Atlético-PR scores another goal from a bicycle and draws with USA MG

Atlético-PR scores another goal from a bicycle and draws with USA MG

Atlético-PR hosted América-MG tonight (21), at the Arena da Baixada, and drew 1-1. Hurricane goal raised doubts about his authorship, but the referee initially referred to the striker Pablo, but in the summary it was indicated that he was against the defender Edir. Henrique Almeida, of Coelho, scored a great goal by bicycle and equalized in the match valid for the 23rd round of Brazil.

With the tie, Atletico missed the opportunity to enter the G4 and left 38 points in fifth place. America, taking the point away from home, reached 31 points and is the ninth.

Who Has Worked Well: Mateus Caviccioli and Ebner

Goalkeeper Mateus saved well when required and gave a lot of safety to the defense of Minas Gerais. Abner, the Atletico team, was very sharp and got into the attack a lot, creating the best scoring chances for the home team.

Who was bad: Edir

Eder, the North American defender, struggled to contain and understand the movement of Atletico’s attack and still had the misfortune of participating so poorly in the display that led to the Hurricane goal in the first stage.

Atlético dominance and doubt over the scorer

Atletico dominated the game from the start and the volume of play was good. America, in turn, bet on the speed of access, but failed to have the ball in midfield and to be assertive.

Mateus Caveccioli saved well but was unable to block Eder’s goal in the 25th minute. In the net, Abner was free and overtaking. Eder tried to take her out, but sent her against his own goal. Cavicioli even touched the ball, but could not prevent the ball from entering and even hit the foot of striker Pablo, who sent it inside just in case.

Abner, who was on the left side of Atletico’s attack, found a lot of freedom and created a lot of danger to America’s defense, either through good crosses or dangerous offside along the diagonal. The first half was crowded, but America struggled to turn up the volume and put pressure on Atletico, even though they had good chances.

The witch is on the loose in America!

In addition to Éder’s own goal, two América-MG players had to be substituted before the first 30 minutes of play. Ali Igea felt muscle discomfort and made way for Emmanuel Martinez after 12 minutes of play. At 28′, Mateocino, after suffering a blow to the head, was knocked out for Pedrienho.

The goal of cycling and pressure in America

América-MG needed to get the result, came back more organized and with good attacking power, and managed a corner kick for Athletico-PR and created good chances to score. The host team, shrunk by the position of America, had no chances to counterattack and was under severe pressure at the start of the second stage.

America explored the sides of the field very well, especially with Pedrinho, who had the advantage in single-player attempts. Even with a larger offensive size and a good presence in attack, America did not have many chances to score and struggled to create clear scoring opportunities.

Canopio and Felipe Azevedo fight for the ball in the match Atlético x América-MG, the Brazilian championship held in Curitiba.

Photo: Robson Mafra/AGIF

In the 18th minute, Henrique Almeida, who entered the second stage to give the team a presence in the area, scored a superb goal with the bike, after a good movement on the left side and confusion in the home team’s defence. The Atletico defenders didn’t cut the cross well, and with the classic bike action, Henrique Almeida scored a great goal for America.

Atletico-PR, who had already conceded a goal by bike from Pedro, in the elimination against Flamengo in the Copa del Rey, was already going through a bad second stage and felt the goal suffered a lot, without being able to draw a reaction. Luiz Felipe Scolari consolidated several changes in the team, but could not reduce the dominance of America in the match, which had opportunities to change the course of the match and add the three points.

data sheet:

1 x 1 AMERICA-MG Gym
Competition: Brazilian Championship – Round 23
date and time: 08/21/2022 (Sunday), 18:00 (Brasilia time)
place: Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR)
Rule: Savio Pereira Sampaio (FIFA/DF)
helpers: Rodrigo Figueiredo Correa (RJ/Fifa) and Daniel Henrique da Silva (RJ)
VAR: Hermann Brommel Fanny (SP)
Objectives: Éder (AME) vs., at 25 minutes into the first half; Henrique Almeida (AME), 18 minutes into the second half

Athlete: Benedict. Chlevin, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Abner; Alex Santana (Eric), Fernandinho and Terrance (Leo Citadini); Canopio (Romolo), Coelho (Vetino) and Pablo (Victor Rock). TechnicalBy: Luis Felipe Scolari

America- MG: Mateus Caffeccioli. Patrick, Yago Maidana, Eder and Marlon; Juninho, Lucas Cale (Ricardo Silva) and Aleh (Martínez); Matteos (Pedrinho), Felipe Azevedo (Wellington Paulista) and Henrique Almeida (Everaldo). Technical: Wagner Mancini

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