The melody is the object of irony when talking about the partnership with Ariana Grande in music

The melody is the object of irony when talking about the partnership with Ariana Grande in music

Melody, 15, participated last night in “Programa Silvio Santos,” on SBT, with a Patrícia Abravanel present, and commented on “Assalto Perigoso,” a rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Positions.”

On the show, Melody claimed that he performed the song with Ariana. “I’m even the only Brazilian to co-star with Ariana Grande in this song I made with her,” she said.

During her participation in the program, the teen also commented on her cover of “Faking Love”, a song that appeared on the singer’s latest album, “Versions of Me”. “She did this by Anitta, ‘Fake Amor,’ and nowadays, in her shows people sing my version,” she said.

When asked by Patrícia if her re-recording would be better than the original, Melody replied, “I’m not saying better, but I’ve noticed that people liked it a lot,” she made an assessment.

Then Patricia asked Anitta to record a song in partnership with Melody. “That’s it, but my biggest dream is to conquer the whole world. To be Ariana Grande in life, Whitney Houston, to finally reach the whole world.

On the Internet, Melody’s post sparked a wave of criticism and memes with her lines. One Twitter user said: “Even Wanda in her craziness wouldn’t be able to create an image like this like Melody.” Another commented: “A tune into the multiverse of madness.” Melody’s evolution from ‘Fake Love’ to Fake News’, a young woman quipped.

“I can’t stand seeing this tune lie, I want to see when someone gives it a reality check,” confirmed one social network user. Young wrote: “Melody says she was the first Brazilian woman to do a feat with Ariana Grande. She didn’t do the feat, she stole the song.” Another said, “Melody said she was the first Brazilian to get an Ariana Grande feat that made me laugh.”

Controversial ‘partnership’

It all started when Melody and Anita fell out, after a follower criticized Anita’s “anti-Labour but pro-Lola” rhetoric. The singer justified herself by saying it was a strategy to “speak well or speak badly but talk about me” and quoted Melody.

“Don’t you see Melody? You just talk bad about her, nothing she does is really serious and professional, but she gets so involved and stays in the market to make bullshit with my lone-fighting boyfriend,” he said.

But the young Melody didn’t like the comment at all and retaliated: “I never spoke badly of her and she said my work wasn’t professional. Who is in the Top 1 Brazil now? She was in the Top 1 in the world, but where does Melody say her music is? She’s off the map, on Although it did not reach the top of the Brazilian charts on Spotify.

Those who have a mouth say what they want, but my talent is greater than all that. The Ugly Woman of about 40 puts a 15-year-old teenager into a political debate to engage in. musical composition

Anita responded in a menacing tone, saying that she knew the authors of one of Melody’s songs, “Assalto Perigoso,” a version provided by “attitudesSinger Ariana Grande.

“I know songwriters who hit Top 1 mana. I guess you don’t know them, no, because the music was composed by Ariana Grande in this case, right…but don’t worry, I didn’t show it for them, or else… Now he sings Valito in the name of only Lola from”Kids Games‘ there for Answer me, and you will become news.”

Confusion reached the ears of Ninja Charles, one of the authors of Ariana Grande’s hit songs. “I’ve never spoken to Melody before. She has to give credit to the book and share the money she made with the song. Things like this happen all the time, but you have to explain. It’s okay to cover songs on YouTube and SoundCloud, but when you put them on streaming platforms, you need to To count and share profits. Maybe you don’t know?”, he said.

“I’m not angry with Melody and a minor shouldn’t be attacked. I’m just telling you that this music story hasn’t been resolved yet, but I’m sure it will be,” she concluded, noting that the team is already working on the issue. the question.

Melody then listed Ariana Grande as one of the songwriters for her song “Dangerous Assault”.

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