A child is born full of bruises and bruises and is diagnosed with leukemia

A child is born full of bruises and bruises and is diagnosed with leukemia

At 36 weeks pregnant, Natasha, a mother from Penrith, Australia, felt that something was wrong. Her pregnancy was already considered risky and she was being monitored for high blood pressure, but at that moment, she was worried, as she noticed that her second child, Ashton, had slowed down, she told the site. Kids Spot.

+ “My daughter had symptoms of a cold, we took her to the doctor and discovered leukemia,” the mother warns

Ashton with parents, Natasha and Nathan, and brother Levi (Photo: Playback/Kidspot)

Then the mother went to the hospital, where she underwent some tests, which showed that everything is still under control and that she can go home. “The next day I was still uncomfortable so they expected a caesarean section. I wanted skin-to-skin contact when I gave birth to my baby as if my first baby was fibrous, it didn’t happen because I was under general anaesthesia.”

The moment they took Ashton out, the doctors only showed his little head to his mother, over the surgical drape, and they quickly took him away. “He screamed a little, and then he was very quiet in the room. I had a feeling something was wrong; they didn’t give me skin-to-skin contact. I kept asking if he was okay and they told me someone had spoken to me when I got back to the suite,” Natasha remembers.

A short time later, she and her husband, Nathan, were in the room when a social worker walked in. “They showed me a picture and I collapsed. Ashton was born with many small bruises and bumps all over his body. They told us that the results of a blood test showed he might have had leukemia, and the next day they transferred him from Kneppen Hospital to Westmead,” the mother said.

At five days old, Ashton was diagnosed. He had congenital acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow which is rare for a child. A week later, Natasha was finally able to hug her son, which means a lot to her. However, at the same time, she was afraid to touch him. He asked himself, “What if I lost him?”

The newborn needed to start treatment, and fortunately, the lumps and bruises were gone within two days of chemotherapy. “Ashton was a warrior,” his mother said, “but the doctors still didn’t know if he would survive.” After four months of chemotherapy and several trips to and from the hospital, the little boy was in remission and was getting better. Unfortunately, this was not the end of the battle.

Little Ashton in the hospital (Photo: Playback/Kidspot)

Little Ashton in the hospital (Photo: Playback/Kidspot)

“Three months later, he had a relapse. A small lump appeared on his forehead. The doctor said it was a clogged hair follicle, which was confirmed by the oncologist. However, the lump got bigger. Then more began to appear. He had lumps when he was born,” Natasha said. We knew deep down that the disease had returned.”

If the first time was difficult, the second time was devastating for the family. The child needs to return to chemotherapy. The doctors wanted to admit him right away, but his parents wouldn’t let him. They wanted to spend the weekend with their son, because they weren’t sure what would happen next. The baby was only 8 months old at the time.

“The chemotherapy was more intense this time because we followed the high-risk protocol,” the mother explained. “He was getting really sick after that, his oxygen levels were going down, his heartbeat was up and he couldn’t eat,” he said.

When Ashton turned one year old, he underwent a bone marrow transplant. “These cells saved his life,” the mother declared. The child slowly began to improve – which was a relief for the older brother. “It was as hard for Levi as we always were with Ashton in the hospital. We didn’t realize how much Levi understood this situation until the day he looked at me and said, ‘Mom, does this mean Ashton’s blood monsters are gone?’ ‘ said Natasha.

Now, nearly two years old, the little boy is in remission and is celebrating because he can go to preschool. Natasha celebrated: “He’s doing a great job and he’s come this far!”. He joked: “He walks, he runs nonstop, he’s like a little rocket and he climbs up on everything, and he knows he can get away with it!”

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