Why is Newcastle, 'the richest team in the world' struggling to sign reinforcements?

Why is Newcastle, ‘the richest team in the world’ struggling to sign reinforcements?

Newcastle vs Manchester City on Sunday (21st), 12:30pm (GMT), with live broadcast ESPN In the star +

This Sunday (21st), and Newcastle receive the ManchesterAt 12:30 p.m. (Brazilian time) in St. James Park, in the third round match of Premier League. The match will have broadcast live to ESPN In the star +.

It was bought by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia last season, and it was called the White and White Club after the English press. The richest team in the worldAs their treasuries are now wider than their treasuries Citizenscontrols it QSI (Qatar Sports Investments).

But despite the “infinite” money, the magpie bird Struggling to recruit powerful reinforcements for a number of reasons.

So far, Alvengra Council made defenders Alex MurphyAnd the Charlie McArthur And the Sven Putmansides Matt Target And the Jordan Hackett and goalkeepers Nick Pop And the Jude Smith.

Close to what was expected for the “world’s richest team”, the signings were low profileWithout a “bomb”…

A report published by the newspaper this week telegraph He explained the main reasons for Newcastle’s “slowness” in bringing in “medals”, especially for the offensive sector.

Problems, problems, problems…

According to the daily, Newcastle, despite its contribution from the Saudi Public Investment Fund, sees its football market as “closed” for several reasons.

One of the most important is the fact that last season the team finished only eleventh, which means that the club did not even qualify for Conference League in 2022/23. However, the lack of European championships is discouraging many important players, who do not even open talks with Alvinegros in case of interest.

Another important factor is that magpie bird You need to raise more to be able to rent “medals”, so as not to respect the rules fair play UEFA Finance

This can be explained: when the club signed the current sponsorship contracts, the institution was on another level of power and media exposure. This means that the values ​​are less than what is necessary to reinforce them with today’s top athletes, which means that the board of directors has to look for new sponsors or try to improve existing ties.

This is necessary so that the team does not spend more than its revenue, which is exactly what UEFA vetoes it. Otherwise, the association can be punished with large fines and exclusion from European competitions.

Finally, Newcastle also needs to increase its collection capacity to be able to increase the spending allowed in the salary block.

At the moment, the team’s biggest salary is the side’s salary Kieran Trippierwho earns 100,000 pounds (621.56 million Brazilian riyals) per week.

This means that if someone wants to play for black and white, they will have to adapt to this ceiling, which is considered “low” by the standards of Premier League.

And in the case of loans, the team that borrows often has to agree to pay part of the player’s salaries, with Newcastle paying just £100,000 a week.

Who has actually tried Newcastle in this window?

Still in second place telegraphYou are magpie bird started conversations with Chelsea He showed interest in signing four players from blues.

According to the car, the goals are midfielders Conor Gallagher And the Christian PulisicCallum’s advice Hudson-Odoi and the attacker Armando Bruga.

The newspaper has learned that Newcastle understand that the London team considers all players “negotiable”, whether in the case of sale or loan.

Recently, Newcastle also tried to push the middle forward Alexander Isaac Give Real SociedadHowever, they ended up giving up after learning the terms of the deal.

Ask the Basque team 76 million pounds (472.91 million Brazilian riyals) The 22-year-old athlete, who still has to earn a salary of 200 thousand pounds (1.244 million Brazilian reais) per week to close the deal.

You are magpie bird He still got a “no” from Watford from brazilian Joao PedroPreviousFluminenseAfter making an offer 17.5 million pounds (108.89 million Brazilian riyals).

Before, the Alfinegro team also failed to reach an agreement with Lister hair sock James Madisonalthough display 40 million pounds (248.9 million Brazilian reais).

It should be noted that the transfer window in Europe will close on the 1st of September.

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