Vina em jogo entre o RB Bragantino e o Ceará, pelo Brasileirão(foto: Felipe Santos/CearaSC)

In a match of five penalty kicks, Ciara tied Bragantino in Serie A

On a night marked by five penalties – two of which were converted -, Ciara tied RB Bragantino 1 to 1 at Estadio Nabi Abi Chedid, in Braganca Paulista (SP), in the 23rd round of the Brazilian Serie A championship. As a result, Alvenegro reaches game five without beating the National Elite, who now total 26 points and are 15th.

Vovô now has a free week of preparations, as Porangabuçu’s team will only enter the stadium on Saturday, 27, to face Atlético – PR at 21:00, in a duel taking place at Arena Castelão for the round of 24.

the game

The start of the confrontation was frank, with Ciara and RB Bragantino frequently attacking each other and imposing a fast paced crafting plays. Although busy, the good performance of the defensive system of both teams was marked by offensive actions, causing in the first half a few clear chances to score – and those that did exist, were all belonging to the Sao Paulo club.

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Excessive passing errors and poor decision making in the final third of the field also hindered teams from completing offensive plays. Tactically, Massa Protta managed to be more proactive and hold the ball, concentrating the lead on the right side with Arthur.

Alfinegro, the most conservative and low marking streak, tried to explore spaces with counter-attacks with the speed of Colombian duo Mendoza and John Vazquez, using a lot of long balls. However, the strategy was not implemented efficiently. No wonder Grandfather only correctly finished the goal once defended by Clayton, attempting in 36 minutes of the first stage.

And with exactly Ceará’s strategy, in the 44th minute, in a direct call from the defense to Carlos Eduardo, RB Bragantino had the best chance of the first half. On the show, the striker came face-to-face with Luiz Ottavio, gained speed and ended up being hit by the defender inside the penalty area. The referee, without hesitation, referred to the penalty kick, a decision that prompted many complaints from white and white athletes.

In the duel between João Ricardo and Lucas Evangelista, who is responsible for the attack, the best was for Vovô’s bowler, who guessed the corner and made the ball superbly, preventing the black and white team from going to the locker room with a flaw on the scoreboard.

Upon the return of the second half, Juca decided to take Mendoza, the team’s top scorer in Brazil, to put Eric. On the pitch, Bragantino came back with a strong pressure on Fovo, a scenario that required several important defenses by Joao Ricciardo – the main champion of Ceará’s side.

After about 10 minutes of struggle, Ciara not only reorganized and balanced the match, but also became superior to the opponent. The grandfather even had a golden opportunity with John Vazquez in the 16th minute, when Bruno Pacheco reached the finish line and hit the striker’s right cross, devoid of any control in the area, but the header sealed the post.

At the age of 27, the chain of events changed the course of the match in favor of Ciara. The first was in a corner Veina hit the head of Messias, who tested strongly, but the ball hit the post again. On the rebound, Ze Roberto took control and fell inside the area: a penalty kick for Fufu.

Then Eric took charge. In attack, Clayton defended, but Vena, in reserve, finished off the net at the back of the net. The goal, however, was rejected by the VAR due to the invasion of the area, by the Alfinegro player and also by Bragantino, causing a new injury. Eric, who had previously hit the goalkeeper’s left corner, switched the shot to the other side, but it was blocked by Clayton. Amid the home team’s euphoria, the VAR determined Archer Massa Prota had advanced, nullifying the defense.

For the third time Ciara had the opportunity to convert the penalty kick. If it didn’t work out with Erick, Zee Roberto decided to charge. With calm and serenity, he kicked the striker in the middle of the goal and finally opened the scoring in the fencing.

When the match was headed toward a grandfather’s victory, the VAR started again. In the 54th minute, the referee was called to analyze a possible penalty kick by Messias on Nathan. After the review, the judge reported the violation. Faced with many complaints from Ceará athletes, Luan Cândido charged, dislodged João Ricardo and tied the match, which ended 1 to 1.

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