Fluminense scores a lightning goal and beats Coritiba and is the deputy captain of the Brazilian League

Fluminense scores a lightning goal and beats Coritiba and is the deputy captain of the Brazilian League

In a very crowded match, Fluminense beat Curitiba 5-2 today (20), in the Maracana, in the 23rd round of the Brazilian Championship. Fernando Diniz’s side dominated Coxa in Guto Ferreira’s debut and scored with Caio Paulista and Arias, still in the first half. In the final stage, Coxa lost with Alf manga, Nathan scored the third flu goal, Egdeo went down, and Willian closed the scoring twice.

Caio Paulista opened the scoring just two minutes into the match, giving Fluminense peace of mind. The home team had possession of the ball and worked from one foot to the other to create their goals and other clear opportunities for expansion. But in the second half, Curitiba took advantage of Caio’s own mistake and did not manage to determine the reaction. Nathan and Egdeo scored their goals in accurate free kicks. In the end, Willian scored two goals in injury time and made it 5-2.

With this victory, Fluminense took over the position of deputy leadership of the Brazilian League with 41 points, and he is awaiting the other results of the round. First-placed Flamengo visit Palmeiras, while Corinthians play as visitors against Fortaleza. Flamengo and Corinthians have 39 points, while leaders Palmeiras have 48 points, while Curitiba is 18th with 22 points.

At a high level, Influenza returns to the field to face Corinthians on Wednesday, in the Maracana, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Copa de Brazil. The return duel will take place on September 15 at the New Coimica Arena.

Even as the decision progressed against Corinthians, Fernando Diniz spared only Paulo Henrique Ganso in the victory over Curitiba. The No. 10 jersey has been replaced by Nathan. In the second half, Arias, Nonato and Kano rested.

Who did well in Fluminense: Matheus Martins

Striker Mateus Martins lay on the right side of Curitiba’s defense. He made the first goal by Caio Paulista, and participated in Kano’s goal.

Who was bad at Fluminense: Samuel Xavier

The right-back didn’t concede, but was conservative on the substitution and attacked a bit on the right side with the flu.

Fluminense: Pure Dinizismo

Fluminense, especially in the first half, was a reflection of their coach’s work. 61% of possession and 2 goals on foot. The early goal gave enough calm for Tricolor das Laranjeiras to establish itself and take control of Coritiba.

But in the second stage, another feature of Deniz’s work also appeared: the complexity of the victories that seemed to have been achieved. With the high streaks, Fluminense was surprised after a pass error by Caio Paulista and saw a thousand manga drop alone. In a free kick, Nathan scored the third goal. Edu went down, but Curitiba threatened a bit in the final minutes and made Willian fourth and fifth to close out the score.

not criticize?

The crowd’s goal, Caio Paulista scored the first goal for Fluminense and performed well until he missed Curitiba’s goal. In an interview with Premiere at half-time, the striker, who rotated at left-back with Fernando Diniz, said the goal was important to boost his self-confidence.

The duo that works

Arias and Kano are back in action today. Kanu provided his second assist to Arias, while Arias has already served as the tournament’s seven-time leading scorer this season.

Business card

Uruguay’s Michel Araujo is back in action after being loaned to Al Wasl from the United Arab Emirates, and both have provided assistance to Willian. Fluminense fans asked the player to enter and shouted his name at the final whistle.


Nathan’s free kick was Fluminense’s first in 2022. Tricolor scored 90 goals in the season until he took his first free kick.

data sheet
Fluminence 5 x 2 Curitiba

Date: August 20 2022 (Saturday)
time: 7 pm
place: Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rule: Paulo Cesar Zanovelli da Silva (MG)
helpers: Felipe Alan Costa de Oliveira (MG) and Celso Luiz da Silva (MG)
VAR: Vinicius Forlan (SP)
general: 24,029
Enter: 638185.00 Brazilian Real
yellow cards: Fernando Diniz and Willian (Fluminense). Val and Nathanael (Curitiba)

Cayo Paulista and Arias, in the 2nd and 35th minute of Q1; Nathan and William (2), at 31, 45 and 49 minutes of 2Q
Curitiba: Alf Manga and Egdeo, at the 26th and 38th minutes of 2Q

Fluminence: Fabio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manuel and Caio Paulista; Andre, Nonato (Martinelli) and Nathan (Philip Mello); Matthews Martins (Michel Araujo), Arias (Maroni), Kano (Willian). Technical: Fernando Deniz

Curitiba: Raphael William Matthews Alexander (Nathaniel), Guillermo, Marcio Silva and Guilherme Perrault (Regis); Bernardo (Robinho), Val (Bruno Gomez) and Jesus Trindade; Egídio, Fabricio Daniel, and Léo Gamalho (one thousand manga). Technical: Gotto Ferreira

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