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Check your horoscope for all the signs this weekend, August 20 and 21

Weekends bring quick thinking, but require reflection. It’s a lot to do, but still make time to think. How do you reconcile all this? Well, heaven offers a little help, with waning moon The transit of Gemini is multifaceted. It’s time to share, listen, connect and learn!

In fact, how about seizing the opportunity to take on new experiences? Strong feelings are preferred, especially on Saturday, 20, when Mars Gemini also enters, and all its momentum is shown in the lullaby of this changing sign of the Air element. Thus, the red planet – the ruler of war, conquest, action and desire – will show all its strength to unleash new ideas.

In astrology, when a planet passes a certain sign, the subjects it rules take on the symbolic form of that point in the zodiac. To be more practical, we can sum up this concept as if the planets refer to the “what” and the signs were the arena in which the “how” of telling our life experiences was developed. By carrying many legends and stories, with the function of determining the passage of time through the movement of the stars, astrology creates a celestial mirror of everyday life here in a land.

Mars takes about 22 months to pass through all twelve signs of the zodiac. However, its stay time at the same mark extends greatly when it stays receding. This is what will happen in this Gemini journey. Warrior astrology will recede from October 30 and only resume direct action in January 2023. That is, starting on Saturday we will have a second semester with boiling ideas and the hottest discussions. Lots of ideas come and go fast and powerful.

That’s why it’s worth taking advantage of this weekend, and making use of the Gemini Waning Moon, to organize your thoughts and realize how important calm is before you start talking in a hurry. And it is necessary to remember that, on Sunday, the 21st, Mercury Reaches the fine point of opposition with NeptuneDemands more practicality and health. So ask yourself: How much should we pay for compromising our mental health in discussions with people who are not ready to change their minds?

Finally, at the end of Sunday night, when we are already waiting for Monday, the 22nd, the pale moon enters the emotional sign of Cancer. In this way, the star seems to be spreading the message that work and war with ideas, if only for learning and exchange. Because, after all, what we really need most is intimate luxury!

Good weekend!

Watch: The waning moon progresses gradually with less light each day, and also reaches the sky later and later. With about 30% of the body illuminated, at dawn from Saturday to Sunday it ascends to the east only after 2 am on Sunday, 21. constellation TaurusThe Queen of the Night will be by your side the netthe star beta From this constellation, as well as in the same longitude Bellatrixthe star gamma Give Orionand the south and from chapelthe star alpha Give Constellation Aurigain the north. At dawn from Sunday to Monday, 22, our natural satellite will be more than 20% bright, and will rise to the east just after 3 am. Center Gemini constellationyou will be next to I suggestedthe star The theater of this constellation.

Important: You are so much more than your sun sign! So, make better use of your horoscope by reading horoscope directions as well Your rising sign, which is necessary for you to know. To know the location of all the signs, including the ascendant, as well as the planets at the time of your birth, CREATE YOUR OWN FREE ASTRAL MAP!

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Aries: Control your impulses, Aries. It is good to be careful with words and a desire to tell the truth to people. Invest in intellectual pursuits.

ox: Be aware of your surroundings and have a sense of priority, Taurus. It is important to avoid distractions and keep your mind balanced.

twins: You are full of energy and the ability to conquer, Gemini. So beware of excesses.

cancer: The star demands more self-care and attention to your energy level, Cancer. Keep calm and try to get plenty of rest.

Lion: Be with the most diverse people, but be sure to pay attention to the details and actions of others, Leo. It’s time to take a deep breath and see who you can count on.

Bakr: Be more independent, Virgo. It’s time to think about where you want to go and find your space smarter and faster.

pound: Listen to people more before you say what you think, Libra. You can gain independence of thought without appearing to want to impose your ideas.

Scorpio: Take it easy, Scorpio. Weekends promise to be hectic, but you need to know how to take care of yourself. Invest in reading and knowledge.

Sagittarius: It is important to know how to talk without broaching controversial topics, Sagittarius. Be with someone you really trust.

Capricorn: Be careful not to want to do a thousand things and you end up isolating yourself, Capricorn. Make time to be with the people you care about.

Fishbowl: Take care of yourself and your health, Aquarius. The moment favors healthy habits and everything that can make your life more practical.

fish: Weekends prefer family activities and programs with children, if any. Anyway, invest in fun and interesting activities.

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