The 'Impossible' Neymar statue on Cuba's album is worth more than seven minimum wages;  understand

The ‘Impossible’ Neymar statue on Cuba’s album is worth more than seven minimum wages; understand

With a suggested price of up to Rls 9,000 on a website to buy and sell online, the statue of the golden legend Neymar, the former Santos player who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain (France), has become a kind of “holy grail” for collectors of the Qatar World Cup album released. Last Friday (19).

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Among the sellers of the traditional stronghold of trading cards in the neighborhood of Gonzaga, in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, it is a matter of waiting to negotiate such an important “origin” for attractive values. The reason for the great interest: A Gold Legend is expected to be earned every 1900 packs.

In all, there are 80 additional stickers from 20 players. It’s worth noting that the retail price for each package, with five figurines, is R$4. The Legends type is available in some packs, and the sixth type.

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“Yesterday (Saturday), I saw people selling for 10 Brazilian reals and then wanting to die. I grabbed me: whoever asks, I say I own it, but I won’t sell it.” Entrepreneur Leonardo Mendes, who works closely with Stato Bank.

He says that for the start of sales, he acquired the equivalent of 5 thousand stickers, and the balance of Legends stickers did not reach dozens. “We still don’t measure how much we’re asking,” adds friend Renan Marchetti, “on the market” since the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Civil engineer Yuri Korevis, who has been trading in statues since the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, also calls for caution about legends (there are four versions of them: burgundy, bronze, silver and gold).

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“I don’t have (the golden Neymar). Right now, I won’t sell it. Because I see absurdities on the Internet. For that price, I won’t sell, but I’ll wait to see how much I can. I’ll post it, do an auction, and who knows…”, he speculates.

Statue sellers in Santos ignore offensive values ​​- Photo: Alex Ferraz/A Tribuna Journal

Buyers rule out “abuse”

Among collectors looking for items to fill their World Cup albums, the idea of ​​spending thousands of riyals on a single Neymar – or Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mbappe – sounds like “abuse”.

The lawyer wonders: “I will not compare it to this price, and I will not even sell it for this exorbitant price. Perhaps I will replace it with posters that I do not own, to complete the album faster. Statues)” asks attorney Daniel de Espindola Perez.

On the other hand, Antonio Falzone, a business executive who has acquired the album and some posters for his children, has ruled out excessive spending on one chrome. “I think it was misused (9,000 R$ for Neymar’s gold chrome). It should be in the traditional way, for exchanges. I will pay, at most, R$50,” he identifies.

The good old poster exchange, with pen marks already glued to the paper, also has a space in the Gonzaga neighborhood. This is the case of journalist Rodrigo Pepian. Accompanied by his family, he traded in a “one-to-one” mode.

However, he does not condemn speculation about some nerds. “Rare pieces have a market value. There are those who ask and there are those who pay. And they will appreciate more over the years,” he says.

Statues are sold and traded in the streets of Santos – Photo: Alex Ferraz/A Tribuna Journal

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