Trinidad dies in the Pantanal series?  Who else will leave the plot?

Trinidad dies in the Pantanal series? Who else will leave the plot?

In the remake of TV Globo directed by Bruno Luperi, the fate of Gabriel Sater’s character heads to the same conclusion that his father Almir Sater brought to life in the 1990 version of TV Manchete. Trindade Dies in the Pantanal? Soon, the guitarist will mysteriously disappear and many people will be left with fleas behind their ears. He’ll come back briefly and then say goodbye for good at 9 PM.

Trinidad die in the Pantanal series 1990 or 2022?

Trindade does not die in the Pantanal series, however, his ending will not be happy with Irma. Soon, Gabriel Satter’s character will leave without giving an explanation and leave his beloved Irma (Camila Morgado) desolate. Throughout the run of the series, numerous requests have been made by fans of the Trindade attraction for a different ending in the remake, however, these pleas have apparently not been heard by author Bruno Luperi.

Notícias da TV said, now in August 2022, that Trinidad would leave Jose Leoncio’s farm and give up Irma and her child, just as it had happened in 1990. The crisis began in the couple’s relationship, which until then lived in a thousand wonders, after a pregnant woman consulted a doctor and underwent For a series of checks and contracting requests Trinidad.

The musician asked the redhead not to go to the doctor due to the conditions of her treatment with caramolau, but she did not follow the instructions of her lover. When she returns, Irma is told that the spell between them has been broken and their romance cannot be restored.

The violinist even tries to break off the pact he made with the Devil, but to no avail, he will choose to walk away from Heir and Irma to keep the two of them safely away. Also, according to Notícias da TV, he will meet Trindade Eugenio (Almer Sater) in the boat and will see that his fate is uncertain. Soon, it will mysteriously disappear.

After this disappearance, Irma will continue her pregnancy and hope to see her lover again. She will be sad and waiting for the baby to be born. Delivery day arrives and Camila Morgado’s character faces complications. She will not have the necessary contractions and arrangements will be made to take her to the hospital.

At this moment, the one who would magically appear would be Trindade. He will give birth to a child, who will be born healthy and without legs or horns, as Irma and Mariana fear. After that, Trindade leaves again, but this time it will be forever.

It is important to note that Trindade does not die in the Pantanal novel. He left the farm of Zé Leôncio and his fate is unknown to all. Before leaving the series, Zee Lucas will be asked to take care of Irma and her son. Irandhir Santos’ character will fulfill her promise and end up getting close to Irma, which will start a romantic relationship between them.

In 1990, actor Almir Sater had to leave the plot because he was cast as the hero of the soap opera that replaced Pantanal in the extinct Manchete, series A História de Ana Raio and Zé Trovão. This was the reason why Trindade’s character suddenly left the plot.

Trinidad dies in the soap opera Pantanal? The character does not die, but leaves the plot – Photo: clone / globe

Solano dies shortly before Trinidad disappears

A few chapters before Trinidad’s farewell to the plot, Solano’s character dies. Played by actor Rafa Sage, the killer has not yet appeared in the remake, but is about to appear, as he will be appointed by Tenório. He will have a mission to be the secret weapon of the villain Morello Benicio to take revenge on Maria Broca and her lover Alcides, but the Jagonko will fail the mission to harm both and will not touch them.

Since Solano will also be responsible for harming Zé Leôncio’s family – since Tenório wants to punish his neighbor for having helped Maria Bruaca and still keep his land as a reward – the killer will go after Zé Lucas, Tadeu and Juma. Zé Lucas will survive a shot and Tadeu will not suffer any attacks from Solano, as Zefa will discover the character’s bad plans and prevent something from happening to her lover.

Finally, when he tries to kill Juma in the girl’s prison, the spell turns against the sorcerer and Solano will be the one who ends up dead. Juma will turn into a jaguar and Rava Sieg will die.

Anyone who thinks Trinidad dies in the soap opera Pantanal is wrong, but Solano is one of the characters who lost his life – Image: clone/instagram/@siegrafa

Roberto is also a character who died in the series

The character of the actor Cauê Campos will also leave the plot. The boy will die before Trinidad leaves the series and the other characters die. According to journalist Patricia Cogot of O Globo, everything will happen when Solano is suspected. Roberto, his father’s killer, will ask many questions about the attempted assassination of Zee Lucas, which will make Solano afraid of falling into the crime.

That is why, during a boat trip in which only Roberto and Solano will be, the boy will drown. First, an anaconda will appear and let Solano scare him, who will end up falling into the water. He will be helped by the young man who will also fall into the water. Roberto will drown while trying to get back into the boat and Solano will think the president’s son is dead.

He will drag the body into the boat and celebrate that the boy is gone without having to make an effort. However, Roberto will regain consciousness and will spit out the water he swallowed. Solano will then decide to resolve the situation. He will throw the boy back into the water and drown him. This time, Roberto will not breathe again.

In 1990, the death of the young man was different and the hitman was not to blame. In the original scenes, Roberto was attacked by an anaconda when he was on a river bank and was towing a boat in the water. Tenório’s son is unable to fight the animal and ends up dying.

Roberto is the only son of Tenorio who died in the soap opera Pantanal – Image: clone/globo

Tenorio dies

Near the final chapters of the plot, after the death of Roberto and Solano and after the disappearance of Trindade, Tenorio dies. The moment occurs after the villain castrates Alcides and hunts down the character’s pawn for revenge.

In the Manchete version, Alcides hit his opponent in the abdomen with a spear and then Tenório stopped breathing. However, in the 2022 edition, Tenório will still be attacked by Alcides with a bayonet, however, he will survive long enough to drag himself bleeding to the river’s edge, according to journalist Patrícia Kogut of O Globo.

Then it is pulled by the anaconda into the water. Tenorio wouldn’t have the strength to get out of the situation alive, he would drown and then his body would disappear into the water.

Trindade dies in the soap opera Pantanal, but tenório is one of those kicking the bucket – Image: clone/globo

Zé Leôncio dies and Velho do Rio disappears in the last chapter

In the final chapter of the original novel, Zé Leôncio suffered a severe heart attack and did not survive. With that, he managed to have his first face-to-face meeting with the Filho do Rio Club and was able to see that this entity was really his missing father, Juventino.

During the conversation with the patriarch, Jose Loncio finally finds out what happened to his father. Gioventino reveals that during a fight with Marua in the bush, he fell off his horse and was hit by a snake in the neck. He died, but got a new chance when he became a spirit, the old river man.

At this moment, Gioventino reveals that he is tired and that it is time to leave. However, since his position could not be empty, he ordered his son Zi Leoncio to replace him. The farmer, now dead, takes on the mantle of his father, who soon disappears and leaves the land for good.

Zé leôncio and the old man from the river
Trinidad dies in the soap opera Pantanal? Violeiro leaves during the plot and zé leôncio and joventino change places in the last chapter of the series – Image: Reproduction / Globo

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