The CEO explains the departure of the Supervisory Board of SAF Botafogo and justifies the fee in a letter

The CEO explains the departure of the Supervisory Board of SAF Botafogo and justifies the fee in a letter

Last week, engineer Fernando Pereira resigned from his position as a member of the Supervisory Board of SAF Botafogo. Days before leaving the position, he sent a letter to presidents Durcesio Mello (an association), Thairo Arruda (a company) and other members of the board of directors, calling for more transparency from the new Alvinegra management.

a General Electric He gained access to the document and on Friday contacted Fernando Pereira, who explained the charges he made in the letter and the reasons for his departure. He was an engineer by training, and was the CEO of AON brokerage in Latin America.

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One of the main questions in the letter relates to not presenting the budget so that the Finance Council can perform the function of comparing the monthly amounts realized and the budget, as well as analyzing the indebtedness of the SAF.

– I’m sad that an internal message was leaked. My style of collecting is the same, but always in a constructive way. I have been criticized, but I know the SAF has only been around for four months and it’s a very new operation. My intention has always been to build, not destroy. I would be sad if my exit was used for political purposes. I hope that everyone involved in SAF and Botafogo will help us return to our glorious past – explained Fernando Pereira.

Durcesio Mello and John Textor at the time of signing the SAF contract – Photo: Disclosure / BFR

After accessing the document, the file General Electric He consulted the association and the company about the content of the letter and wondered when the SAF would begin publishing the financial statements. It did not inform Botafogo, but only replied that it was dealing with the matter internally.

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Dorchesio Melo also stated that Fernando’s departure from the Finance Council in August was already planned since the implementation of the SAF, which was confirmed by Al-Muhandis.

Discussions and demands exist, but this was not the reason for my resignation from the Supervisory Board. I joined this to help Botafogo. I intended to stay for three months, because the financial board is none of my business. I’m not someone who digs into details, and I have no experience in this area. I leave with a broken heart and hope the club will nominate a capable man.

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In the letter he sent to the managers, the advisor also demanded the outcome of negotiations between the club and the company to pass the management of Nilton Santos and Espaco Loner. This is a requirement of the Sudanese Armed Forces Act that must be adhered to at the time of signature, but it has not yet been determined. Textor has already sent out an agreement for the stadium in a meeting with the city’s mayor, Eduardo Paes. About CT, negotiations are underway with the Moreira Salles brothers over the loan offered to the club.

According to Fernando in the letter, The only information he received from the press was provided by Textor himself, when the American told the French newspaper L’Equipe that he had spent more than twice what he expected with Alfinegro.. According to the former director, the statement violates the confidentiality of the shareholder agreement and contravenes the Companies Act.

In addition to requesting clarification on budget and expenditures, Fernando is also requesting clarification and documentary evidence about Botafogo’s possible involvement in Textor’s acquisition of Lyon. According to him, if this involvement is confirmed it contradicts another clause in the shareholder agreement.

– I think everyone who enters should look to understand this process well – he told General Electric.

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Prior to Fernando Pereira’s resignation as a member of the Supervisory Board of the SAF, Fernando Pereira advised Dorcicio Mello to appoint Marco Norse Schroeder to be the replacement for the vacant position. However, the deliberation board vetoed the name of the economist. According to people associated with the club, there was a lack of dialogue with advisors. On polling day, only 68 of the 239 members voted, 35 disapproved, 29 approved and four abstained.

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Schroeder is the former CEO of Oi and is not a member of Botafogo. He will be the only member representing the association in the company, a position that the directors want for a member of the club. Those who attended the meeting said Dorsesio was confused about the SAF law by saying the position could not be filled by someone with connections to the club.

– In this position I would advise an experienced person who knows well the subject of taxation, legislation and accounting. She suggested Schroeder, which would be a massive choice. I was upset that it was not approved and I hope the club will nominate someone who is capable. I don’t think it should be a member or a person with a political interest – said Fernando Pereira.

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O Globo newspaper reported last Thursday that Botafogo may end 2022 with an operating loss of about 130 million Brazilian reals. In a Twitter post, John Textor stated that the outcome is expected due to the high investment made at the start of management.

– Why should we be surprised by the losses because of the commitments we made in the contract? Building a company and a team in Serie A is expensive, and that’s my responsibility.

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