Ifix completes the fifth week of earnings;  FII XPLG11 is the height of the bullish session

Ifix completes the fifth week of earnings; FII XPLG11 is the height of the bullish session

Ifix – an index that aggregates the most actively traded real estate funds in B3 – closed Friday’s session (19) with a gain of 0.08%, at 2,923 points. In the week, the index reached its highest levels at 1.81%, affected in particular by the increase in “brick” funds. This was the fifth consecutive week in which the index achieved gains. XP Log Fund (XPLG11) topped the list of the trading session’s biggest gainers, up 1.86%. Check out the rest of today’s highlights around FII Center.

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The reduction in dividends from receivables — which invest in fixed-income securities linked to inflation and CDI — will be accurate, indicating the second edition of the Itaú BBA Financial Asset Sector Report, which assesses the impact of a deflation scenario in real estate funds.

The document was signed by Marcelo Potenza and Larissa Napo, analysts at the financial institution, who promote optimism about financial dues – or “paper”, as they are also known. Given the confidence, they recommend buying six wallets. are they:

  • HGCR11 – CSHG Real Estate Receivables
  • KNHY11 – High Yield From Kinea
  • KNSC11 – Kenya Stock Exchange
  • MCCI11 – Mawa Capital Real Estate Receivables
  • RBRR11 – High Quality RBR Productivity
  • VCJR11 – The real benefit of Vectis

According to Potenza, the recommendations in the second edition of the Itaú BBA Financial Assets Sector Report take into account funds with high-quality portfolios, experienced management and strong collateral, characteristics that are most welcome in any economic scenario, the analyst concludes.

Friday’s Biggest Highs (19):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
XPG11 XP record logistics 1.86
TORD11 EI Tordesillas Aharon 1.75
MGFF11 Magani Nicknames and Val. Home furniture 1.55
RVBI11 VBI Reits Nicknames and Val. Home furniture 1.39
XPSF11 XP اختيار Selection Aharon 1.32

Friday’s Biggest Victims (19):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
11 . care Brazilian cemetery and death care Aharon -2.55
BLMG11 Bluemacaw Logistics logistics -2.3
RBRL11 RBR . record logistics -1.15
BRCR11 BC FUND hybrid -1.14
XPPR11 XP خصائص Characteristics Aharon -1.03

Source: B3

Suno Fundo de Fundos (SNFF11) has launched a new stake offer and wants to raise R$24.6 million

In a fundamental fact that was published on Thursday (18), the Suno Fundo de Fundos Institute of Fisheries announced to the market the approval of the second issue of quotas for the fund, which aims to raise 24.6 million Brazilian reals.

The unit price for the new shares is set at R$89.72 and the distribution fee will be R$0.28, with a total subscription price of R$90.00.

At the market open on Friday (19), Suno Fundo de Fundos shares were trading at R$88.59, an increase of 0.44%.

Shareholders who hold a position at the end of August 23 will have pre-emptive rights to the offer, which can be exercised between August 25 and September 8.

With assets of R$224 million, the fund currently has a rate of return with dividends of 9% in the past 12 months. On Monday (15), the portfolio deposited R$0.65 per share, with a monthly return of 0.71%.

Today’s earnings

Check out 17 funds that distribute income on Friday (19):

ribbon background performance
PQDP14 Parque Dom Pedro . Shopping Center 14.24 Brazilian Real
PQDP11 Parque Dom Pedro . Shopping Center 14.24 Brazilian Real
PQDP13 Parque Dom Pedro . Shopping Center 14.24 Brazilian Real
SHDP13 Shop Parque Dom Pedro 7.74 Brazilian Real
SHDP11 Shop Parque Dom Pedro 7.74 Brazilian Real
RZAK11 Reza Akin 1.50 Brazilian Real
Barry 11 Real estate income from Barigui I 1.40 Brazilian Real
AFHI11 AF Invest Cri 1.30 Brazilian Real
BLMC11 Credit Bluemacaw Real Estate 1.17 Brazilian Real
gold 11 Ourinvest . Structured Income 1.15 Brazilian Real
BRLA11 BRL II strut 1.09 Brazilian Real
AFOF11 FoF . Alliance 1.06 Brazilian Real
ARCT11 Risa arctium 1.02 Brazilian Real
RECX11 REC FoF 0.80 Brazilian Real
Corm 11 Core Metropolis 0.77 Brazilian Real
OUFF11 Ourinvest Fund 0.75 Brazilian Real
TSNC11 cross synchronization 0.63 Brazilian Real
TRNT11 North Tower 0.30 Brazilian Real
AFHI13 AF Invest Cri 0.29 Brazilian Real
game 11 Multi-strategy real estate custodian 1 0.13 Brazilian Real
mana 11 Manati Capital 0.11 Brazilian Real
IMMO13 IMOP II 0.10 Brazilian Real
IMIV13 Immob IV Bragança 0.10 Brazilian Real
RNOV14 iMobe i 0.01 Brazilian Real
RNOV15 iMobe i 0.01 Brazilian Real

Source: InfoMoney. Pointers with an ending other than 11 indicate receipts and subscription rights for funds.

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