Sheila finishes a multi-hero career in a festive game of salute and emotion

Sheila finishes a multi-hero career in a festive game of salute and emotion

Sheila took to court for the last time as a professional player on Friday. A lovely party in the gym at Minas Tênis Clube, in Belo Horizonte, in honor of a multi-champion career of over 20 years.

Sheila is touched when Donna Teresinha enters the court

With each shot, a different shake of the stands that can see stars from the past and present of volleyball. In the end, hugs and affection from everyone who was able to experience the end of a successful career. The two-time Olympic champion thanked her.

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“I am full of happiness and gratitude”

– I think it’s gratitude from everyone who came to throw this party. I just want to thank everyone, the fans, and the press. I refrained so hard not to cry, but I knew this moment would come. I am very happy and grateful for all this appreciation. I am very emotional – Sheila said in an interview with Sportv.

Sheila poses for a farewell photo – Photo: Disclosure / Minas Tênis Clube

Sheila was asked if there was something missing in her career.

– The world (laughs). No, I’ve always tried to give my best, in all the tournaments I’ve been in. Everything that happened was my daily build. I joked that I missed the world championship, but I was the world champion with Osasco and in the youth.

These “summoned” of the party are José Roberto Guimarães, passing through his colleagues from Minas, such as Makris, Carol Gataz and Gabi; Historical names in Brazilian volleyball, such as Fofão and Fabiana, as well as multiple champions in men, such as setters Maurício and Willian, and Libero Serginho Escadinha. On the field, 36 Olympic medals in total.

Sheila responds to her farewell testimonies (1)

Sheila responds to her farewell testimonies (1)

It was a three-group friendly match with 25 points. The two teams were dubbed “the Beijing team” and “the London team”, in reference to the two places where Sheila won the gold medal for the Brazilian team. The score was 2-1 for the Beijing team (25/21, 22/25 and 26/24 partial).

Before the match, a big celebration of the player. There were many honours, such as the handing over of special paintings, a Minas Tennis shirt with a frame, and a lot of affection from friends and family, especially from the grandmother, from whom she received a painting and flowers. That was the moment when the hero had tears before the match.

In the first set, Beijing, the team that Sheila was defending, had a 15-point advantage. The advantage awakened the competition and the London team touched the scoreboard, reducing the distance from 15 to four points and the score was 24 to 20. At the end of the first half, the Beijing team advanced 25 to 21 in 26 minutes.

Sheila receives a greeting from her grandmother – Photo: Leonardo Parilla

In the second half, Sheila changed her team and defended the London team. The match continued at a contested pace, despite being a friendly. Neither team walked away from the scoreboard, and the feud was point to point.

In the first half, Carol Gataz paid tribute to Sheila. She sang a song in honor of her teammate.

Sheila responds to her farewell testimonies (2)

Sheila responds to her farewell testimonies (2)

In the third group, the teams merged. Sheila played for the Beijing team in the latter part of her career. The London team came to open an advantage, but the party could not end with the team’s defeat to the two-time Olympic champion. In the end, there was a shift in the series of points, the latter scored by one of the greatest points in volleyball history.

The 39-year-old interviewer started her career in Minas in 2000. She spent four seasons on her first spell. In 2002, he won the Superliga title at the age of 17. After that, the opposite player’s career took off, she won titles in Italy and the Brazilian national team.

There were two Olympic titles to defend Brazil at the Olympics: Beijing (2008) and London (2012), with a prominent role. Sheila also passed through São Caetano, Rio de Janeiro, Osasco and Vaquev Banc-Tour before returning to Minas in 2019.

In addition to Olympic titles, Sheila includes in its curriculum: Grand Prix (seven titles), Pan American Games (one), Pan American Cup (three), South American (five), European Cup (two), Italian Championship (one ), Supercopa Italiana (one), Club World Cup (one), South American Club Championship (one) Campeonato Carioca (two), Campeonato Paulista (two), Brazilian Cup (one), Turkey Championship (one), Turkish Super Cup (one) ), among other achievements.

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