Deive Leonardo steals the scene from sertanejos in Barretos and gathers the crowds for a historic night of faith and spirituality

Deive Leonardo steals the scene from sertanejos in Barretos and gathers the crowds for a historic night of faith and spirituality

Monday nights at Festa do Peão de Barretos usually have a timid crowd on the park streets, but that’s not the case today. On Monday (22), Deive Leonardo, considered one of today’s greatest missionaries, drew an audience of about 45,000, according to the missionary team, for a preaching lodged in the history of the event, known for its celebrity reception and fame. rodeo.

Country music and bull riding gave space for faith and spirituality, with people clearly associated with prayer and thinking through the word.

Early on, singer Eliezer of Tarsis created the perfect atmosphere for spirituality. Musical performances dedicated to Christian music opened. The audience sang “Alivio” by Jesse Aguiar, “Vaz am Milagri im Mim” and Regis Danes, “Raridad” by Anderson Freire, “Ta Chorando Pur Q” by Geiser and “Mio Mystery”. By Brother Lazzaro, “Deus Me Ama,” By Thales Roberto, “Because He Lives,” By Andre Valadao.

Deive Leonardo performing for the first time at Festa do Peão Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

With each new letter, intense gestures can be perceived. Hands to the sky, eyes tightly closed, phrases uttered very softly while heads were lowered. Smiles and tears streamed down her face.

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When Deive Leonardo entered the stage, the arena was filled with ecstasy. At just 32 years old, the Santa Catarina native has become a social media phenomenon because of the simple way he talks about Jesus to people. There are 12 million followers on Instagram, people who seek his words to reflect life in the face of faith.

He presents the “Answer” tour, through which he seeks to answer the greatest human concerns and bring relief to difficult moments.

“Lord Jesus, we are only here because of your presence. At this point when famous and important people, known in Brazil and in the world, were performing, today they will be based only on faith. It has nothing to do with who sings, who preaches, but in your name in this place. Your name Above all. Today may not be an ordinary night, but it is the best in our history, Jesus. May they come home full of your presence. Change life in this place, Jesus. Today will be a landmark for the answers. You are the owner, you are welcome. Your name is above your love Jesus.Amen, Dave said in prayer.

Deive Leonardo arrives for the presentation at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

And when he talks about Jesus, he doesn’t talk to Catholics or evangelists. Talk to us.

“Let’s not fight today. My greatest happiness is to talk about Jesus to everyone and we need the word. What a joy to be with you, I want you to understand what’s going on. It’s not normal. Today is Monday, my love, and we have nearly 50 A thousand people hear about Jesus. It’s not about religion, it’s about the name above all names, it’s about Jesus.”

On Monday night, Deive Leonardo chose Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Luke to make the audience meditate.

The biblical passage cites the moment Simon Peter, who would become one of the Twelve Apostles, met Jesus. It was a tough day for the fisherman who hadn’t caught a single fish yet. Then the stranger Jesus approached and challenged Peter to trust that the net would come out full if he threw it to the right side. When Grid picked up, it was full.

Emotion captured the faithful during Deive Leonardo’s performance at the Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Ricardo Nasi/g1

Distrust and disbelief in the disciple are common features of man. The simple, tidy way of speaking using the passages Jesus preached two thousand years ago, according to the Bible, is what makes Deive such a phenomenon. It confuses and strikes the heart and mind of those who listen to it. Affectionately, he calls his followers the favour.

In one of the most exciting moments of the night, Deive spoke of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross. “All great love stories end in death. Tristan and Isolde and Romeo and Juliet and Jack and Rose on the Titanic – Jack can go through that door. But Jesus, no, he rose from the dead on the third day,” he said, receiving a hail of applause and voices singing “He lives.” “.

After talking about Peter’s path for about an hour, Dave asked people if they were ready to accept Jesus into their lives.

“You came for an answer, but you are an answer. Do you want to change everything? There will be confusion, boo, storm, but you will never be alone again. Just accept Jesus into your life. There is nothing in life better than living Jesus. If you wish to Make that decision, turn on your mobile phone’s flashlight.” He garnered a huge number of spotlights from the public through the stands and the track.

A prayer that spoke of forgiveness and love celebrated with a spectacular fireworks display that lit the sky ending the night of praise in the square. It was epic.

Crowd action by Deive Leonardo at Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Érico Andrade/g1

Born in Joinville (SC), Dave Leonardo graduated in law and like any Child of God, worked various jobs before finding his real job.

The son of evangelical parents, he was raised in a Christian home, and at the age of nineteen began a greater involvement with the church, when he had a private encounter with God and became a member of the AD Church in Joinville.

After finishing college and full of doubts about the future that would follow, he realized that his mission was to convey God’s word, through the Bible, to anyone who wanted to hear it. He faced resistance from his parents, who believed that the best thing in the future was to practice law.

The audience cried and sympathized during Deive Leonardo’s performance at the Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Érico Andrade/g1

But the talent for speech was louder. When he realized that he could be a kind of fiduciary influence, preaching comfortably on serious subjects, leaving aside square services and written masses, he won many followers, including young people.

Among the 12 million followers, there are celebrities such as Neymar, Luan Santana, Rafa Kalman, Luana Prado, Isis Valverde and Wesley Savadao.

Deive Leonardo is married to Paula Martins and has three children: João Leonardo, Noah Leonardo, and Serena.

Worshipers of all ages followed Deive Leonardo’s performance at the Festa do Peão de Barretos 2022 – Photo: Érico Andrade/g1

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