'House of the Dragon': Critics react to 'Game of Thrones' show - BBC News Australia

‘House of the Dragon’: Critics react to ‘Game of Thrones’ show – BBC News Australia

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Emma Darcy plays Rhinera Targaryen, alongside Matt Smith as Demon Targaryen.

Dragon Housethe series that premieres on Sunday (21/08) in Brazil, on HBO Max, and is part of the celebrity world. Game of thrones-Does it live up to the original?

This is the question that critics are trying to answer – and there is no unanimity in the reviews of those who have seen it.

Some, such as the British newspaper The Guardian, describe it as a “wow” and “as big as the previous series in its heyday”.

Others are not at the same level of enthusiasm. The Telegraph, who is also from the UK, said it fell short of expectations, while US The Wrap website went further and declared it was “not even looming in the shadows”. Game of thrones.

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