Claudia Jimenez died of heart failure.  The actress had a heart attack in 1999 and underwent heart surgery 3 times

Claudia Jimenez died of heart failure. The actress had a heart attack in 1999 and underwent heart surgery 3 times

Translator Donna Casildaand “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” and edeliosafrom “Sai de Baixo”, was hospitalized at Samaritano Hospital, in Botafogo, in the southern region.

Actress Claudia Jimenez, in file photo – Photo: clone / social networks

Cancer and heart operations

In 1986, Claudia went to the doctor for treatment for a persistent cough and found out that she had cancer, a Malignant tumor of the mediastinumbehind the heart. It got frustrating. The disease was not diagnosed and the actress was cured with the help of Chico Anisio.

But the radiotherapy sessions caused him another health problem. Doctors believe that the cure May have affected heart tissueWhich forced her to do it At least three surgeries in the following years.

Casilda and Edeluzha – Photo: Publicity

The first was in 1999, to put Five bypasses of the heart; Second, in 2012, to Aortic valve replacement On the other hand, synthetic; And the third, in 2014, to put pacemaker.

When I tell my doctor: “Oh, the damn radiotherapy!”. Then he said, “But if it weren’t for her, you’d have stayed there a long time, wouldn’t you?” And it’s true, I mean, we always have to thank you instead of complaining, Claudia said, in an interview with Fantástico in 2014, months after the operation.

“Maturity makes you look prettier. Sometimes I realize that, internally, I’m not great, I’m looking for something that makes me feel comfortable. There are those who say to me: ‘Oh, how fragile you are.’ I say: fragile?” I am the strongest person I knowThey come up to me and say, ‘Let’s change the aortic valve.’ I say, ‘Okay, let’s go.’ ‘Let’s do five transfusions.’ ‘Okay let’s go.’ I would do anything to stay here“, He said.

Remember Claudia Jimenez’s characters and phrases

The daughter of a tango singer, a street vendor, and a coconut candy roll, Claudia Maria Battiucci Jimenez He was born in Barra da Tijuca, in the western region of Rio, in 1958.

She took the regular course, specialized in nursery and kindergarten, and in her youth she devoted herself to amateur theater.

“I was always a clown, always. In the nunnery school, they paid me chocolate and candy so I wouldn’t miss going to religion lessons, because when I went it was just fun,” he said.

Her first professional stage appearance was in 1978, in Chico Porc’s “Opera do Malandro”, in which she played a prostitute. Meme Piplot.

It was director Mauricio Sherman who took it to TV Globo. In the eighties, Claudia participated in the opening of the program “Viva o Gordo” directed by Jô Soares, giving life to the insatiable purityApollo’s wife of the staff “I’m still dying from it!”, in Chico City. “Purity only thought about sex,” Claudia recalls, in an interview with “Folha de S.Paulo.”

Paolo Silvino poses next to Claudia Jimenez while recording the end of the year 2014 message for Globo – Photo: Renato Rocha Miranda/Globo

From 1990 onwards, Claudia Jimenez lived with open and prominent mouths Donna Casilda, one of the students of “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, with “Teacher” Chico Anysio. With Casilda, he made another phrase: “Kiss, kiss, dick, dick”.

Claudia, Casilda, remembers in 2014, she was still in her heart. “It wasn’t for the character, but for what I was living there for. It’s been six years of laughter‘, spotlight. Earn him this role APCA Cup 1991 Best Comedy Actress.

In 1996, Claudia gave life to another iconic character: the local character edeliosaFrom “Sai de Baixo”. His clashes with Caco Antibes from Miguel Falabella made the audience laugh. It was only one season, but to this day his phrases are remembered.

Claudia also presented TV series. It was between From “Tower of Babel” (1998), and Dagmar From “Mother’s Daughters” (2001), Consuelo From “America” ​​(2005), and Custody From “The Seven Sins” (2007), and violating From “Business of China” (2008), zilia From “Beyond the Horizon” (2013) and Luceria From “There is no heart” (2016).

In cinema, he appeared in “Gabriela, Cravo e Canela” (1983), “pera do Malandro” (1986) and Os Trapalhões no Auto da Compadecida (1987). It is also called Eli From the “Ice Age”. with the bei from “The Flesh” (1991), She won the Best Actress Award at the Brasilia Film Festival.

It was his last turn Bibiana From the “Perpetrators” frame at Fantástico, in 2018.

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