Arthur the Bear, who is married to eight women, talks about sex and jealousy

Arthur the Bear, who is married to eight women, talks about sex and jealousy

“We always include something new in a relationship,” says the model.

Model routine and digital influencer Arturo Medeiros36, and his eight wives have changed dramatically after the mansion they live in, in João Pessoa, Paraíba, was the target of hateful graffiti due to free love and polygamy. [veja a foto aqui].

To prevent further attacks, Arthur the Bear – How to present himself on social networks and in OnlyFans- Installed security cameras and electric fences on the property and hired private security guards. “They were so bold, I’m afraid they would try to do something worse,” he explains.

Despite the neighborhood hostility, Arthur the Bear The wives did not give up the life of free love. By the way, he says he receives an average of 30 marriage proposals per day on social media. But in order for the candidate to be accepted into the family, he must undergo the scrutiny of Luana Kazaki – the only woman he has ever married on paper – and live with the other wives. “It’s not as easy as it seems,” he says.

Are there any sexual habits between you and your eight wives?
No, everything happens randomly. Things never happen the way they are because our head is too involved in a fetish, and [o sexo] It never becomes monotonous. We always include something new in the relationship, like voyeurism or a threesome.

Is it true that you follow a schedule to be with him every day?
At first I tried to follow a schedule, but it didn’t work. I let things happen naturally, and then yeah, it flowed very nicely because it doesn’t have that boring thing in common. For me, the important thing is to meet their needs as well as mine.

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Are there internal disagreements?
At the time of the timeline, there was a quarrel because one of them wanted to be with me at some point, and I couldn’t because I was with the other. This was causing conflict [entre as esposas] On the issue of exclusivity. They want you to be with me just for them, that little moment with me, not to share with anyone.

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Is this moment of sex alone the only moment of privacy in a relationship?
That’s exactly. When they are menstruating, I notice that they become more emotional, so there is more exclusivity. I am more affectionate, considerate of a sweetheart and have more solitude. I try to fill them with both pampering and feelings. I go out to buy chocolates, sweets and books for some who like to read. I try to cater to each one’s special tastes.

Do you have group sex?
A mission or trisal ends up together, but nothing is agreed upon. The world of fetishism is very wide and everyone thinks differently. Each of them has their limitations and loves sex in some way.

Your wives are bisexual and have relationships with each other without your participation?
The one thing that ended up solidifying our presence in our relationship is that everything just happens with my presence. Even sharing them with each other, because the three of them weren’t bisexual and ended up being bisexual. Luana, for example, doesn’t want to get involved with other women if I’m not with her. She enjoys sexual participation, but does not want to have a relationship with another woman.

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How often do you date your eight wives?
About four to five times a day, which should be about 25 to 35 times a week. It’s a real sex marathon, which ends up affecting me physically. I actually lost five pounds in seven days.

Do you often resort to some stimulants such as Viagra?
Viagra is something I will never be able to tolerate in my life, I have a small heart problem, mitral valve. I need to stay away from these erectile dysfunction drugs. So I turn to some natural products like catuaba and tribulus terrestris, an amazing Chinese plant that raises testosterone levels.

Already failed?
Of course I have and I am not ashamed to say it because there is the mental fatigue factor. Masculinity is so great regarding this, it’s rare to hear of a man being scolded, but I did.

When did you start wanting to practice free love?
As a teenager, I wanted to try this kind of story. The beginning came when I was already with Luana Kazaki. She wanted to have an open relationship, but did not reveal her desires to any partner due to prejudice. It is in the interior of Paraíba and life there is rigid.

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Do you intend to increase the number of wives?
Yes, I want to get ten. I receive 25-30 requests per wedding day on Instagram, and many women from Paraíba talk to me. They ask me: Do I not need a ninth wife? or “I want to be your ninth wife.”

Will they need the approval of the current authorities?
I start getting to know women, intimacy, kissing and even sex. But only after a period where I feel safe do I introduce Luana to do some sort of pre-selection to understand the idea and purpose in the middle of the relationship. Luna must agree. Then she goes through the stage of cohabitation and has to get along with the other wives. It’s not as easy as it seems.

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