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The best moments of Santos vs Sao Paulo in the Brazilian Championship (1-0) | 08/21/2022

20:592 hours ago

51′ Game over!

Santos 1 x 0 Sao Paulo.

20:582 hours ago

50′ another one

Let’s go to 51.

20: 573 hours ago

48′ toggle at Santos πŸ”„

20:563 hours ago

47′ approx!

Callery, in the area, swerved on his bike and sent him outside.

20: 533 hours ago

45′ Five more

Let’s go up to 50.

20: 523 hours ago

41 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Card for Felipe Jonathan to kill him counterattack.

20: 463 hours ago

37′ Joao Pollow!

After a corner, Miranda got up and twisted her head. Joao Paulo drops in the corner and does a great shock.

20: 433 hours ago

34′ Substitution in Sao Paulo πŸ”„

20: 413 hours ago

31′ LOST!

Jandry leaves the goal to stifle the shot of Marcos Leonardo. The ball is left for Maddson, who rolls to Lucas Barbosa, free in the small area, but jersey 21 takes the ball poorly and serves it up.

20:363 hours ago

27′ UUUUH!

Sutildo takes a free kick, the ball passes very close to the post and goes out.

20: 323 hours ago

23′ Joao Paulo, again!

Rinaldo receives a free kick in the area and Joao kicks a good save. Three color corner.

20:273 hours ago

19 ‘Switch in Santos πŸ”„

20:273 hours ago

19 ‘

Luciano hits but isolates the ball.

20:263 hours ago

18 ‘

Patrick cross in the area, Joao Paulo leaves the goal and keeps the ball.

20: 233 hours ago

15′ Substitution in Sao Paulo πŸ”„

20: 223 hours ago


Soteldo starts in the middle, from Jamil to Marcos Leonardo, jersey 9 was getting close to Jandrei and falling. Santos team asks for a penalty kick.

20: 213 hours ago

12′ Gendered!

Soltedo From a good pass to Zanocelo inside the area, the shirt 25 kick, Jandrei makes a save.

20: 203 hours ago

12′ Danger!

Nikao sets and hits the ball, the ball passes very close to the goal and goes off the baseline.

20:18 3 hours ago


Patrick receives the zone and kicks, the ball goes too high and goes off the baseline.

20:163 hours ago

06′ Joao Bulowo!

Pablo Maia kick from the outside, the ball deflected halfway and the Santos goalkeeper saved again.

20:15 3 hours ago

06 ‘

Marcus Gilherme kicks, Maicon puts his head on the ball and pushes it away.

20: 133 hours ago

06 ‘

Madson crosses into Jandry’s hands.

20: 133 hours ago

05 ‘

Lucas Braga crosses, and the Sao Paulo defense rushes away.

20:10 3 hours ago

02 ‘

Pablo Maya kicks from afar and isolates the ball.

20:10 3 hours ago

01 ‘Spam Hey Joe Paolo!

Luciano risks from outside the area, and Joao Paulo makes a save.

20:08 3 hours ago

00 ‘Switch in Sao Paulo πŸ”„

20:08 3 hours ago

00 ‘The start of the second half

Roll the ball to the final stage.

19: 514 hours ago

50′ end of the first half

Santos 1 x 0 Sao Paulo.

19: 514 hours ago

49′ yellow card 🟨

Marcos Leonardo misses Gabriel Neves badly and receives a card.

19: 464 hours ago

45′ Four more

Let’s go to 49.

19:444 hours ago

43 ‘Yellow card 🟨

Nikau and Bormann received cards.

19: 434 hours ago

42′ Time’s up!

After an attempt between Bormann and Nykau, the two players find each other strange.

19: 404 hours ago

39 ‘

Nikao receives the ball in the area, free, kicks. But the ball exploded in the defense of Santos.

19:384 hours ago


Soteldo tried to find Marcos Leonardo, but the Sao Paulo defense sent the ball to a corner.

19: 344 hours ago

32′ Jules de Santos ⚽️

Marcos Leonardo makes a beautiful run for Soteldo on the left, as the No. 10 shirt enters the area and crosses, into the header of Lucas Braga, who tests at the back of the goal. 1 to 0 thickness.

19: 324 hours ago

31 ‘

Madson makes a good move with Lucas Braga on the right, but when the shirt goes 30 to return the ball to the side, he passes it wrong. The ball is back in possession of the tricolor.

19:314 hours ago

29′ UUUUH!

Igor Gomez is fired, overpowers Maicon, pulls his right foot and kicks. The ball passes by Joao Paulo’s goal and goes out.

19:294 hours ago


Lucas Braga makes a good move, starting from the area, at the time of completion he was stopped by Ferrari. Fish corner.

19:274 hours ago

25 ‘

Marcos Leonardo takes the ball in midfield and sees Jandry in front and takes a risk. The nine fish ball ends up getting the ball wrong and goes down, the tricolor archer takes it.

19:254 hours ago

23 ‘

Marcus Leonardo tried to ride the bike, but he missed the ball and I left.

19:244 hours ago

22′ Catch Joao Paulo!

After a corner, the ball is taken out and Wellington takes it from outside the area. Joao Paulo fits in and keeps the ball.

19:234 hours ago

22 ‘

Marcus Gilherme tried to cross from the right, Karabjal arrives in the wagon and sends it into the corner.

19: 224 hours ago


Lucas Braga twists his head towards the middle of the area, Sao Paulo’s defense arrived ahead of Marcos Leonardo and took it away from a corner kick.

19:184 hours ago


Zanusillo makes a good pass to Lucas Braga on the right, and enters the area, but Ferrari expects and pulls away for a corner kick.

19:164 hours ago


Carabjal commits a foul on the barrier, back to Zanusillo who kicks, the ball explodes again in the Sao Paulo defense. She goes back to Rodrigo Fernandez, who kicked her out.

19: 144 hours ago


Madson cross in the area, Bowerman climbs up and turns it into the goal. The ball moves slowly and Jandrei saves easily.

19:124 hours ago


After the show, Jandrei falls and is receiving medical attention.

19: 114 hours ago

09 ‘Gender!

Soteldo leaves Felipe Jonatan face to face with Jandrei, Peixe’s team is trying a little touch on top, but Sao Paulo’s archer leaves the goal well and makes the defense.

19:08 4 hours ago

07 ‘

Marcus Gilherme receives on the right, kicks, but sends it out.

19:05 4 hours ago

04 ‘

Wellington passes Madson and passes a cross and Santos defense moves away. Three color corner.

19:04 4 hours ago

03 ‘

Felipe Jonathan falls to the ground and receives medical attention.

19:03 4 hours ago

01 ‘

Felipe Jonatan raises the ball in the area, and the Sao Paulo defense takes it to a corner.

19:01 4 hours ago

00 ‘The game begins!

The ball is rolling in Villa Belmiro. Samson begins.

18:565 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

Play the Brazilian national anthem.

18:545 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

Teams enter the field.

18:275 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

18:11 5 hours ago

⏱ ‘Climb the three colors!

Jandry. Rafinha, Miranda, Ferrari and Wellington; Gabriel Neves, Igor Gomez, Nikau and Patrick; Luciano and Marcus Guilherme.

18:105 hours ago

⏱ ‘Grated fish!

John Powell; Madson, Maicon, Eduardo Bowerman, and Felipe Jonathan; Rodrigo Fernandez, Vinicius Zanusillo and Carabjal; Lucas Braga, Saltildo and Marcos Leonardo.

18:075 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

18:065 hours ago

⏱ ‘Before the game’

01:59 21 hours ago

What is the date of the Santos vs Sao Paulo match, and how do you follow the live broadcast?

01:54 days ago

How and where to watch Santos vs Sao Paulo live broadcast

01:49 1 day ago


01:44 days ago

Probably Sao Paulo squad

Jandry. Diego Costa, (Ferrari) Miranda and Leo (Luisao); Rafinha, Gabriel Neves, Gallobo, Patrick, Wellington; Nikau and Marcus Gellheim (busts).

01:39 days ago

Alternate tricolor with first appearance

01:34 days ago

Probably the Santos lineup

John Powell; Madson, Maicon, Eduardo Bormann and Felipe Jonathan (Lucas Perez); Rodrigo Fernandez, Vinicius Zanusillo and Carabjal (Luan); Lucas Barbosa (Lucas Braga), Sotildo and Marcos Leonardo.

01:29 days ago

Debut on fish!

01:24 days ago

First round confrontation

01:19 days ago

How is the difference?

01:09 1 day ago


Hello fans! Stay tuned for the positions of each team for the confrontation soon. Catch up on details, line-ups and news as they happen live here on VAVEL Brasil’s small screen.

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