Hospital staff where Bruno Krupp was admitted to hospital reported that the model was 'rude' and 'aggressive'

Hospital staff where Bruno Krupp was admitted to hospital reported that the model was ‘rude’ and ‘aggressive’

Officials at Marcos Moraes Hospital, where Bruno Krupp was hospitalized after running over the teenager Joao Gabriel Cardem Guimarães, said in their testimony that the model was “rude” and “aggressive” with the health professionals who attended it. The nurses also reported that Krupp, who had some injuries from the accident, was satisfactory to remain on the ward, without the need for transportation.

Whoever made the decision to transfer, postponing Krupp’s departure to the prison unit, as determined by the Rio judge, was doctor Bruno Nogueira Teixeira, appointed by the model’s family, who was indicted on Wednesday (17) for procedural fraud. According to the delegate in charge of the investigation, Aloysio Falcão, of the 16th DP, the officials who made their statements were unanimous in saying that Krupp’s clinical condition has always been satisfactory for their presence on the ward and that there have been no changes in exams.

Without a license, Krupp was riding the motorcycle that crashed into the 16-year-old on the edge of Barra da Tijuca, in the western region of Rio, on July 30. Under the impact of the collision, Joao Gabriel’s leg was amputated and thrown. He was rescued alive, but died in Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital.

Krupp was also injured and was initially taken to the same hospital. After that, he was transferred to Marcos Moraes, where Teixeira took care of him.

The doctor said in a statement at the police station that he had taken the decision to transfer Krupp from the ward to the intensive care unit because the patient’s clinical condition “was heading towards kidney failure.”

According to the same staff members interviewed in the investigation, the measurement of the volume of urine eliminated daily by Krupp was poorer by a friend of the model who accompanied him and did not record the patient’s diuresis, even after the team’s directions.

Despite the doctor’s statement that Krupp needed care in the intensive care unit for a possible kidney problem, Marcus Moraes Hospital reported that the patient was released to preventive custody in a prison unit.

Krupp, who must be held accountable for the murder with final intent, when the risk of murder is assumed, was transferred to a prison unit in Rio on August 6.

Doctor says Bruno Krupp was on his way to kidney failure

Read excerpts from employee testimonials below:

The nurse who attended Krupp

“… the patient was in good general condition but with several abrasions due to the car accident, and the patient was bedridden and did not leave the bed, and showed no signs that would justify transfer to another sector. As for the patient’s hydrometer, the advertiser could He says it was normal, but strict supervision was hampered, as the patient was accompanied by a friend who, although directed, sometimes did not record the patient’s diuresis.

Bruno Krupp has shown himself at all times misbehaviour And the arrogant or arrogant, giving orders to professionals and claiming exclusivity in treatment. Bruno was attended at all times by two professionals, who helped and protect each other, should Bruno make any kind of complaint, since The patient’s behavior was very aggressive. “

Krupp request “swing” technique

That on 08/04/2022, around 9:00 am, the patient was in good general condition and stayed in the hospital ward, where he is given painkillers, bandages and serum, when the technician at a certain moment went to the nursing department and I reported it, when instructing the patient that same You should write down diuresisReceived the following reply “He who can only pee, swings”.

…that the patient was urinating into a “duck” (an instrument used by the bedridden to urinate) every two days, but on the day in question, he said he could not, because his hands were tied. The patient was already transferred with the hands bandaged, so there was no new event that would justify the need to ‘swing’. That on 04/08/2022 the advertiser was on duty and recorded a diuresis of 800 ml in 12 hours, which is a normal norm, without any indication of complications.”

Bruno Krupp – Photo: clone

Krupp looked good to the doctor

That the HQ was called to assess Bruno Krupp, who was still in the hospital, and that he then received a call saying that the patient had been transferred to the ICU and that HQ should be evaluated in the ICU. In the afternoon, the delegate went to bed and introduced herself talking to the patient who was accompanied by two police officers, the patient was awake, transparent, cooperative, breathing air, stable blood pressure, without the use of amines.

That the patient did not show signs of dehydration, with spontaneous diuresis, without a fixed urinary catheter, hemodynamically stable, without signs of pulmonary congestion, only the appearance of abrasions and edema associated with trauma. The patient does not show signs of urinary retention (absence of a bladder). The seat when analyzing the urine output of the last 24 hours and on 08/05/2022 AD, and until the moment of his arrival at the hospital, the patient had a satisfactory urine output.

Analysis of laboratory tests showed a consistent homogeneous slag since hospitalization (creatinine 0.9 and urea 16) CPK in progressive decline (the highest value presented by the patient was around 2250 and on the day of assessment was 1460), without metabolic acidosis or electrolyte disturbances. That the advertiser concluded that it was a case of simple myolysis with a low probability of progressing to acute renal failure, with no indication of dialysis. That the dispenser was presented to the assistant physician (Bruno Teixeira) who informed him of the case and provided an assessment, suggesting discontinuation of intravenous hydration, furosemide and bicarbonate, a medication prescribed by the assistant physician. That Doctor Bruno did not question the opinion of the advertiser. That at the end of the opinion, Advertiser chose to come out by nephrology, without the need for follow-up nephrology, because he was a small patient, without major comorbidities, with mild rhabdomyolysis with good clinical and laboratory development. That at the time of the advertiser’s examination, the patient did not show acute renal insufficiency, although he was admitted to the intensive care unit. The patient’s kidney function is normal, and the patient was discharged from the intensive care unit on 08/06/2022, according to reports.

Doctor Bruno Nogueira Teixeira testified at 16th DP, in an investigation in which he was investigated for possible procedural fraud, on August 9. He was hired by the Krupp family to take care of him after the traffic accident that ended in the death of a 16-year-old boy.

“I was called to evaluate the case of a severely bruised patient, and this patient, as in many cases of this type, developed acute kidney injury, which is an injury to the kidneys resulting from the rupture of muscle fibers,” he said.

The doctor added, “The case was heading towards acute kidney failure, and for this reason I recommended the patient to enter the intensive care unit because of the possibility of the danger that caused his health.”

Teixeira also stated that he did not know the Krupp family prior to the incident.

“I was professionally involved in the case, and I have nothing to do with the victim’s family. It is a state of national turmoil and that is why I am being heard. First of all, I wanted to offer my condolences to Joao Gabriel’s family.”

Dr. Bruno Nogueira Teixeira arrives at the 16th Precinct to testify accompanied by attorney (in suit) – Photo: Elian Santos / G1 Rio

If it is proven that the doctor acted by deceiving the judge, Bruno Nogueira can be framed in Article 347 of the Penal Code, which speaks of inciting the judge or expert to err, which is punishable by imprisonment, from three months to two years and a fine.

Model and influencer Bruno Krupp – Photo: clone/TV Globo

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