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review | Sandman – 1X11: A Dream of a Thousand Cats – A Decisive Plan

nickname “Comic is practically unadaptable“what or what Sandman It was no exaggeration that we have received for so many years, and that is what we all understand now. Among the many stories in which this opinion was very strong, A dream of a thousand cats It occupied an outstanding position. The fact that it focuses primarily on the world of cats, or from a feline perspective, makes it very difficult to turn this plot into audiovisual, so the series’ producers’ choice of animation in order to reimagine this story ended up being the best possible. In fact, the only person, in my opinion, does justice to what the author wanted to convey in his original post, Sandman #18now grouped in a bow Dream land.

The original story has a perfect rhythmic progression, built in layers. In it, we see a cat sleeping. In the next scene he sees an adult cat at the window inviting him to something that is going to happen outside the house. In the current animation, directed by Hesco Holsing (known in recent years for his work on the series backing down), we see that this beginning is very well shaped in feel and progression, with a puppy escaping to a nocturnal adventure where he will meet the cat-prophet speech (Sandra Oh, in a calm, luxurious and so lovely dubbing). There is a good variety of feelings in this beginning, and they are all very close to horror. In development, this feeling is reinforced, but there are scenes that follow a different path, the breath of beauty and warmth in the middle of a story that, no matter what interpretation the viewer makes of the plot, will always be sad, beautiful and touching.

The chosen animation technique went very well in this production, being firmly rooted in the sensations, in communicating the construction and/or deconstruction of an entire audience presence. The director creates a hypnotic mixture of real oil paintings in the classic 2D format. The interaction between the human world and the cat world also allows for blocks of scenes as these panels interact with the realistic 3D graphics of cats, designed by Untold Studios, London. Took this material, Submarine Studios, in Amsterdam, and finished coloring it which is a real sight. view recovery From the Prophet confuses the pain of the mother with the moment of cats Sexual, from courting a stray cat who chose to be her lover. The scenery is beautiful, the color of the cat is beautiful and the twilight environment in the background tells the viewer a huge amount of things, to be able to create one of the most intense and happy atmospheres in the work in a few seconds.

Seeing Morpheus here represented in dreams of a mother of cats in a sad process is exciting in many ways, and is yet another evidence (it comes exactly from the comics, not a serial invention!) that the appearance of a dream can be in any shape, color, environment, culture and species. In addition to the clear indication that animals also reach the dream, we note the extent to which the cat’s dream brings an applause-worthy account of creation. The idea that the most vigorously dreaming species is the one who gives all the interpretations and who sets the rules for the world in which he lives, from beginning to end. The advocacy of the collective dream is directly established, as is the difficulty of this common dream occurring. Indeed, the choice of cats for this representation was very correct on the part of Neil Gaiman, who, by the way, expresses very well the skeletal raven of the part of the dream visited by the cat.

What constitutes reality? What is the true power of the collective dream? How can an entire era be erased and something created in which the former become dominant and, depending on the situation, accepted into some space of the new reality? I have always been amazed by the amount of interpretations of this anecdote. It is an adventure about creation, about the possibility of changing things (our reality/our universe is the example given in the story, but the author’s tale applies, as always, in this genre, to any particular environment in someone’s life); Turn the dream together, and based on this collective desire, the quest to build a new era. A lyrical story with an open window of hope for any self-respecting dreamer.

Sandman – 1X11: Dream of a Thousand Cats – USA, UK, August 19, 2022
direction: Hesco Holsing
road map: Katherine Smith McMullen
spit: Tom Sturridge, Sandra Oh, Rosie Day, Neil Gaiman, David Gyasi, Joe Lysette, James McAvoy, David Tennant, Georgia Tennant, Michael Sheen, Anna Lundberg, Nunso Anozzi, Diane Morgan, Tom Wu
Period: 16 minutes

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