What about indrik?  Flying between Palmeiras base and a professional waiting for an opportunity

What about indrik? Flying between Palmeiras base and a professional waiting for an opportunity

The 16-year-old has been alternating between appearing in the Under-20 team and training with the professional team. Still not expected to be used by coach Abel Ferreira, Indrik plays in key matches to maintain the rhythm of the game and go through the transition to the first team.

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The striker is still looking to get back in shape after not playing for a while due to a physical problem he suffered on the eve of signing his first professional contract with Verdau, valid for three years and with a €60m release fine. (about 334 million Brazilian reais).

Indrick speaks with Abel Ferreira at Palmeiras training – Photo: Cesar Greco/AG Palmeiras

When will Abel use Endrick?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question among Palmeiras fans after the striker turns 16. However, the issue is being treated with great caution by the technical committee that avoids setting any deadline or giving hope to the fans and the player.

Endrick was treated to one of the base’s biggest promises, as he had a chat with Abel Ferreira during training last week. The coach also does psychological work with the striker as he did with other young players in the team, such as Gabriel Menino, Vanderlane, Patrick de Paula and Gabriel Veron.

– Endrick has been great in the under-17 and under-20 and we’ll see what he does against Gómez, Luan and Murilo. When we go up, the opponent also goes up. If he gets here mainly and does what he does in under 17 and under 20, he will play like the others. They have to make a difference. If you are having difficulty, we will give you the necessary time, as we do with everyone else. It will depend on him on the day that Andric signs his professional contract with Palmeiras, Abel Ferreira said.

Strong competition in attack and decisive games in the sequence are also factors to consider for not using the attacker. Recorded in Brazil as well as in the final stage of the Libertadores, Abel believes it would be unnecessary pressure to tie the young player up for the big matches.

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In addition, Endrick currently has competition from several players in the sector, such as the newly signed Lópes and Merentiel, as well as Rafael Navarro, Prino Lopez, Wesley, Dodo and Rooney.

Indrik drew attention to two aspects in his first training sessions with the professional team. The way he views his career, his punctuality, extreme dedication and attention to advice, and the way he deals with more experienced players.

Despite being only 16 years old, Endrick has shown a personality that will impress professionals who work every day. The player is seen as the exit point of the curve due to the degree of maturity and expectations that have arisen about his future.

Indrik and Luan during Palmeiras training at the Football Academy – Photo: Cesar Greco

Other players who were promoted from base classes ended up having problems specifically with the transfer process and with the hype around fame and money. Endrick is locally inspired and with family always present, with less interest on the off-field.

The good relationship and the way you treat more experienced players is also the subject of positive comments internally. It’s common to see the striker posting jokes on social media, as he did with Bruno Tabata, Gustavo Gomez and Luanne.

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Indrik and Bruno Tabata train with Palmeiras at the Football Academy – Photo: Cesar Greco

The player is well appreciated by the team, acknowledging the qualities and difficulties of the 16-year-old who is adapting to professional football.

With titles in all categories of Palmeiras base, Endrik should continue the rest of the season by playing in the Under-20 tag team, which continues to fight for titles in Sao Paulo and Brazil. Despite this, the striker must maintain a training routine with the professional team.

Verdau is in the semi-finals of the national competition and could have a classic match against Sao Paulo in the dispute for a place in the decision. In the state, Palmeiras is in the third stage and defends one of the best campaigns in the tournament.

Andric plays for Palmeiras against Vasco in Brazil U-20 – Photo: Fabio Menotti

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