With no millionaire in the inheritance, Hebei's son tries to sell the mansion;  look at the pictures

With no millionaire in the inheritance, Hebei’s son tries to sell the mansion; look at the pictures

Having denied receiving a millionaire’s inheritance, Marcelo Camargo, the son of the presenter Hebe – who died in 2012 – said in the same interview that the mansion in southern São Paulo was left by his mother, who almost sold it at auction. 2017 for a bid of at least 60 million R$ is a “white elephant”, which makes it difficult to sell.

He explained why he thought so about setting up the speech he gave during a chat on Joanna Maria’s YouTube channel, which today released an excerpt excerpt from the chat held at the end of July.

When answering the millionaire’s inheritance, he joked, “I always say: Where is all this inheritance? Because if someone finds it, I’ll share it.”

“number [existe essa herança toda]This is all a legend. My mother has already invested everything in her house. She loved to buy neighboring houses and grow. He has turned into a white elephant.”

He also commented on the exorbitant cost of maintaining the mansion while preserving everything, which makes it difficult when trying to sell: “So, for the sake of […] This is a very difficult sale, because it is a very large asset. The cost of maintaining that is very expensive, so people think I’ve been swimming in money, but that’s not true.”

Marcelo Camargo (left), Hebe Camargo (centre) and Claudio Bisotti (right); Hebei and Bisotti are already dead

Photo: Playback / Instagram

However, Marcelo insisted, saying that he left him an inheritance, albeit modest, not to mention values. “Of course I left some inheritance, I wouldn’t say I didn’t have anything left either, but it’s not that absurdity, that amount that keeps showing up in the media.”

“Oh, the 160 million that you read on Google is a lie then?” asked Joanna Maria, amazed. She wanted to know. “Imagine, if it were me,” replied Marcelo, “I would be there in Iceland walking with you now,” referring to the country in which Kapixaba is currently living.

This issue was actually raised during another interview, this time with “FamaCast”, where Marcelo first commented on 60 million, without specifying the currency, then the bidders mentioned the possibility of bequeathing 180 million USD. “Imagine,” he said, laughing.

In a conversation on the YouTube channel of journalist Philip Campos in December 2020, Claudio Bissotti, nephew and director of the broadcaster who died in January 2021, said that the presenter has been living in the palace since 2000.

Hebe Camargo Palace in Sao Paulo

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