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Bona: Luisa Trajano in Círio and 15 bands in Círio Musical

Opening a mall in Castanhal

Castanhal should win an open mall, in the setting of a lake and landscape in the Amazon. Entrepreneurs Jorge Costa Filho and Ivandilson Melo commissioned the project to occupy a privileged area of ​​800m in front, on BR-316, in front of Estácio College. The plan foresees 250 retail operations and 60 commercial plots around.

Amazon cuisine in Peru

Chef Saulo Gennings will be in Lima, Peru, September 1-8. As an ambassador for Chef Itamaraty, he participates in the Brazil in Flavors programme. Taking on Amazonian cuisine, the chef from Barra will dine with international Peruvian chef Miguel Schiavono at the home of the Brazilian ambassador. Also a private dinner at Huaca Pucllana Restaurant in partnership with Chef Marilu Madueno. Saulo will teach master classes at Usil, Inteci and Le Cordon Bleu.

Book Fair Numbers

The book and multi-weight fair, which begins on Saturday, at the Hangar, will include 219 pavilions divided between institutional and private. There will be 134 companies, 63 from Para. The audience for this year expected 450 thousand people. Financial movement forecast, 12 million riyals, with more than 850 thousand copies sold.


Grupo Lider has hired Sao Paulo law firm Pinheiro Neto Advogados, which specializes in corporate acquisitions and mergers, to legalize the purchase of Supermercados Nazaré stores.


MEC Decree 625 of August 18, turned Esamaz into a university center, now UniEsamaz. The institution already operates through 23 courses, and with independence it will launch many more, including gastronomy.

veterinarian – veterinarian

Rinaldo and Rita Gonçalves have signed a partnership with Michel Abnader, President of Jose Bonifacio’s Aiso Veterinary Hospital. It will work as a teaching hospital for the veterinary course at UniEsamaz.


The performances by Esquadrilha da Fumaça, on Transfer Day and Círio Day, confirmed similar to last year. The Party Board is looking for a sponsor to host the team. There are 30 people between pilots and mechanics.


Until then, in Círio, City Hall has installed picturesque lighting on Presidente Vargas and Nazaré Boulevards, starting this year it will be all the way along. There will also be a new fascinating project in the Dock.


Varanda de Nazaré, by Fafá, will return to the station. Confirmed the arrival of businesswoman Luisa Trajano of Magallo and possibly Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.


Adilson Tamanqueira has sold Transportes Arsenal to André Nogueira, son of the late Augusto Nogueira, from the old Sacramenta-Nazaré company.


Motor Group Vitória bought the operation of Raviera Motors, in Pedro Álvares Cabral, the dealership of luxury brands BMW, Mini, Motorrad, Jaguar and Land Rover. The group also works with Volvo in Vitoria. The store opens with a new banner in October.


Nothing from Azul confirms a sales start date for the flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Huge demand, but nothing to sell yet.

heated argument

On Monday’s argument agenda: Fiepa’s president-elect Alex Carvalho and blood doctor Joao Sariva (Ihebe). It’s 10:40 pm at the Reserve Bank of Australia.


According to the plans of the Panamanian company Copa Airlines, in 2024, a direct flight from Belem to Panama City, with a connection to the entire Caribbean.


In September, Joao Morgado, from Startur, travels to Dubai at the head of a group of 50 businessmen from Manaus.


An elegant and prestigious event in Estação, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marmobraz’s success. A well-deserved celebration, in Brazil only 6% of companies reach 50 years in operation. And complete with the same CNPJ.


Father Antonio Maria of Belém at the head of a group of people left Bara to visit the Holy Land. Religious tourism. In October, the priest will again be in Belem for Círio.


As the leading trading company in the state, DIÁRIO is celebrating 40 years of growing success tomorrow, and now it’s even more digital.


He started working at the Italian restaurant Zio in Castanheira. Strategic location opposite the entrance to Leader supermarket. December thing.


The work is already over, and Mangueirão will reopen on September 24, Saturday, at 5 p.m., with the match between Paysandu and Vitória da Bahia, the final round of Stage Two of Series C.


This Tuesday, at the Audi Center in Belem, the launch of the e-tron family. Distinguished cars of the future.


Under the direction of Rubens Magno, Sebra will be holding its 10th Círio Handicraft Fair, for the first time with 100 entrepreneurs/exhibitors, the largest number of participants ever, with highly eclectic works. In the parking lot of Porto Futuro, from October 5 to 11.


Two colorful works by award-winning artist Luis Braga will be on display from Friday at the Histórias Brasileiras Gallery, at MASP, in São Paulo.


Since its opening, the Maternity Hospital Mater De / Porto Dias has recorded nearly 50% of vaginal deliveries. No cesarean. The average rate in Belem was a maximum of 10%.


With fine furnishings, Betron, in Domingos Marreiros on March 14th, will open in a pleasant open order on the 12th. Officially, it will host an inaugural cocktail party on September 20th.


Famous restaurant Famiglia Sicilia has launched a new dish for good memory: Lea Matos risotto (seafood with tomato sauce).


On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of Sinduscon-PA, comes the seventh edition of the “Legal Seminar – Building the Law”, which will take place at the Grand Mercure, on September 16th.


According to Ticket Log’s IPTL, the Northern Territory closed the first half of August with the most expensive prices in the country for gasoline, ethanol and diesel.


Shopping Metropole Ananindeua won the Grupo Sá Cavalcante Innovation Award for the second year in a row.


GPD – The Grupo Paraense de Decoração, which includes SCA, Saccaro, Portobello, Spazio del Bagno and +Design stores, will hold a handover party for the GPD / Guggenheim Trophy on the 30th. It will be an event for the 100 best architects in Barra.


Ricardo Lucas departs for a new expansion of the RR Pneus Point of Sale in partnership with Bridgestone. In Barra, Maranhão and Ceará.


Point do Açaí has ​​opened a new container point of sale model. There will be three in town. The first is already working at Assaí on the Avenida Independência.


Casa do Saulo Bangalôs, in Santarém, hosted the Amazônia 2030 meeting, a movement that brings together, among others, the USP and Itaú.


The three main importers of Brazilian beef are: China, the United States and Hong Kong. And China has to heat up the Parra meat market this second semester, which is currently going through a downturn.

Broad street surrounded by trees

The Town Hall published, last Wednesday, the tender notice for the works of Boulevard da Gastronomia. The confiscated palace in Castilhos França, duly restored, will be the seat of the Belemtur.


Fecomércio Pará, in conjunction with CNC, conducted an analysis of the Business Sector Outlook Index for October, the month of Círio. The index stands at 132.2 points and represents an area of ​​optimism. According to the methodology, this score ranges from 0 to 200, with a negative expectation below 100 and a positive expectation above 100.

chestnut tree

There is a real estate boom in Castanhal, similar to that in Sal. The success of the Quinta do Bosque condominium, with its 580 plots of land, which is celebrating its seven-year anniversary, has led to a series of similar launches. By the way, this weekend is the fourth edition of the Farm Building Fair. Suppliers are looking at 150 families living and 130 homes under construction.


Lack of manpower for civil construction in Kastenhall. In the last year alone, the Fasano Ville, Condomínio D&D, Reserva do Lago and Condomínio Solaris condominiums were launched.


The Maritoba Chamber is processing a change in the tax code with the aim of attracting companies to settle in the municipality.


The Mayor of Maritoba, Patricia Mendes, has successfully legalized a large area at the entrance to the Alca Viária, now available for the installation of a business center in the municipality.

the hotel

The Centro Mariapolis of the Focolare movement, in Benevides, is already a fully functioning hotel as such.


Lucien Solon, Mayor of Benevides, celebrates the opening of the Magalu Distribution Centre, on Mosqueiro Road, which has created 2,000 jobs in the municipality.


Businesswoman Luisa Duarte participated until yesterday, in the largest fitness event in Latin America IHRSA Fitness Brasil 2022, at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo.


From tomorrow to Wednesday, the UFPA will hold the “José Saramago International Symposium: Word, Think, Do” at the Benedito Nunes Event Center. Entry is free to the hall.


We are already in final preparations for the next launch by Leal Moreira, at Dom Romualdo Coelho, at Umarizal. The company is again innovating in the market with the concept of vertical homes.


The “Conversando com o Controle Interno” program promoted by TCE-PA in Soure was successful. Among the 17 municipalities of Marajo, 11 municipalities attended the event. The next municipality to receive training will be Santarém, on September 1 and 2.


Due to a lack of planning, the reefer container in the port of Vila do Conde, for the export of fruit and meat, was cut off. According to the shipowners, it will be organized only in September. Exporters are looking for substitutes from other ports to sell their production.



The Monaco Group presented a renewed lady at its Fiat store, in Duca with Pedro Alvares Cabral. high standard.


Círio Musical, in the audio cover in front of the church, will have nine Catholic bands from outside and six local bands.


Finally, the restoration of Palacete Pinho was announced. And above all, a destination.

a little

the heat

Attendance at lunch in the station’s restaurants decreased.


There are already Chinese people selling a fan at the entrance to the station.


Nobody can educate the city council. Fish mortality remains high in the polluted Batista Campos lakes.

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