UFC 278: Edwards knocks out Usman and wins the belt;  Purracinha wins and Aldo loses

UFC 278: Edwards knocks out Usman and wins the belt; Purracinha wins and Aldo loses

UFC 278 introduced the organization’s newest middleweight champion to the world on Saturday night (20), in Salt Lake (USA). Leon Edwards was controlled by Kamaru Usman, then the belt holder, but just 56 seconds before the Englishman hit a stunning high kick that “disassembled” the Nigerian. Now, the crown of the category up to 77 kg belongs to the “Rocky”.

Edwards brutally hit Usman and won the belt at UFC 278 (Image: Reproduction/ESPN)

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At UFC 278’s co-main event, Paulo Borrachinha again won the Ultimate in a live fight against Luke Rockhold. The former middleweight champ, who hasn’t fought in three years, retired to the octagon. Brazil did not have the best performance of the show. Jose Aldo lost his streak of three victories in the bantamweight division when he was overtaken by Merab Dvalishvili. On the seed card, Leo Santos, Francisco Figueiredo and Daniel Miogo were also defeated.

Edwards knocks Osman, wins the title

The main event of UFC 278 began with a study of the fighters. Leon Edwards had a big moment when he became the first fighter to defeat Kamaru Usman in UFC history. On the ground, the Englishman already fell on the mountain, took his back and attacked his neck to end the “Nigerian nightmare”, but to no avail. The Nigerian returned after losing the first round with more force for the second round and made several good blows to the British man’s body and face, in addition to weakening him in the final stage.

The African dominated the third round, defeating with some ease and was working on a pressure match with Edwards on the floor. The scenario continued in the last three rounds with Camaro in control, but with only 56 seconds left in the fight, Edwards hit a stunning high kick that “smashed” Usman on the spot. The Englishman won the rematch against the Nigerian, when he lost in 2015, and won the welterweight belt that the organization had dreamed of. Now, a former champion, the Nigerian has lost a streak of 15 consecutive wins in the Ultimate.

Rubber beat and Rockhold retired

The opening round was intense as Paulo Poorachinha took care of the proceedings and set a solid rhythm in the fight. The Brazilian landed good hits on the big hit and punished Luke Rockhold in the face. The best American moment was when he hit the kicks at the waistline – which mocked the opponent’s attacks. Physically exhausted, the former middleweight champion used kicks as his main weapon in the second round, while Borrachinha used a combination of hits to attack.

In the third round, both fighters were physically exhausted, but Borrachinha was still better physically. The miner continued to apply the best blows, however, he was not able to knock out. The American even managed to make a flash, but without taking advantage of more damage to the opponent. In the end, by unanimous decision, the Brazilian snatched victory over UFC 278 and won again after two defeats. Rockold, who had shown tremendous strength in the 15-minute resistance, announced his retirement from the sport.

The Georgian beats Aldo at UFC 278

In the first round, Jose Aldo was spinning the ball and putting in combinations of straight kicks, as well as some low kicks. Merab Dvalishvili showed more aggression and tried to bring down the Brazilian on a few occasions, however, the former UFC champion put up a solid defense. In the second round, the Georgian took Aldo to the net, but again could not eliminate him. However, Merab spent most of his time riding the Brazilian’s thigh.

In the third round, Dvalishvili began trying to take down and continue without success. In the stand-up fight, the Georgian kept moving forward and punching punches, while the Brazilian tried to strike back, but without much force. Aldo defended all takedowns in the fight, but the victory at UFC 278 eventually went to the European by unanimous decision. The People’s Champion lost the three victories streak in the bantamweight division.

Leo Santos suffers another setback

After the start of the study between the fighters, Jared Gordon trapped Leo Santos in the network and carried out a lightning attack. The American dealt several blows and began to dominate the fighting. In the second round, the Brazilian even tried to remove, even removing it, but did not benefit because he slipped due to sweat.

Gordon was dominating the fight and undermining the Brazilian gas with blows to the belt line. In the third round, the fight followed the same scenario. The American unanimously made the decision to win at UFC 278. Leo, 42, has his third consecutive setback at lightweight.

Francisco and Mujo were defeated

Having started well in the standby fight, Francisco Figueiredo couldn’t avoid a game of grappling with the Prince of El Bazi. The Swede conquered good takedowns, until he grabbed the Brazilian’s back in the first round and installed the back bare throttle at UFC 278. The ‘Prince’ was undefeated in the organization, now with three wins. On the other hand, spondylosis was again defeated in flyweight. At the opening of UFC 278, Daniel Miojo started the fight against Victor Altamirano well, but did not resist for long. The Brazilian came to apply a knockout, but then got injured and hit the elbows of the Mexican until referee Dave Selgestad stopped. Daniel is in an awkward position in the company with three defeats and has not won. “El Magnifico” achieved his first victory in the flyweight.

Check the results:

UFC 278

Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

Saturday 20 August 2022

main card

Leon Edwards defeated Camaro Usman by knockout at 5R

Paulo Porashinha defeated Luke Rockhold by unanimous decision of the judges

Merab Dvalishvili defeated Jose Aldo by unanimous decision

Lucy Podilova defeated Wu Yan’an by TKO at 2R

Tyson Pedro defeated Harry Hansucker by TKO at 1R

Initial card

Marcin Tibora defeated Alexander Romanov by split decision

Jared Gordon defeated Leo Santos by unanimous decision

Shawn Woodson and Luis Saldania remain in the tie

Ange Loosa defeated AJ Fletcher by unanimous decision

Amir El Bazi presented to Francisco Figueiredo by strangling back naked at 1R

Aori Qileng defeated Jay Beren by unanimous decision

Victor Altamirano defeated Daniel Migo by TKO at 1R

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