365 Days 3 End Explanation: Who is Laura left with?  Massimo or nacho?

365 Days 3 End Explanation: Who is Laura left with? Massimo or nacho?

365 days 3 It premiered on Netflix, wrapping up the controversial romance between Massimo and Laura. After the traumatic events of the previous film, fans were eager to find out who Laura would end up with. The end of the trilogy saw heated scenes, but it focused more on the drama of the couple.

Thanks to the trailers from 365 days 3, we already knew that Laura had survived the end of the previous movie. In it, the young woman was shot by the ex-Anna of Massimo. However, the question remained whether the couple would be able to repair their relationship. Or, if Laura would really like Nacho.

Although the young woman begins the film with Massimo, she feels a pent-up attraction to Nacho. Based on the work of Blanka Lipinska, who also produces the films, the trilogy has come to an end and she’s looking forward to seeing who Laura really will be.

Well, if you missed anything 365 days 3We explain the end of the movie. After all, who is Laura left with? With Massimo or Nacho? Find out with us.

What happens in 365 days 3?

365 days 3 At first it appears that Laura survived the shocking ending of the previous film. However, the events of the sequel certainly had a huge impact on Laura and Massimo’s relationship. Laura does what she can to move on. He even asks Nacho to forget about it, but Massimo doesn’t.

The fire between Laura and Massimo has some sensual moments, but it ends quickly. The couple quarrel after Massimo finds out that Laura did not tell him that she had lost her child. So they cannot be separated further. In this way, the two plunged into their work, Massimo with his gangster life and Laura with her fashion brand.

Laura and Olga go to Portugal to participate in the fashion fair in Lagos. There, he meets Nacho’s sister, Amelia. She convinces Laura to give Nacho time to explain himself, and insists that he is not a bad person, although he is loyal to his father.

Immediately, 365 days 3 There are more hot scenes. Nacho meets Laura again and after he tells her he loves her, they have sex on the beach. Unlike Massimo, Nacho is more than happy to let Laura make her own decisions. He reveals to her that he saved Massimo’s life by killing Anna at the end of the sequence, only because Laura still loves him.

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Promising to give her time to decide what she really wants, Nacho tells Laura:

“I don’t want my happiness at the cost of your suffering. I want you to want me… I will wait for you, until you are ready.”

Reunion with Massimo

Massimo waits for Laura at the hotel, but perhaps as a sign of maturity, he agrees to return to Sicily to make room for Laura. She goes to visit her parents and confesses that she loves Nacho. Definitely, this is one of the greatest dramas of 365 days 3. After all, Laura reveals that she doesn’t know what to do.

Her mother advised her to be selfish in a relationship and she tells Laura:

“If you put your happiness first, you will do whatever it takes to make it last.”

Having had a three-way relationship with Massimo and Nacho – where they also kissed – Laura returns to Sicily. Soon Olga tells her that Massimo knows about the events of Nacho. Olga wants her to run away, but Laura reveals that she won’t be afraid of Massimo.

Laura has a surprise on her way back to Sicily, as Nacho – only with a hat – disguises to be her chauffeur. He announces himself to her and together they talk about a possible future. But she told him she still needed time. Then Nacho said he would “wait” and they parted at her house.

Upon arriving home, Massimo Laura surprises 365 days 3. Instead of anger at betrayal, he adopts a calm philosophical tone. He’s really known about Nacho the whole time and regrets that Laura didn’t share the baby’s loss with him:

“You had to deal with it yourself, it ruined me.”

Thus, the gangster recalls his past:

When I was a kid, my dad used to read me a book. I still remember the phrase, like small. I didn’t really understand at the time. But now I understand. If you really like something, just let it go. If you come back, it will be yours forever. If it doesn’t come back, it wouldn’t have been “”.

Who does Laura live with? 365 days 3?

365 days 3: Explaining the end
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Laura tells Massimo that he had a “wonderful father” and says that one day he will be a good father too. the end of 365 days 3it appears that they are looking at each other longingly and asks Massimo:

“Are you back, girl?”

With an unanswered question, the movie ended without telling us who Laura really chose. Interpretation is up to the viewer. Did Laura decide to give Massimo another chance? Or did he go back to Nacho? Can a young woman choose a single life? The viewer will have to imagine.

The ending is very different from the trilogy it’s based on. Although the ending in the books did not please fans, the suspicion of what Laura did seems to bother them the most. In the third book, things left by the Creators happen 365 days 3.

Among them, Massimo killed Laura’s favorite dog, kidnapped another, and transplanted a heart. In fact, the only real connection is that Laura has a motorcycle as in the movie.

The book ends with Laura choosing to be with Nacho, but this is after Massimo grabs her against her will, drugging her and trying to get her pregnant. It’s really no surprise that she eloped with Nacho in this scenario. The epilogue shows that they have a daughter together, while Massimo gave in and agreed to a divorce.

The thing is that the ambiguous ending generates dissatisfaction on the Internet. Check out some feedback from the end 365 days 3:

Either way, it’s no exaggeration to say that this mysterious ending could pave the way for another sequel. but you? did you like the end 365 days 3?

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