing, my characters are coming together, and we’re making more assertive choices when it comes to putting yourself on stage, and how you’re going to feel about it.” “.

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The actress commented on Arlete and José’s relationship, and how his strength was:

“Arrigo had this power behind him, the woman. A lot of times he needed it to give him strength. Giving up your personal life to live a public life is much more complicated when those who aren’t on your side are not supporting you. It was the mainstay he needed.”


Danton Melo, who plays two characters, Dr. Fritz Compact and José Arrigo was touched and led an audience full of reporters and photographers, along with his colleagues in tears and applause for his testimony. The question was simple: Spiritual medicine, even with the help of thousands, was still forbidden. What in the world would you change if you had five minutes? The actor’s response was simple:

“Love. I think that is the big message of this movie. Accept differences and respect.”

Juliana added: “It’s a movie that talks about spirituality. It’s not just a spiritual movie. It is not intended to impress anyone. The only pretense is that religious intolerance will decrease. Everyone, regardless of their religion, takes advantage of religion.”

Another moment of pure emotion was Danton, who burst into tears and opened his heart, when asked what the movie was like at home, as the movie was shot in Minas, where both the actor and medium were born.

“It was too much. When we have a break, we want to go home. There I wanted to stay in Minas, and I asked my family to go there, because I wanted to live those characters intensely.”

Danton also commented on a personal struggle he’s been through, saying that he’s been feeling putrid over the years: “Over the years I’ve become like this. An atheist I say. And this movie has brought me to a place where I can rethink my spirituality. And so, they are very strong personalities, and the ability to Donating their lives was a great gift. I lived a lot, and did my best.”

The actress played opposite Juliana Paes several times, and took the opportunity to pay tribute to the actress and her partnership: “Juliana is a generous actress. Doing an emotional scene and looking into her eyes brimming with emotion is absolutely amazing.”

(Leo Franco/AG News)

behind the scenes

The emotional actress commented on how she prepared for the huge challenge of playing Arlete, and that José’s family was on the sets:

“It’s always great to play the characters with reference to those alive, the children in this case. They were there with us, and it was a huge responsibility, because we were telling their parents’ story. I gave myself body and soul, (characterization) was as close as possible. They were loving and grateful, the group was a place Very calm.”

Joao Signorelli, who has a presentation on Gandhi, spoke of his participation in the film, as Chico Xavier:

“We were chosen by them (Chico and Arrigo). The whole philosophy of my characters is here and now. And the ability, through this film, to spread love.”

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