Headache, dizziness, cramps and cramps after orgasm.  is this normal?

Headache, dizziness, cramps and cramps after orgasm. is this normal?

Dizziness, nausea, sneezing, cramps, headache, and the urge to urinate are some of the symptoms that can occur after an orgasm, because the body is at the peak of intense excitement for a moment of relaxation.

Giuliana de Biagi, obstetrician-gynecologist and professor at Fempar (Faculdade Evangélica Mackenzie do Paraná), explains that during sex, in the arousal phase, muscle relaxation occurs, blood flow to the sexual organs increases and lubrication occurs.

At the time of orgasm, norepinephrine is released, which causes muscle and blood vessel spasms, and increases blood pressure and heart rate. Soon, noradrenaline release stops abruptly causing extreme relaxation. This is the time when unwanted symptoms can occur.

Check below for signs of discomfort that some people can show after the maximum moment of sexual pleasure:

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According to De Biagi, the urinary system can also be affected during climax. The bladder muscle relaxes and the urethra contracts, causing the urge to urinate, but with difficulty emptying the bladder.

These symptoms usually last for a short time and then you can urinate normally. Even the golden advice, especially for women, is to always empty the bladder after intercourse to avoid urinary tract infections. In the case of men, the remnants of semen that remained in the urethra are eliminated when urinating.

  • Sexual headache and orgasm

An estimate of 1% to 1.5% of the population suffers from sexual headaches with a higher incidence in between, says Priscilla Fernandez Juvia, a pelvic physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation at Unifesp (Federal University of São Paulo). Men and genetically predisposed people.

The pain can occur just before, during, or after orgasm from intercourse and masturbation. Prior to peaking, sexual headaches are headaches that gradually increase as tension in interbody sex grows and occur in about 20% of cases.

An orgasmic headache occurs immediately after orgasm, in 80% of cases, and appears very sharp and sudden, as if “thunder” or “explosion”.

The causes of discomfort can arise from the constriction of the cerebral arteries, followed by relaxation, which can lead to headaches. When it is severe, it is essential to seek urgent medical attention.
Episodes of pain can be short-lived or last a few hours. There are treatments that can prevent these pains, but they should be prescribed by a trained professional.

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Marcela*, 34, a doctor from Curitiba, says she usually feels nauseous and unwell after she’s had the most fun in relationships. Therefore, you need to lie down for a few minutes to wait for the uncomfortable signs to pass. When he consulted a gynecologist, he was diagnosed with nothing to worry about.

In this case, there are uterine contractions followed by relaxation, perhaps due to the increased blood flow in the genitals, nausea can occur due to the lack of blood circulation in the area of ​​​​the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore it affects men as well. Additionally, those who swallow semen may also experience nausea.

If there is any pain with the reaction frequently, it is necessary to investigate the causes of the pelvis which may be related to fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Due to the sudden drop in pressure, dizziness and a feeling of “uncomfortable” may occur. If sexual activity is very intense, where a lot of energy is spent, it requires more effort, and if there is not enough diet beforehand, then it is likely that symptoms will appear.

There is a rush of endorphins during sex, an increase in metabolism, and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, especially if the amount of energy expended in the activity is high, which can affect dizziness after the climax of pleasure. In general people should not worry, this feeling lasts for a short time.

Camilla Trevisan, 25, a publicist from Curitiba, reports that she usually has cramping pains in the intestines that occur within seconds after orgasm. To ease the discomfort, you should do something like take a shower, apply a hot compress to the area of ​​pain, or even pass gas.

Silvia Maria Oliveira da Cunha Cavalcante, member of the National Committee of Vibrasco (Brazilian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and graduate of Sexology at EBMSP (Bahia School of Medicine and Public Health), explains that blood flows with an emphasis on the genitals at a time to “see”. In the case of a woman, the uterus becomes engorged with blood, and in this the organism prepares for the rite of procreation.

At the time of orgasm, the uterus contracts to release cervical mucus, which is a normal secretion. In some women, this contraction to expel mucus occurs as if it were colic.

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Jacqueline Edwarda, 27, a student, feels cramps and fits of laughter as she climaxes. Despite this, she and her partner are already used to the quick-going reactions and even find it funny.

This is likely to happen because all the muscles are tense, which can lead to a feeling of weakness in the legs and even cramps, but it wears off quickly after that, as the body returns to its resting state, a stage that is recovery. a call.

There is no scientific justification, but chances are that the brain’s synapses fail, leading to reactions of the nervous system throughout the body. However, it is rare, because it is the privacy of the individual.

Should I worry about any of these signs?

In general, these symptoms are not alarming if resolved quickly, except when associated with severe pain, which should be investigated. More attention is needed, especially in the case of pelvic pain and severe headache.

Another important situation is medical evaluation when these symptoms have an impact on the quality of sexual life. Or when a person is embarrassed by the symptoms and ends up avoiding sex out of fear or shame.

*Name has been changed at the request of the interviewee.

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