Is nursing affiliated with medicine or are they two different fields?

Is nursing affiliated with medicine or are they two different fields?

Is there a hospital hierarchy that includes medical and nursing teams? According to Adelvanio Morato, president of the Association of Hospitals of the State of Goiás (AHEG) and also the Federation of Brazilian Hospitals (FBH), assistants, technicians and nurses are in a lower category than doctors. Roberta Rios, president of the Federation of Nurses of the State of Goiás (SIEG), classifies this information as “outdated”.

How does the hospital hierarchy work?

Adelvanio Morato, President of AHEG and FBH (Image: FBH)

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In an interview with Official GazetteAdelvanio Morato stated that the nursing assistant and technician respond to the nurse, who in turn responds to the doctor.

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When you’re talking about a doctor, in the health field, it’s a higher category than nursing. Not superior to people, outperforming at graduation,” Adelvanio declares.

For Roberta Rios, the information is inaccurate. Historically, medicine has been overvalued at the expense of other professions. It is a historical issue that needs to be deconstructed, especially since nursing works independently and as a team. Nursing is not inferior to medicine,” he said.

According to the head of the AHEG, the subject of the hospital hierarchy operates in a similar way to the public authority, in the relationship between the mayor, the governor and the president. It is the doctor’s responsibility to treat, while the nurse does only what the doctor prescribes.

The head of SIEG rejects this reasoning. According to her, the definition of a hospital hierarchy is outdated, precarious and deceptive. In a general hospital environment, the importance of professionals is equal.

On the other hand, in the field of nursing, there is already a hierarchical system. The nurse acts as a supervisor for technicians and assistants who cannot work without a nurse because they do not have a college degree. However, the nursing team as a whole does not necessarily need the presence of a doctor to operate.

Who is responsible for possible errors?

In a possible medical error in the hospital, who is responsible? According to Adelvânio Morato, since the nurse only does what the doctor prescribes and the responsibility for treatment rests with the doctor, if the nurse does something wrong, it is the doctor who responds. The nurse, in this case, is not responsible.

“For example, if a patient is feeling ill inside the hospital and there is a technician and a nurse. What can they do? Anything. Run after the doctor to go there and check and prescribe the perfect drug. Then the service will be run. He has no responsibility in terms of diagnosis and treatment.” His responsibility is to care,” he says.

The speech of the President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina contradicts the arguments of the President of SIEG. Roberta Rios asserts that the doctor is not a sovereign, that is, he is not above other professionals. Since medicine and nursing work in different fields, despite being in the health field, there is no responsibility on the part of the doctor for a possible error on the part of the nursing team.

“The doctor is not responsible for nursing under any circumstances. If there is a medication error, the doctor does not respond because he does not have the independence to do so. […] If a nursing technician makes a mistake, the technician who made the mistake and the supervising nurse respond. Legally, the doctor doesn’t respond,” says Roberta.

New National Salary Limit for Nursing

Last week, before the new National salary limit Nursing Official Gazette I called Adelvânio Morato to talk about the financial implications of the change in hospitals. According to him, there should be a better definition of the floor, because each state in Brazil has a different economic reality.

In an interview this week, the AHEG chief emphasized that the minimum salary is “totally loose,” noting that the doctor himself, as well as psychologists, dentists, physiotherapists and others, do not have a national salary limit, but a regional one. According to Adelvânio, the only team that achieved a national minimum salary was nursing.

For Roberta Rios, the nursing salary floor is a reform and an important step toward evaluating the profession. She adds that nursing lives in a chronic scenario of exploitation at the expense of profit, and on several occasions, a doctor in a 12-hour shift typically earns more than a nursing technician earns during the entire month.

Finally, Adelvânio certifies that it is “absurd” that a nurse can be paid more than a doctor, because she is supposed to be in a lower class of graduation. in note In the AHEG, the text informs that national entities representing the health sector are required to declare unconstitutional the law establishing a minimum salary for nursing.

Roberta concludes by saying that the doctor does not work alone and is dependent on the nursing team and vice versa. “Why can’t she (the nurse) earn more than the doctor? What is the explanation? They are high-level professionals, just like the doctor,” he concludes.

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