UFC 278: Borrachinha hits weight and shoots: "F*** USADA"

UFC 278: Borrachinha hits weight and shoots: “F*** USADA”

Paulo Poracinha passed the scales without any problems this time, but got into trouble with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) on Friday morning, in Salt Lake City, on the eve of UFC 278. The Brazilian fighter, who was in the first platoon to reach the scales, sent out an “f* * USADA” after hitting 84.1 kg in a duel with Luke Rockhold, an American who made the same weight, fell short of the 84.4 kg maximum for middleweight. According to Porashinha, members of the agency knocked on his room before 7 a.m. (local time) for auditions while he was finishing his weight loss.

Paulo Poracinha reached 84.1 kg then – Photo: Chris Unger / Zova y

Luke Rockhold weighed 84.1 kg to duel with Borrachinha in the co-main event – Photo: Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC

According to the report fighting, the USA agency knocked on Porashinha’s room before 7am to collect her urine and blood for testing. The Brazilian cut the weight with a blanket and had no fluid to urinate in his body. There was also no way to draw blood because Porashinha was dehydrated. The regulators stayed 40 minutes in the fighter’s room, but then gave up.

The Borrachinha team complained a lot when they stated that Team USADA had made Borrachinha stress at the time they claim was unnecessary. After the weight operations, USADA followed him to complete the tests while Borrachinha was rehydrating. The fighter also spoke about the matter on his social networks.

-F*** The USADA President who sent his clients this morning to my room at 6am to take my blood!!! I was losing weight and very dehydrated and they wanted to take my blood! F*** these guys!!! Purashinha wrote I’ve never caught a USADA exam and I don’t need that shit.

Paulo Poracinha also reached the scales with a bottle where he showed a sticker sheet written in English “secret juice”, also to the provocation of those who always claim that Brazilians use some banned substance to get the body in their possession. The truth is that Borrachinha is one of the most tested fighters since he arrived in the UFC and has yet to show positive results. Check the Brazilian’s weight in a video posted on his social networks.

Aldo and Leo Santos finally weigh each other

In less than 30 minutes off the official window for up to two hours of official weight, only his teammates Jose Aldo and Leo Santos passed the scales. Heavyweight champion Kamaru Usman and his opponent Leon Edwards were the first to weigh in at 77.1 kg, confirming the main event of UFC 278. After that, everyone crossed the scales without breaking the boundaries of their classes.

Camaro Usman weighed 77.1 kg and was the first to weigh himself on Friday – Photo: Chris Unger/Zova LLC.

Leon Edwards hit the same weight as the champ at 77.1kg and was his second on Friday – Photo: Chris Unger/Zova LLC

Jose Aldo was the penultimate fighter who had his weight, with a one-hour window. The former featherweight and current bantamweight champion first reached the limit with 61.9 kg, but then used bimbo, and without clothes, the maximum was 61.7 kg. Earlier, his opponent Merab Dvalishvili hit the same weight of 61.7 kg.

Jose Aldo needed the screen to stay at the 61.7kg limit at bantam weight – Photo: Reproduction/MMA Junkie

As for the lightweight (up to 70.8 kg), Léo Santos was the last to weigh himself and proved very thin. With 1h24min out the window, he arrived on stage with the support of coach Dedé Pederneiras and immediately asked for the screen. With a lightweight appearance, the maximum was 70.8 kg. When taking pictures, Leo Santos didn’t even raise his arms as he got Diddy’s help to get off the stage.

Léo Santos arrived to balance with the help of coach Dedé Pederneiras – Photo: Engage/MMA Junkie

Other members of Brazilian squadronFrancisco Figueiredo weighed 56.9 kg for a flyweight fight, the same class as Daniel Miogo, who had a weight of 57.2 kg.

Francisco Figueiredo dropped to 56.9kg to fight in the flyweight – Photo: Chris Unger/Zova LLC

Daniel Migo hits the 57.2kg mark to fight at flyweight at UFC 278 – Photo: Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

This Saturday, the fighting UFC 278 is broadcast live and exclusively from 7pm (Brazilian time). a fight.com convey “Anti-warmingAnd the first two fights from 18:30, plus anti youtube. The site tracks the event in real time.

Check the weights of all UFC 278 players:

main card:
Middleweight (up to 77.1 kg): Camaro Usman (77.1 kg) x Leon Edwards (77.1 kg)
Middleweight (up to 84.4 kg): Paulo Poracinha (84.1 kg) x Luke Rockhold (84.1 kg)
Bantam weight (up to 61.7 kg): Jose Aldo (61.7 kg) vs Merab Dvalishvili (61.7 kg)
Bantam weight (up to 61.7 kg): Wu Yan’an (61.7 kg) vs. Lucy Podilova (61.5 kg)
Light Heavyweight (up to 93.4 kg): Tyson Pedro (93.2 kg) vs. Harry Hansucker (92.7 kg)
Initial card:
Heavyweight (up to 120.7 kg): Marcin Tybura (114.5 kg) x Alexander Romanov (108.6 kg)
Lightweight (up to 70.8 kg): Leo Santos (70.8 kg) x Jared Gordon (70.5 kg)
Featherweight (up to 66.2kg): Shawn Woodson (66.2kg) vs. Luis Saldana (66kg)
Lightweight (up to 77.6 kg): AJ Fletcher (77.3 kg) x Ange Loosa (77.3 kg)
Flyweight (up to 57.2 kg): Amir El Bazi (57.2 kg) x Francisco Figueiredo (56.9 kg)
Bantamweight (up to 61.7 kg): Aori Qileng (61.7 kg) vs Jay Perrin (61.7 kg)
Flyweight (up to 57.2 kg): Daniel Miogo (57.2 kg) x Victor Altamirano (56.7 kg)

* The event main event is belt valid and therefore athletes are not entitled to carry 1 pound (0.454 kg) in their weights. All other fighters benefited.

UFC 278: Kamaru Usman defends his belt and José Aldo returns to the Octagon

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