7 lucrative professions that should be highlighted in the future

7 lucrative professions that should be highlighted in the future

The job market has some trends that can be followed over the years. This way lately There was a great demand for professionals in technology fieldincluding new positions that are still under construction within the productive sectors.

With this in mind, we have developed a list of the 7 careers that already pay very well and should remain more prominent in the future.

In it, we do not take into account the public function and talk mainly about what can be found in the private sector. There are several sections involved, so check it out below!

1 – Technical Recruiter

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First of all, we need to talk about Professionals responsible for hiring other professionals. A technical recruiter is a recruiter in the technology field, and is very important within a company in this sector.

In general, your position is intended to screen the best resumes and conduct interviews to find out the best professional to fill a particular vacancy. However, technology specific knowledge can be essential in this context.

2- Data Engineer

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Currently, among the cities that employ professionals of this size are São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Belo Horizonte (MG).

Therefore, its role is to manage the flow of information, manage and organize all the data that the company needs to deal with, as well as always be ready to solve problems. Knowledge of advanced technology is required to handle data infrastructure on all relevant platforms.

Compensation varies and averages R$7,000 per month. To work as a data engineer, it is necessary to have a background in technology and advanced experience in software development.

3- Cyber ​​Security Specialist

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When talking about the digital world, it is important to always think about cybersecurity – an issue that is directly related to new global trends. After all, no one wants to be bothered by malware or hackers, right?

Thus, there must be a professional specialist in this field Participate in the development of best practices in the digital environmentespecially on the Internet, and work on solutions aimed at accurately detecting threats.

If it occurs, companies will be ready to handle all operations. On average, a cyber security specialist starts his career by earning around R$5,700 per month.

4 – Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

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Among the professions that bring good profits, it is necessary to talk about the website reliability engineer – with free translation into Portuguese. With an average salary of R$11,200, this professional is primarily responsible for improving the company’s systems.

Through a variety of mathematical resources, including calculations, statistics and even probability, job succeeds Evaluate the main problems of the platformDevelop structural improvements so that users have a good experience.

5- Traffic manager

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Within digital marketing, there are many new functions, which have been developed in line with the phenomena of communication seen in the past two years, especially with the arrival of the pandemic.

In this way, the professional in charge of traffic management needs to Analyze audience and engagement metrics for published postsespecially on social media.

One of the main requirements for this position is to be aware of all the trends in the digital world, and have advanced knowledge in marketing, advertising and related fields.

6- Machine Learning Engineer

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In addition to São Paulo, the largest Brazilian city, this profession has also been highlighted in Porto Alegre (RS) and Brasilia (DF).

Here we have another type of engineer, who also needs to deal with infrastructure, but this time, this professional works with algorithm programming and also with the development of artificial intelligence channels.

You may have noticed that large companies have been betting heavily on these two factors to simplify their communication with consumers, right? So, this is definitely one of the professions that will continue to be on the rise in the job market for years to come.

7 – UX Researcher

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To close the list, it is necessary to talk about one of the fastest growing professions in the financial sector, mainly banking and digital wallets. In the free translation into Portuguese, a user experience researcher would be something like a user experience researcher.

Through qualitative and quantitative methods, These professionals study the platform in an advanced wayand discovering structural defects and fraud vulnerabilities and also what is best.

For this, they work directly with users of this platform, but often imperceptibly, taking into account their own set of tools and technologies.

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