Learn about the performance of the participants in the "BBB 22" program 4 months after the end of the program

Learn about the performance of the participants in the “BBB 22” program 4 months after the end of the program

Approximately 5 months after the end of “BBB 22”, what are the previous participants doing? There are sisters already preparing for the upcoming Nine Hour series, many of them are no longer working their main professional jobs and others are even back to school. All of them take advantage of the opportunities offered by their entry into reality. Gshow has made a list of all their ex-BBBs and is keeping you updated on what’s up on him out of the house.

Stepping into the new TV series “Travessia” at nine o’clock, the influencer is preparing for her first job as an actress. will give life to kiara And in the plot will be the daughter of Humberto Martins who will play war. Written by Gloria Perez and under the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho, the soap opera will replace the Pantanal in the last quarter of 2022. Even the influencer has changed the appearance of the plot.

Jade Picon posts a photo with Humberto Martins behind the scenes of ‘Travessia’ – Photo: Instagram

As soon as she left the house, Brunna announced that she would no longer be a part of the Ludmilla Ballet. The influencer wants to focus more on working with the internet, studying and putting some projects into action. Brunna recorded the “Tô de Graça” program for Moltecho, and does not rule out being an actress.

Brunna Gonçalves records “To de Graça” by Multishow – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Rodrygo was in a car accident after he was eliminated from the show. He had head trauma and a double fracture in his right leg. After surgery and hospitalization, the commercial director resumes his career.

Rodrigo Mossi shows off winter’s manly looks in an exclusive photo session – Photo: Trumpas/Gshow

PA is enjoying this moment. The Olympic athlete actually walked the runway at Sao Paulo Fashion Week and became an athletics commentator for SporTV. The BBB 22 runner-up is also back in training to compete at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Paulo Andre after BBB 22 – Photo: Pam Martins/Ze Takahashi/Reproduce/Instagram

The surfer will be a father again. His wife, model Cynthia Decker, is pregnant with their first child. Scooby has Dom, Liz and Bem, the fruits of his old relationship with Luana Beovani. The couple is scheduled to marry on October 8. Additionally, he participated in Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Pedro Scobe and Cynthia Decker announce pregnancy – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Ellie left the show and also acquired an ex-girlfriend, BBB Viih Tube. The two traveled to different places.

Viih Tube responds to criticism of the relationship with Eliezer – Photo: clone / Instagram

In addition, he underwent some cosmetic procedures. The latest was hair and beard transplantation.

Eliezer before and after beard filler – Photo: clone / Instagram

The actor participated in the fifth season of “Under Pressure”, and in October, he made his debut in the original TV series “Todas as Flores” from Globoplay.

Douglas Silva participates in the series “Under Pressure” – Photo: Globo

The BBB 22 Champion won the award and is reaping the rewards of the exposure he gained on the show. He cautioned that his main investment is in his singing career, including preparing for a tour. The actor also played the role of Sebastian in the movie “Pluft the Ghost”. Recently, he recently launched a BBB talk to share his secrets about reality with the public. He and his wife, Myra Cardi, plan to move to the United States.

Arthur Aguiar talks about the concert tour – Photo: clone/Instagram

The Pernambuco native has moved to São Paulo and is investing in her career as an influencer. In fact, she decided to go back to college and finish her studies in Marketing specifically to help her on social media. The former sister also underwent some cosmetic procedures after the program.

Slovenia says it will return to study marketing – Photo: Jefferson Amaral

From Espiritu Santo, the medical student lives in São Paulo and is also investing in a career as a digital influencer. He was invited to do fashion photo sessions and has not yet returned to school. Like his girlfriend Eslô, the former brother had cosmetic procedures.

Lucas Bisoli, of BBB 22, says he’s investing in his career as an influencer – Photo: goncalvees___

The former sister will open a dermatology office, a specialist area, in São Paulo, but she will continue her technical commitments. The doctor underwent eye surgery and spoke about the criticism she received when she was on the ground about ‘eye drooping’.

Lyce’s heart is going well. She and Gustavo continue their BBB romance abroad. Rolled up an official application! She recently participated in the “Rolling Kitchen Brasil” show, presented by Paolo Vieira on Globoplay.

Laís will return to work as a doctor – Photo: Cauê Garcia

The former BBB took the opportunity to relive his modeling moments after he became famous for the show. He also plans to do in the gastronomic field.

Gustavo, from BBB 22, in exclusive rehearsal – Photo: Publicity/Trumpas

The former sister will appear for the first time as an actress in the series “Aqui ao Lado: Vizinhos”, from Channel Brazil, which is supposed to air in 2023. She is preparing for an actress, influencer and entrepreneur.

Natalia, from BBB 22, in an exclusive article – Photo: Disclosure / Rodrigo Vargas

Jesse was invited to a show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The teacher is enjoying the moment as a digital influencer

Jessilane, of BBB22, shows off a new look – Photo: Instagram

Lynn will be the presenter of the Multishow award that will take place in October. She “disappeared” from social media and explained to fans that she had undergone feminization surgery. The singer showed the result of the gender confirmation procedure.

Lin da Quebrada after feminizing surgery – Photo: clone / Instagram

The former BBB participant left home and attended various events along with celebrities. She continues to date Rick Maya, with whom she had a relationship prior to the reality show. Today she works as a model and is a digital influencer.

Previous BBB Bárbara Heck – Photo: clone / Instagram

The actress went to parties and events after being dismissed. She puts the influencer and role model in the spotlight.

Maria BBB 22 – Photo: clone / Instagram

As soon as she left the program, Larissa enjoyed the memes that the audience created from her participation in the BBB. The ex-sister did some cosmetic procedures: she put hair extensions, opened her hair, changed the veneers of her teeth. She also participated in “Rolling Kitchen Brasil” presented by Paolo Vieira on Globoplay.

Larissa, from BBB 22, in an exclusive article – Photo: Publicity / Trumpas

Entering the house, the singer began a schedule of musical releases, and after her elimination, she continued to work. She released a song with Marília Mendonça, a pre-recorded partnership with the late singer. He continues to travel around Brazil to perform.

Nayara Azevedo – Photo: clone / Instagram

Vinnie underwent plastic surgery as soon as she left the house. He also participated in events, fulfilled the dream of knowing the Rio carnival and was the first time in a musical.

Vyni, from BBB 22 – Photo: Instagram

The former brother went through some visual changes. He makes videos on his social network profile and acts as an influencer.

Luciano, of BBB 22, and his visual transformations – Photo: Gshow and Reproduction / Instagram

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