Gramado Film Festival: "Alien Nights" wins Best Film;  See the winners

Gramado Film Festival: “Alien Nights” wins Best Film; See the winners

the work Strange Nights by Sergio de Carvalhoelect Brazilian Feature of the Year. In all, the film won six awards. Check out the other winners below.

The first “Kikito” was announced Thursday (18th) in the documentary Husband Let’s Call Me by director Cristina Spinelli. The work entered the history of the Gramado Festival as the first best film in a Brazilian documentary.

Actor Marcos Palmera was honored last Saturday (13) with an Oscar. The award is a traditional tribute to the event, given since 1990, to the biggest names in national cinema.

The occupancy rate of hotels in Gramado was 90%, according to the sector association. Officials said more than 300,000 people have passed through the city since the festival began.

The ‘Alien Nights’ team thanks the Best Film award at the Gramado Film Festival – Photo: Cristiano Dalcin / RBS TV

Gramado Film Festival winners:

  • best long: Strange Nights by Sergio de Carvalho
  • Best Feature (Cash Jury): Strange Nights by Sergio de Carvalho
  • Best direction: Cristiano Borlan for “The Mother”
  • Best Feature (Popular Jury): “Mars One” by Gabriel Martins
  • best actor: Gabrielle Knox, “Alien Nights”
  • Best Actress: Marseille Cartaxo for “The Mother”
  • Honorable Mention: Adanilo, “Alien Nights”
  • Special Award: “Mars One” by Gabriel Martins
  • Best Supporting Actor: Chico Diaz for “Alien Nights”
  • Best Supporting Actress: Joanna Gatiss, “Alien Nights”
  • Best Photography: Roy Bocas, “Tinnitus”
  • Best scenario: Gabriel Martins, “Mars One”
  • Best montage: Eduardo Serrano for “Tinnitus”
  • Best Art Direction: Carol Ozzie, “Tinnitus”
  • Best Musical Score: Daniel Simitan – Mars One
  • Best Sound Design: Ricardo Zollmer, “The Mother”
  • best long: “5 Houses,” by Bruno Goulart Barretto
  • Best direction: Bruno Goulart Barreto, “5 Houses”
  • Honorable Mention: Clemente Viscino, from the movie “Despedida”, and the movie “Campo grande é o Céu”
  • Best Feature (Popular Jury): “5 Houses,” by Bruno Goulart Barretto
  • best actor: Hugo Nogueira, “Empty House”
  • Best Actress: Anis Grala Wegner, “Farewell”
  • Best Photography: Evo Lopez Araujo, “Empty House”
  • Best scenario: Giovanni Borba, “The Empty House”
  • Best montage: Vicente Moreno, “5 Houses”
  • Best Art Direction: Gabriella Burke – Farewell
  • Best Musical Score: Renan Franzen, “Empty House”
  • Best Sound Design: Marcos Lopez and Thiago Bello, “Empty House”
  • best long: “9”, by Martin Barnicia and Nicholas Branca
  • Best Feature (Cash Jury): “9”, by Martin Barnicia and Nicholas Branca
  • Best direction: Nestor Mazzini, “When It Darkens”
  • Best Feature (Popular Jury): “La Bamba” by Dorian Fernandez Morris
  • Special Award: Artistic Direction by Jeff Calmette, “La Bamba”
  • best actor: Enzo Vogrinsic, “9”
  • Best Actress: Anajosé Aldrete, “El camino del sol”
  • Best Photography: Sergio Armstrong, “Immersion”
  • Best scenario: Agustin Toscano, Moisés Sepúlveda, and Nicolás Postiglione, “Inmersión”
  • Best short film: “Neon Ghost” by Leonardo Martinelli
  • Best Short Film (Critical Jury): “Neon Ghost” by Leonardo Martinelli
  • Best direction: Leonardo Martinelli for “Neon Phantom”
  • Best Short Film (Popular Jury): “Ink Element”, written by Louise Modonnet and Iori Sells
  • Brazil Channel Award: “Neon Ghost” by Leonardo Martinelli
  • Honorable Mention: “Fridge Magnets” by Caroline Meneses and Sedgonathas Araujo
  • Special Award: “Serrão” by Marcelo Lin
  • best actor: Denis Pinheiro, “Neon Phantom”
  • Best Actress: Jessica Ellen, “Last Sunday”
  • Best Photography: Fernando Macedo, “Last Sunday”
  • Best scenario: Fernando Domingos, “The Duck”
  • Best montage: Danilo Arenas and Luiz Maudonnet, “The Paint Element”
  • Best Art Direction: Joanna Claude – “Last Sunday”
  • Best Musical Score: “Nhanderekoa Ka’aguy Porã” by Arai Ove Choir and La Digna Rabia Orchestra, “A time for me”
  • Best Sound Design: Alexander Rogowsky, “The End of the Picture”

This report is being updated.

Quiquitos handing over to the winners at a ceremony at Palácio dos Festivais in Gramado – Photo: Diego Vara / Pressphoto

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