Did Anita predict the ruin of Nubank?  Fintech lost more than consensus in Q222 and NUBR33 stock fell more than 10% - Empiricus CEO recommends betting that stake could drop further in the "double-win" operation;  understand

Did Anita predict the ruin of Nubank? Fintech lost more than consensus in Q222 and NUBR33 stock fell more than 10% – Empiricus CEO recommends betting that stake could drop further in the “double-win” operation; understand

last Monday (15), nubank (Nober 33) results for the second quarter of 2022. But unfortunately, although fintech has some positive numbers, it was The loss is more than expected from the market.

Did Anita anticipate “ruining” the bank with her decision to leave the board of directors this month?

According to analysts interviewed by Bloomberg, the forecast was for a net loss of around $10 million USD. But Nubank was disappointed by the reports Net loss of $29.9 million for the second quarter of 22.

In addition, the digital bank also achieved growth in hypothetical 0.6 percentage point, up 4.1%. This is an indicator that interests analysts and investors.

On the other hand, Nubank achieved growth in the number of clients, growth in net revenue and activity rate (the number of monthly active clients divided by total clients), which reached a record high in the second quarter of 22.

As a result, NUBR33 stock jumped 25% earlier in the week. However, with the market weighing the results, the price is already making a downward correction. As I write this report, Stocks down more than 10% Between 17 and 19 August.

The truth is that the year started on the “left foot” of digital banking. This is because of the scenario high interest And the hyperinflation It is one of the main drivers of the published result. After all, fintech companies are one of the sectors suffering the most in this context.

See: Nubank caught a very important “hand turn” in the market. Suddenly, due to the overall scenario, investors stopped betting on companies with Promises of massive profit in the future (But it hasn’t been profitable at the moment, as with Nubank), to invest in more solid assets.

In this new scenario, fintech companies lost their appeal and those who stole the show were companies with existing cash generation and a strong structure.

But Nubank’s situation goes a little further. More than being an unfavorable market environment, the digital bank also deals with other factors that hinder its performance in the stock market and make investing in stocks”boredom” Currently.

Who believes this is not me but yes Felipe MirandaCEO and Chief Strategist at Empiricus. In his view, Nubank is no longer worth it and it is time to invest, betting that NUBR33 shares will drop.

Although fintech reached its peak at the end of 2021, it has become the most valuable bank in Latin America, ahead of giants such as ItauInvesting in them today can mean you are “burning money” in the stock market.

Instead of buying Nubank stock and betting that it will go up, the analyst recommends that investors bet that the stock will go down, and look for Profit from the fall of NUBR33.

Nubank’s Share Dropped Over 53% in 2022, But There’s Still Room for More – Here’s Why to Bet on Fall

Altogether, Nubank lost about 53% of the market value in 2022between the highs and lows of the market. However, for Felipe Miranda, this can be a “chip” compared to how much the stock price can still fall:

“We did the math and they showed us that Fair price for Nu’s BDR (NUBR33) is closer to 2 BRLsays Felipe Miranda, CEO of Empiricus

To explain his point, the analyst included 3 reasons to believe that Nubank can “fall” and reach R$ 2.00. See what they are below:

1. Difficulty monetizing users

The biggest challenge for Nubank, right now, is Your users investment. To give you an idea, a digital bank currently has a customer base that is concentrated in categories C, D and E. Which, in practice, means customers who have very little cash on hand.

Nubianc attracted this with the show Credit card with no annual fee And a current account that produces 100% of the CDI daily. But these “privileges” have greatly harmed the financial technology, which has today 14 times revenue than the average of the large Brazilian banks.

The digital bank’s rationale for such benefits is that revenue will grow as it offers more financial products to its customer base. Personal loans, real estate, sale of life insurance and investments were part of this package.

despite, The big problem is money. As mentioned, Nubank’s customer base consists precisely of those most affected by the downturn in the economy. Thus, obtaining additional income for investing or obtaining insurance is unlikely.

2. Bad debt continues to grow…

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Nubank continues to report an increase in hypothetical. Given the more difficult economic scenario, most analysts believe that the level of defaulters may worsen in Brazil, as happened in the 2015-2016 crisis.

At that time, more experienced banks, which had been providing credit to customers for several decades, saw significantly higher default rates. Now, if it’s the case for “old men of war”, imagine newcomers like Nubank?

Miranda can’t say how severe a default will be for Nubank, but he believes it will be very difficult for a digital bank to smoothly navigate this economic scenario.

3. A NUBR33 serving is very expensive, although it costs R$4

Finally, Felipe Miranda highlights Nubank’s numbers, which are not good at all. on me A free report to investors was released in January of this year Courtesy of Vitreo, the analyst did the math and concluded that the stock was too expensive:

“Nu’s market capitalization, which is about R$200 billion, includes a return on equity of about 30% and a net income of about R$11 billion in 2026. This means that, to justify its current price, Nubank, in 5 years, will have to Return the net loss of R$436 million to a net profit of R$10 billion”— Explains Felipe Miranda, CEO of Empiricus

Since then, the digital bank has lost a lot of its market value and is currently valued at around R$70 billion. However, even compared to its peers, who have naturally expanded numbers, Nubank is trading at expensive levels.

Find out how to look for profit by betting that the Nubank stake can go down even more

Now comes the best part of it all. After finding out why Philip Miranda thinks Nubank could lose more market value, it’s time to find out How do I benefit from it?.

Here’s the thing: Now I want to present to you a strategy developed by the CEO of Empiricus, which aims to make money from the collapse of Nubank.

It was first recommended on January 18 this year in a report titled “Exceptional Update: Life-Changing Opportunities”, and since then Made more than 80% profitAnd the

With the success achieved, Felipe decided to update the strategy, making it even more powerful. On the one hand, Felipe is betting on the fall of the NUBR33 stock and on another very expensive financial institution, in his opinion.

On the other hand, the analyst recommends buying shares of a traditional Brazilian bank that has earned a higher-than-expected profit this quarter and has a “big” dividend expected for 2022.

Instructions for putting this “double win” operation into practice In this free report, which you can access from your email.

In his view, this operation maintains a very attractive profit variance in the banking sector. thus, You can win twice.

To check out the full CEO thesis, with all the rationale and instructions for putting the strategy into action, simply click on the button below and launch your access to the report:

Since this is a powerful strategy, developed by Philip Miranda himself, it is recommended that you do it Access to the free report and strictly follow his recommendations.

And don’t worry: Entry is free, courtesy of Vitreo. No penny will be charged, so you can read the full strategy and put it into practice. enough Click here and enter a valid email to receive the report in your inbox.

Reports: “The Twisted Road of 2022 – Part Three” (22/05/19) and “Extraordinary Change: A Change in Life Opportunity” (22/05/23).

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