Analysis: Ceni limits 'rookie' against Santos and risks attrition before catching Flamengo

Analysis: Ceni limits ‘rookie’ against Santos and risks attrition before catching Flamengo

After a long time, the coaching staff in Sao Paulo had options to rotate the team, namely at a crucial moment of the season. On the eve of the opening semi-final of the Copa del Rey against Flamengo, Rogerio Ceni limited the entry of newcomers to the Clasico against Santos and took the chance in Sunday’s duel at Villa Belmiro.

In the 1-0 defeat to Santos, in a match valid for the 23rd round of Brazil, Igor Gomes played for 90 minutes. Igor Vinicius, Rinaldo and Calleri, the owners of the most important duels, entered during the match in an attempt to get a draw.

On the other hand, newcomers from abroad like Nahuel Bustos and Giuliano Gallobo got limited minutes. The striker came in just over 10 minutes before the end of the game, while the Argentine midfielder, a major investment in the window, did not enter the field for the third game in a row.

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Sao Paulo was defeated by Santos at Villa Belmiro – Photo: Rubens Cherry /

Gallobo’s position draws attention to the position of the midfielder, as Igor Gomez remained during the 90 minutes on the field.

The Argentine emerged as a starting piece at this moment of the team’s shooting, as he played 90 minutes against Atletico-PR and Flamengo. Against Bragantino and Santos, he did not enter the field.

The exception was Ferrari. The Venezuelan made his derby debut and initially performed safely, even with disagreements with Miranda and Rafinha, as well as not being caught for more than two months without playing. The defender’s last match was in June with the Venezuelan national team.

Ferraresi made his Sao Paulo debut against Santos, in Villa – Photo: Rubens Chiri /

Months later, Ceni’s medical department and medical committee were limited to three names: Arboleda, Caio, and André Anderson. Names like young Luizão stayed out of the squad through the committee’s technical choice. However, in the classic Villa Vila, the cast would alternate between the main athletes.

Calleri, Igor Vinicius and Reinaldo have, in the past 10 days, collected more than 800 minutes on the field. All three should start on Wednesday, against Flamengo, and end up entering the field with a technical option in pursuit of a draw.

We are alive in the three competitions, there is no way to despise, there is no way to play away, and there is no way to counter what we have with the best. We are trying to take competitive teams. It was possible to beat Santos. The first half was well-balanced, with most of the chances coming from our mistakes – Rogerio Ceni analyzed, after the match in Villa.

Tricolor improved their performance in the second stage and could blame Santos goalkeeper João Paulo, as responsible for keeping the score in favor of the home team. In the end, all the good final stage efforts ended in frustration due to defeat at the end of the 90 minutes.

‘SPFC deserves better luck,’ says Caillou, Voice of the Crowd

Cups seem like a priority, but the Brazilian’s stumbles interfere with his plan to channel all the power into the semi-finals. There are four weeks to determine the future of Sao Paulo in the Copa del Rey and the Copa América.

It takes four weeks for Ceni and his cohorts to work on the larger cast, trying to relieve the pressure. Against Santos, in Villa, there was a danger. The repercussions of Sunday’s derby choice will appear on Wednesday against one of the country’s top opponents.

It is difficult for any team to reach the level of Flamengo (physical). Let’s compete, let’s try to compete. We rely on propeller support, let’s try. Flamengo has the best team and the best team in South America. The Sao Paulo coach declared that we will try to play and try to get the best possible result for the Maracanã.

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