6 Kitchen Items That Have a Smart Version (or Almost) You Didn't Know

6 Kitchen Items That Have a Smart Version (or Almost) You Didn’t Know

Smart devices can make kitchen tasks easier as well as keep the home connected. Although we usually think of smart electronics known as televisions and speakers, other devices such as coffee makers, refrigerators, and even microwaves also have smart versions that promise to improve the use of these equipment.

In addition, a smart stove is a good option to replace the stove and a smart box can be interesting because it is triggered by a sensor and automatically collects garbage. Here are six kitchen items that have a clever (or almost) version you didn’t know.

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Smart electronics can make routine in the kitchen easier – Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

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1. Programmable coffee machine

Although there is no internet connection, programmable coffee makers are essential options to help with the daily rush. These attachments are ideal and provide fast coffee preparation at pre-set times. The CM300G from Black Decker, for example, could be a good option for those looking to invest in this product. The accessory has an easy-to-use plate which, in addition to arranging the time to pass the coffee in up to 24 hours, can also change its intensity when filtering with three speeds to provide a denser or lighter coffee.

The electronic device from the Gourmand Gris line comes with a stainless steel jug with a capacity of up to 30 cups of coffee, a hot plate to keep the drink hot for up to 40 minutes with an automatic function that helps to save energy, a display with liquid levels and a lid with lock on the tank and filter . The product has a 12% discount at Shoptime and can be purchased at prices starting from 379 BRL.

Black Decker CM300G Cafeteria has a permanent filter that is reusable and does not need to be placed in a paper filter – Photo: Disclosure / Black Decker

The microwave is an indispensable accessory in the kitchen, whether for preparing a meal or for greater ease in the dash of routine. Many brands are investing in advancing the supplement and introducing it to the smart world. While traditional home appliances perform basic functions by touching buttons, smart appliances allow the user to control tasks through the cell phone due to the Wi-Fi connection. Samsung’s Smart Over-the-Range, for example, is connected to Wi-Fi and works with voice commands triggered by virtual assistants.

The buyer can also change cooking modes and time via the smartphone, with the option to turn it on and off remotely, saving energy. The device also has a Slim Fry function, which allows you to prepare fried foods with low fat content to take greater care of your health. For chefs on demand, the Smart Microwave also provides access to a list of recipes, depending on your preference. The model costs about $584, which is about R$3,083 at the current price.

The Samsung MC17T8000CG can be controlled with voice commands from virtual assistants – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

A smart box can also be a very practical accessory. Simply reach out your hands or just touch the lid to open it automatically and collect trash. The model is perfect for any environment, such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office or even your study room. Xioami has created Ninestars DZT-10-29S, a smart trash can with a motion-detecting sensor, and it can open and close automatically.

According to information from the manufacturer, the item also offers water resistance, allowing the user to wash trash as necessary without leaving odors behind. It has a capacity of about 10 liters and a weight of 920 grams. Currently, the trash can is officially sold in China for 306 yuan.

Ninestars DZT-10-29S is a smart trash can with a sensor that detects movements and can open and close automatically – Photo: Disclosure / Xiaomi

Smart refrigerators are internet-connected products that can be controlled directly from a cell phone or tablet. The user can for example change the temperature or activate the self-cleaning system via the smartphone. In addition, most versions have systems that improve food preservation, functions that help in everyday life and the creation of shopping lists. For example, the Samsung RF22R7351SR has a total internal capacity of 536 liters and has a Wi-Fi connection that allows the user to control their refrigerator using a smartphone app compatible with Android and iOS systems.

The French door has Twin Cooling Plus, a function that uses two independent cooling systems, one in each compartment, to avoid the exchange of odors between the freezer and refrigerator and keep food fresher for longer. In addition, it features an independently controlled compartment that has four preset modes for preserving meat, cooling drinks, and keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. Concerned consumers need to pay R$19,999 to purchase the product.

Samsung offers a quick access port on the RF22R7351SR – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

The smart stove is a convenient device for a more practical kitchen configuration. The device has a Wi-Fi connection and can be controlled by cell phone and speakers that meet the necessary requirements. Although not yet available in Brazil, companies like Samsung, Siemens, GE, Bosch and Whirlpool offer models with varying prices of over R$7,000 at the current price. For example, the PB965YPFS from GE has induction hobs. The five burners are high power and can be controlled to reduce or increase the heat emitted.

In addition, the option also has a removable plate, which allows you to prepare grilled dishes without difficulty. In the oven, it also offers the dual function of an air fryer and traditional cooking, a great choice for those looking for practicality. It can still be controlled through voice assistants or the app.

The GE PB965YPFS offers five induction burners – Photo: Disclosure / GE

Programmable fryers are a product that improves the routine in the kitchen, whether in preparing more elaborate dishes or in easy meals. They can cook grains such as rice, beans, lentils, and corn, but they can also cook soup, polenta and even cakes or puddings. The Electrolux PCC20 pressure cooker, for example, is a good choice given its size. There are a total of six liters for preparing different foods.

The pressure cooker also has three pressure settings: low, medium and high, which can be used as faster or slower cooking modes. According to the manufacturer, it offers 15 pre-programmed recipe modes, all of which are controlled by its LED panel. In addition, there are ten systems accompanying the chassis to provide greater protection when cooking. The pot is available with prices starting from 494 BRL.

Electrolux PCC20 pressure cooker has a programmable LED display – Photo: Disclosure / Electrolux

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