CCR (CCRO3) and Ecorodovias (ECOR3) sign amendment to rebalance privileges in SP, Energisa (ENGI11) pays dividend and more

CCR (CCRO3) and Ecorodovias (ECOR3) sign amendment to rebalance privileges in SP, Energisa (ENGI11) pays dividend and more

Corporate news on Friday (19) highlights CCR (CCRO3) and Ecorodovias (ECOR3), which have signed an amendment with the Sao Paulo government to rebalance the economic and financial balance of their concession contracts.

Energisa (ENGI11) in turn agreed to distribute interim dividends in the amount of R$ 472.2 million.

Laboratory network shareholders Hermes Pardini (PARD3) and Fleury (FLRY3) have agreed to merge the two companies.

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American (AMER3)

Americanas (AMER3) on Friday (19) signed a long-term strategic partnership with Google Cloud,
Focusing on joint innovation. The agreement, which is the first of its kind with a Brazilian retailer, aims to be a catalyst for innovation for the industry, directly impacting the consumption journey of more than 53 million customers and enabling a highly personalized experience.

Petrobras (PETR3; PETR4) has completed the purchase of Edison SpA’s 50% stake in Ibiritermo and has transferred the Ibirité Thermal Power Plant (UTE Ibirité) to Petrobras.

With the conclusion of the transaction, Petrobras now owns 100% of the shares of Ibiritermo and the exclusive property of UTE Ibirité, having begun its operation as an asset integrated into the company’s thermal energy portfolio, without the associated corporate structure. Also with the conclusion, Petrobras begins to take the necessary actions to close Ibiritermo through liquidation.

Florey (FLRY3) and Hermes Bardini (PARD3)

Shareholders in the network of laboratories Hermes Pardini (PARD3) and Fleury (FLRY3) approved the business merger between the two companies the day before.

Completion of the Transaction is subject to verification (or waiver, as applicable) of the terms of the suspension set forth in the Protocol and the rationale, including approval of the Transaction by CADE.

The amount of redemption to be paid as a result of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the shareholders of Hermes Pardini
Corresponds to 6.88 BRL per share issued by Hermes Pardini.

The CCR (CCRO3) informed Thursday (18) that it has signed a collective amendment and amendment with the Sao Paulo government to restore fiscal balance due to the fee freeze.

The company said that the rebalancing of the contracts “will be done through the use of funds from the treasury by the awarding authority” in bi-monthly payments. Tariff adjustment must be made until November 16, 2022

Ecorodovias (ECOR3)

Ecorodovias (ECOR3) and its subsidiaries Ecorodovias Concessões e Serviços, Ecovias dos Imigrantes and Ecopistas have entered into a Collective Amendment Amendment (TAM) with the State of São Paulo and the São Paulo State Delegated Public Transport Services Regulatory Agency (Artesp) to regulate the economic and financial rebalancing of concession contracts, Due to the non-implementation of the 11.7% tariff adjustment scheduled for July 1, 2022.

The rebalancing will be made through bi-monthly payments, which the granting authority shall pay to the franchisees on the last business day of the months (i) August, (ii) October and (iii) December 2022, relating to the amount of revenue no longer being charged from the following periods: (1) from July 1 to August 15; (2) From August 16 to October 15; and (3) from October 16 to December 15, 2022. The agreement also states that the tariff adjustment of 11.7% will be applied until December 16, 2022.

Energisa (ENGI11) has agreed to an interim dividend of R$ 472.2 million, equivalent to R$ 1.16 per unit and R$ 0.2320 per ordinary and preferred share issued by the Company. Payments will be made on September 1, 2022, based on the company’s ownership status on August 23, 2022.

The Board of Directors of Energesa also approved, on Thursday, a capital increase of 738.31 million Brazilian riyals, by issuing 224,255,200 new shares, as the company announced.

The increase is attributable to the exercise of 499,401 subscription warrants, at the discretion of the owner, BNDESPar. As a result, Energesa’s capital increased from R$ 4.208 billion to R$ 4.946 billion. All new shares are nominal, book-entry and no par, of which 44,851,040 are common and 179,404,160 are preferred to form 44,851,040 units.

TC Traders Club (TRAD3)

TC Traders Club reported the day before that it had acquired a stake in Galícia Educação, by signing an investment agreement. The investment was made in the amount of R$ 2.0 million, and the agreement also provides for an option for the company to increase its stake in Galicia until the end of 2023, by an additional amount of R$ 2.5 million.

According to the statement, the acquisition was made after identifying the strong synergies between the two parties and providing the opportunity to expand the educational part of TC by exploring new areas of activity, such as certificates, professional courses, graduation and digital MBAs.

The International Food Company (IMC) reported yesterday that the arbitral tribunal issued a procedural injunction accepting a new request for suspension of the arbitration proceedings filed by Kentucky against MEAL. The decision is made in the context of disagreements about the master franchise agreement signed by both parties.

Bearing in mind that the period of suspension previously granted by the arbitral tribunal on 15 June 2022, with a planned extension, expired on 12 August 2022, the new suspension was granted to the parties to continue negotiating, by mutual agreement, a solution to the conflict in question. Arbitration proceedings are suspended until 12 September 2022.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is suing IMC to revoke the exclusivity of KSR Master Franquia, an IMC subsidiary, in KFC’s operations in Brazil.

Being educational (SEER3)

Ser Educacional has agreed to issue a simple, non-convertible bond, in one series, in the amount of R$200 million.

The proceeds from the issuance will be used by the company to strengthen its cash position.

Track and Field (TFCO4)

Safra Bank reduced its stake from 9.87% to 4.68%, and owns less than 3.7 million shares.

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