7 careers that will swing with Web3;  Salaries are up to 30 thousand Brazilian riyals

7 careers that will swing with Web3; Salaries are up to 30 thousand Brazilian riyals

Web3 (or Web 3.0) is still in development, and could give rise to a number of new professions. And, as with any new technology, it will increase the demand for professionals, says Eleni Sabino, coordinator of courses in digital games, management and information technology at Centro Universitário Facens.

Being the “great development of the Internet”, Web3 will allow machines to interpret a much larger volume of data.

It will also “decentralize” this information, possibly increase the autonomy of creators and independent users, and reduce companies known as Big Tech. We anticipate that we will interact much more deeply with other users of any platform (including the metaverse).

In this brave new world of digital possibilities, learn about some careers that could rock:

Metaverse Diagram (Metaverse Diagram)

average wage: Initially, you can get between R$2,500 to R$3,000, with the potential to reach R$15,000.

What will you do: Apply strategic communication actions created within a part of the metaverse.

Currently, the Metaverse can be defined as a digital reality linked to the traditional Internet, but with elements of social networking, augmented reality, online games, and cryptocurrencies that allow users to act and interact virtually.

“When we talk about the Metaverse, the idea is very simple. Imagine going to the mall without leaving your home, using only virtual reality glasses. Your image is displayed wherever you go, getting to know places, traveling, all without leaving your home, and the experience, sounds, smells and feelings, as Had he been present, but he’s quite far away,” explains Sabino.

So far, 5% of the Metaverse’s ability has not been tapped, according to Roberto gondo, Professor of Competitive Intelligence at McKenzie Presbyterian University.

Ecosys diagram (ecosystem diagram)

average wage: Initially, you can get between R$2,500 to R$3,000, with the potential to reach R$15,000.

What will you do: Understand the brand’s communication and marketing strategies that occur outside the metaverse, but align them with these new opportunities, in a “360 degree” view.

“As an example, we can think of Coca-Cola, which always launches a global campaign with multiple appearances: on TV, on the streets, on websites, on influencer profiles. That is, it is ubiquitous, but still needs to be integrated. The planner will know how to Use the best strategies in the digital environment,” explains Gondo.

Avatar Designer (Avatar Designer)

average wage: Initially, you can get between R$2,500 to R$3,000, with the potential to reach R$15,000.

What will you do: Create the overall style of a character in the metaverse, from real-world references and digital possibilities. In addition to clothing, this professional will be responsible for the character and style of the avatar, with the aim of attracting a larger audience.

“It seems funny today to discuss whether this really exists. But let’s remember what we used to say 10 or 15 years ago: ‘Look, there’s going to be cloud storage,'” Gondo says. “People laughed.”

“This concern about how that digital person, that digital individual, will behave in that digital society is going to be very relevant.”

Blockchain Engineer

average wage: 10 thousand Brazilian riyals. According to experts, there is a possibility of receiving from 5 thousand RRL to 30 thousand R$.

What will you do: System architecture and security design. It creates the basis on which software developers will later build applications and systems. In this way, products that include crypto assets, for example, can be safely marketed within a fully immersive virtual environment that will be more secure.

Mixed Reality Developer for the metaverse

average wage: Between 8 thousand Brazilian riyals to 15 thousand Brazilian riyals

What will you do: Replicating reality and creating new ones through digital devices. This means that when someone accesses a 2D website, they will participate in an immersive experience, which will provide virtual actions and interactions with other people and content, as if they were inside a video game.

“For example: imagine a Formula 1 race, where the race driver is driving his car remotely, and the driver and the audience can experience all the sensations of competition naturally,” explains Sabino.

Scientific Researcher Metaverse

average wage: 13580 Brazilian Real

What will you do: Creating applications for the metaverse, as they will not be built by system code alone. The work will include functional infrastructures and solutions that include sensors, cameras, headsets and virtual glasses. The goal of this professional will be to intertwine the digital and physical world, assemble or adapt equipment, or even develop new tools.

Metaverse ecosystem developer

average wage: From 10750 BRL to 18050 BRL

what are you going to do: Ensure that the various functions created are widely feasible, without neglecting operability, i.e. providing the customer with the new virtual world to use the acquired items in different experiences.

What can come

Web3 will allow many current professions to be adapted to the virtual world. For example, a designer or a realtor in the metaverse.

In law, for example, there will be professionals who will take care of the numerical details of new legal concepts within the metaverse. Petra Quinellato, Coordinator at victorious Wall Advogados, highlights that attorneys will also play an active role in protecting trademarks, software, copyrights and patents.

“Criminal lawyers deal with harassment cases reported in the metaverse. Real estate attorneys have already been asked about the property code. And it doesn’t stop there…the legal challenges are many and they are just beginning to be explored.” Attention.

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