Launched and already paying up to R$180.00 to users?  Discover the fun app that guarantees payments

Launched and already paying up to R$180.00 to users? Discover the fun app that guarantees payments

Recently, Brazilian YouTubers started promoting the Lucky Farm app. In the videos, the influencers do their best to convince the followers to try their luck on the platform. In one of the most accessed content, a popular digital influencer stated that the app “paid only R$180 to download”. Looks promising, doesn’t it? However, the public wants to know: Is a fun app really paying in 2022?

For those who want to make money on the Internet in 2022, it is useful to always be skeptical about the promises of Brazilian YouTubers. After all, influencers are also intent on making a profit, not helping followers or providing reliable information. That’s why it’s important to check the official data before trying your luck on any small task app. With that in mind, see our review of Lucky Farm below.

Lucky Farm – How to download the fun app?

The Lucky Farm app, first of all, is only available on the Play Store. Therefore, the app only works on phones running the Android operating system. Currently, about 1 million people have already downloaded the app. This impressive figure proves its huge popularity. Contrary to what some YouTubers claim, the app is not “something new”. On the contrary: it is very popular on Google Play.

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How to earn money in the game application?

Lucky Farm is basically a gaming app. In the platform game, the users goal is to grow a farm. For this, applicants must grow crops and use special items (such as fertilizers, sunlight, and pesticides), ensure vegetable growth, and Sell ​​the fruit in the market at the end.

With each stage completed, users receive a set number of points, which must be accumulated until the minimum withdrawal amount is reached. Unfortunately, the official page of the application does not reveal this value or the corresponding result. In addition, it is not possible to “withdraw 180 BRL at the time of registration”. Without any real basis, the promise is just to get attention.

Is Lucky Farm trustworthy? Fun app really pays?

On the Play Store, Lucky Farm has a score of only 1.9 (out of 5), which is very low. Out of dozens of small task apps, this is one of the worst. By itself, it reveals that the app is not worth it. In the comments, users echoed this consensus. According to subscribers, the game is really fun, but it does not live up to its promises of payment. Check out some of the reports below and draw your own conclusions.

“The game is very good, but it does not live up to its promise, which is the payment. I went through several stages, and supposedly I will get the value. However, when finished, the system notifies that the payment has been made successfully. However, this is not what happened. When I open Pay record, it says it failed. Stop deceiving people, false advertising is a crime.” – Lily Lima.

“I gave one star because it’s impossible to give below zero. Honestly, an app that takes people’s time, good people fall for worthless promises of people. Pure brat, meaningless hack.” – Fabian Ulysses.

“The game is very interactive, but it does not meet the stages we are in. It has already reached the last stage and none of the payments have been made successfully.” – Alfani Francisco.

If you want to download the app and try your luck on the platform, the download is available on the Play Store. Just go to Google Play ( and search by application name. This way, you don’t have to use the registration link shared by YouTube users.

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Check out another option to earn online

If the above option is not attractive to you, there is a possibility to earn money with paid survey apps. In these apps, users win by answering simple questions.

Most of the time, these questionnaires include pre-defined consumption habits or products. Therefore, to make money, users only need to Respond to questionnaires carefully and sincerely.

The most famous ones in the region are PiniOn and Google Opinion Rewards. To download, simply access the official website of the applications and follow the instructions.

Finally, does not guarantee payments or potential issues with websites, applications or games. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend you to search carefully and read all information before downloading any app or registering on platforms or websites.

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