Jamil: Neymar and Mbappe reversed the roles of the “pampered” and “owner” of Paris Saint-Germain

Jamil: Neymar and Mbappe reversed the roles of the “pampered” and “owner” of Paris Saint-Germain

The war between Kylian Mbappe and Neymar shook the scenes of Paris Saint-Germain. in the podcast Football Without Borders #57Columnist Julio Gomez and international correspondent Jamil Shad spoke with journalist Thiago Arantes about the controversial topic. They analyzed the strained relationship between two of the French club’s top stars and gave more details about the unrest in the dressing room.

For Jamil, Neymar’s “spoiled” reputation has now fallen to Mbappe due to the French striker’s behaviour. “The truth is that we have a role reversal. For years, Neymar has always been that spoiled child, thinking he owns the team. This season he came back in silence, without any controversy, and played a lot. On the other hand, you are there Mbappe the “owner” of the team has reached a position of weakness On the field, which is not at the same level,” he said.

Paris Saint-Germain’s 5-2 win over Montpellier in the French championship saw some clear episodes about how Mbappe’s situation affected the PSG dressing room. At first, the French player wanted to take a penalty – he had already missed a penalty in the same match. Neymar did not respond and charged. In the second, Mbappe was upset that the ball was not passed to him on the counterattack and he stopped playing.

according to UOL EsporteParis Saint-Germain players refer to Mbappe as “spoiled” and intolerable.”

Find out what else was interesting in the opinion of journalists:

Arantes: I don’t remember seeing Neymar give up the attack

Neymar has long lived with a reputation for being a “pampered” player, but Arantes maintained that the Brazilian has always been dedicated on the field. “There are very high expectations in everything that goes on about Neymar and we are more critical of him because of the expectations he generates. I don’t remember seeing Neymar doing what Mbappe did in this match. We can criticize Neymar for several things, but I don’t remember seeing him walk on the pitch and give in.”

Jamil also confirmed that Neymar has taken another position at the club this season. “In the middle of the year, he found out through the press that he was irreplaceable. No one knows whether he was transplanted, but there was a question about whether Neymar had a future in Paris Saint-Germain or not,” he analyzed, stressing that the Brazilian He also changed his position. He commented, “In three matches, Paris Saint-Germain scored 14 goals and conceded only two, and Neymar returned to recover the ball.”

Jamil: “Nonsense that hinders any bigger project in Paris Saint-Germain”

The tense atmosphere between two of Paris Saint-Germain’s best players is not new to the club, Jamil noted. “It is very clear that he came from the same place where he has lived, for the past ten years, with very similar nonsense. When this case broke out, the first reaction of the French press was ‘Of course, it is Paris Saint-Germain.’ This is something that was part of the history of the French press. This club has hampered in a very important way any kind of bigger project,” said the writer and international correspondent.

Despite attempts to calm the mood, Jamil presents more controversy within Paris Saint-Germain. He asked, “At PSG, things seem endless. This is winning and flying on the pitch. What would happen if there was a setback in the Champions League?”

Arantes: Paris Saint-Germain wants to form a dressing room and adapt it to Mbappe

Arantes stressed that the problems with Mbappe preceded the match against Montpellier and were undergoing a kind of “transformation in strength”. “They’ve been around since his new contract and they’re bigger than we see. He’s been given the ability to make some decisions within the club and suggest some things. After all, he’s the new head of the project. That includes changing direction and bringing in a French coach. PSG want to shape the dressing room. To be more adaptable to Mbappe.”

In order to have a new era, it is necessary to end the previous era – and this is exactly the current process at PSG – as explained by Arantes. “Previously, the dressing room was designed for Neymar to adapt to it, and it is full of Argentines and Brazilians. Now, it is set up for Mbappe to feel good. How do you do that? Bring in a French coach, strengthen the defense with Nordy Mukele, hire and seal Ikitaki, the French, by eliminating players from other groups. She pointed out that the Argentine Republic is collapsing to create a new leadership.

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