Tertulinho (Renato Góes), Colonel Tertúlio (José de Abreu) ​​and Deodora (Deborah Bloch)

Living with it has always been a problem.

A little over four months ago, Renato Joyce has been in the first stage of the Pantanal, glistening in the complexion of Jose Leoncio, now played by Marcos Palmira. Saying goodbye to the pawn, the 35-year-old actor soon had to move away from the world of courtiers, horses and farms, losing eight kilograms and changing his hair to throw himself on another adventure. Starting Monday (22), the Pernambuco native will take on the role of Tertulinho, the great villain in Globo’s new six-hour opera, “Mar do Sertão,” with a challenge ahead.

My latest work is very present in people’s mouths. Sometimes I’m at the scene like Tertulinho and someone passes me by calling me Zé Leôncio (laughs).

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The new story unfolds in Canta Piedra, a place that, they say, was once the sea and turned into Sirtau. The son of Colonel Tertúlio (José de Abreu) ​​and Deodora (Débora Bloch), Renato’s character is a womanizer, who only wants to know about a good life at his father’s expense. After a period in the capital, he returns to his family’s city and falls madly in love with Kandoka, the hero defended by newcomer Isadora Cruz.

– Tertolino, in fact, is an accumulation of problems. He’s not entirely bad, but he doesn’t have a good heart either. Doesn’t follow a valid guideline or root or consider social and human situations. He is a very contradictory man. The great villain, the greatest harm he inflicts on others, comes from the snowball resulting from his great passion for Kenduka – defines the actor, who adds: – Tertolino is the result of a father and mother who pampered him so much. Diodora directs his suspicious side. On the other hand, Tertillo gives his son everything, although not as he would like. He is from a crazy family.

Tertulinho (Renato Góes), Colonel Tertúlio (José de Abreu) ​​and Deodora (Deborah Bloch) Photo: PAULO BELOTE/Globo/Porncher

Despite being the main villain of the novel, Tertulinho is a bit clumsy and can’t apply everything he imagines.

“He has a jovial side. He is a villain who is very confused with what he is trying to do and, at the same time, very touched by emotion. He ends up being a bit blind. Tertulinho is capable of killing and dying for this love – analyzes Renato, stressing that the character does not even have the ability to Being bad: -Every bad thing he tries to do doesn’t work.Every good thing he does or says he copied from someone else.Man is a big fake.

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Free from vanity, the actor says his diet, training, and grooming routine dictate the roles he plays. To live Tertulinho, he lost eight kilograms and dyed his hair.

Wears enameled and embossed wire. I don’t have a comb or brush, and I don’t remember the last time I went to the salon to get a haircut on my own. You must be at least six years old! When I cut it for a character. Recordings end, and I let my hair and beard grow at someone else’s mercy – he says, who also comments on his workout routine: – I do follow-ups and exams to keep everything up to date. But depending on the job, I train to gain or lose mass. For this person, I lost a lot of weight, to change the body that was a pawn. I don’t have any kind of care and conceit with beauty that is not oriented towards personality.

Renato Gus as Tertulinho de
Renato Jos as Tertolino from “Mar do Sertau” Photo: Ronald Santos Cruz/Globo/Porncher

To record the scenic landscape of the Northeast, the Mar de Sertau team traveled to the area. As a fan of photography, the actor took the opportunity to tap the beauty with his cell phone (see these pages), as he did in Pantanal. “Entourage” of the television series at 6 o’clock passed through Pernambuco, Bahia and Alagoas in 20 days. During this period, Renato followed the daily life of Francesco, his son with actress Thayla Ayala, through video calls. When recording the series, he only has days off, which he takes the opportunity to enjoy with his family.

– In the time I spend at home, I try to be as close to my family as possible. I try to do everything I can, which is what I can. Thela and I worked a lot. But at home, all we do is take care of our son and focus on him. But we need to go out to make a living, move forward so that we can educate him and create the best conditions for him. I think we have a healthy relationship with her.

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Francisco is only 8 months old, but Thela and her husband already talk a lot about the education they intend to give the boy:

We both have gone through a lot to conquer our place, our space, and what we have today. We have already thought about how to pass these values ​​on to him, who will already start life with more opportunities, compared to us – he says, worried about not spoiling Francisco and ending with turning him into a Tertolino in life: that’s why we want to make him feel the value of every achievement as we felt.

Renato Joyce and Tayla Ayala, Francisco's parents
Renato Joyce and Tayla Ayala, Francisco’s parents Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

One of Renato’s accomplishments, not only, but collectively, is the acting brought in “Mar do Sertão”. The plot has about 20 Northeast actors in the cast. The actor celebrates:

“Nobody wants to see this selective blindness anymore, these facilities to leave everything as is. It’s time for TV dramaturgy to do it. We’re seeing the reversals of a years-long battle, but there’s still a long way to go for more change — sees the actor, remembering The prejudices he experienced during his journey: – The fact that he is a Northeast has always been a problem with jokes, jokes… They talk about accent, the way they dress, they play around with the way you name things. Living with it has always been a problem. To this day what I still see disdain in our treatment.

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In his career, the actor faced difficulties when he started the profession. He remembers that at that time, in 2006, Northeastern cinema was growing well, but he had to hear several phrases that annoyed him. In addition, he always saw the need to take an interest in Northeast related productions in order to be a part of the cast.

– They asked where I came from, and when I said that I was from Pernambuco, there was such a thing as “Ah, you will dominate everything”, “One more”, “You want to take everything”. For many years, I had to stay on top of what series or movies or whatever act had a Northeast theme was up to to try and get involved, because it was so highly rated and we were only due to do Northeast work. The worst thing about this was that the Northeast characters were very busy with people from the Southeast. We used to beg to play a role that was ours. Others have interpreted those that were left to us – explains Tertulinho’s translator, who assesses the ideal path: – The balance in this is a wonderful place. I have a big job in my life, Legalize Now, doing Marcelo D2. I am a native of Pernambuco and I play the carioca. This can happen. It’s symbolic and powerful to put a Northeastern person to play a character from other origins in the country. We have to bring the imbalance to the side that has always been lower and put it higher so that at some point we can do it justice.

Actor Renato Joyce
Actor Renato Jose Photo: Photo Globo / Joao Cotta / Agência O Globo

According to Renato, the various “nos” he received throughout his life, as well as those he gave, were important for building his path as a person and also as an artist.

– It is very important for us to know that we will have a lifetime of “No”. But we always have to think about the fall, the strength and the rise. This is in the life of the actor on a daily basis. Every scene you love and don’t like is a “no.” I’ve spent a lot of time with this need for approval, but I think, in fact, we have to know that we’re a part of it. I was also fortunate enough to spend a lot of battle time before things started to turn. This helps me keep my feet on the ground – reflects Renato, who says he lives well: – Nothing has changed in my life. I never stopped going anywhere I had always frequented due to exposure. I am also very careful about my social media, what I do, and what I say. I appreciate the characters I play a lot more than the normal person, you know?

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The Pernambuco native considers himself lucky to have been able to tell great stories and touch on topics that he considers important in his work. In the Pantanal, the controversy is raised about the area, in Filho Chico (2016), the issue of riverside people, the diversion of the São Francisco River. In the series “Os Dias Que Somos Assim” (2017), the theme is the military dictatorship, and in “Orfãos da Terra” (2019), the situation of refugees. The politicized actor believes that it is necessary, in an election year, for artists to take a stand.

“It is the necessary personal exposure. We are in a time of change, everyone is tired. Not just for art, for culture, but for people as a whole. We need general improvement in all sectors, real interest. Not this childhood, this childishness we have seen In recent years she has been debating power, asking such small questions in these strange ways. It’s time to talk about the really relevant social drama and make a change. I hope the union of all these revolutions will prevent us from making the same mistake again.

“Seertau Sea”

“The sertão will become the sea is an ancient prophecy. The name ‘Sea do Sertão’ has a relationship to abundance and everything in the sertão is beautiful, beautiful and energizing. The relationship between water and energy is also present. In the novel, the local dam, owned by Colonel Tertão, represents strength and also becomes a sea. From Sirtau, because it is the only sea there. There is even a passage at the beginning of the first chapters in which Tertulinho asks his father why he opposes the construction of the new dam. He replies that the reason is that only he owns the water.

Renato sea side

“I’m more of the country, but I have a very strong attachment to the sea. I’ve always lived close by, and I’ve always loved to travel. I also love to follow surfing tournaments. I had a surfing phase as a teenager, and would go to the beach with friends. I always had a board The moment I would have resumed surfing, but I never did.”

… and the countryside

“I’m from Pernambuco. I grew up going to Agreste, to the outlying lands of Pernambuco and Paribas. I’ve also made several series and movies set in Sertão. I also greatly appreciate giving my voice and my knowledge to local issues. People have always talked about water, but it goes beyond That. When we talk about the Northeast, we talk about all the needs of the labor market and everything else. I have always had a very strong relationship to rural life, with horses … In the plot of “Cordel encantado” I played a man who rode a horse better than the others. In” Velho Chico” and in “Pantanal” too. Now comes this wonderful break, because Tertulinho doesn’t know anything about horses, he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it, he’s afraid. He doesn’t even have an identity. I live my whole life in the big city, in the capital and I have a connection to horses. I have been riding horses since I was two years old.”

Actor Renato Joyce
Actor Renato Jose Photo: Photo Globo / Joao Cotta / Agência O Globo

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